MasterChef – Recap & Review – Top 9 Compete

(photo: fox)

(photo: fox)

Top 9 Compete

Original Air Date: July 17, 2013

FK – Sr. Editor

Last week on MasterChef, things got heated between Krissi and Bri. Really, it got heated between Krissi and every remaining contestant. Why is she mean? The chip on her shoulder is rather large for someone who hasn’t really stood out in any way this season, other than for being mean. Sure, she can cook, but her personality is standing out more than her food.

This week is a super interesting mystery box that finally allows Bri to shine without using the term “I’ve never cooked that before” and also allows Krissi to roll her eyes a few times. Always fun, right?

And did anyone else know there was a contestant named Bethy? I didn’t.


Each contestant has a normal sized box at their station while there is a huge box on the front table. The boxes at the stations hove a meat grinder/sausage maker while the long box in the front of the stations has a variety of meats, including a nice selection of vegetarian proteins. They have one hour to make their dish.

Jordan: Pork sausage
Natasha: Chicken sausage mixed with apples and bacon
Bethy: Bacon & boar sausage
Bri: Seytan (vegetarian)
Eddie: Pork sausage
Krissi: Pork with seasoning
Luca: Overheats his sausage and it explodes

Natasha: Chicken & cheese sausage with a fried egg and potato hash. Calls it “breakfast with a twist. Gordon: thinks it’s seasoned beautifully. Graham: thinks it has a great texture, great kick of spice. Joe: Thinks it has complex flavors, delicious onions, sausage is a “winner” … the dish is smart.
Eddie: Pork sausage with purple cabbage and apple chutney Graham: Says Eddie is “step by step becoming a real contender.” Thinks the dish is plated beautifully, it’s a stellar dish and uses all spices. Gordon: Says he could serve that in his pub.
Krissi: Italian sausages with polenta and peppers. Joe: Thinks it’s excellent. Gordon: Says she plated with finesse for the first time and it’s best dish of hers this season.

WINNER: Eddie (Advantage for next challenge: Does not have to cook and will pick who will cook what during the elimination round.)

From a choice of ham, mushroom and shrimps, Eddie chooses mushrooms as the ingredient his fellow contestants have to cook with. The twist is half of them will cook with fresh mushrooms and half will cook with canned.

Bethy (Fresh): Made szechuan but forgot sugar. Luckily Jordan gives her some, saying she’s not competition Her final dish was szechuan noodles with wild mushrooms. Graham: Says it’s a lot of noodle for the amount of mushrooms and had an overwhelming flavor of sesame and ginger Joe: Surprised she went the Asian dish route since it is not the right kind of mushroom. He can only taste the sesame oil and says it has no flavor. Gordon: Says nothing enhances the mushroom. Sadly, she has one foot out the door.
James (Fresh): Does a chowder and also soaking mushrooms in brown sugar and thinks Luca is having trouble. Presents his dish as a wild mushroom chowder. Graham: Says it’s way too heavy and rich. Joe: Says it’s too salty, over-extracted. Feels that Eddie played to his inability to edit himself.
Luca (Canned): Making mushroom soup w/vegetables and croutons. Graham: Says it doesn’t look like soup and tastes truffle but says it’s is too much.
Bri (Fresh): The vegetarian is at home making a beat and goat cheese salad, onion puree and grilled wild mushrooms. Graham: Says this is one of her best dishes and she made the mushroom is the star (purpose of the challenge). Joe: Says everything is cooked perfectly, it’s fabulous and could see the dish on a menu in a hipster restaurant.
Jordan (Fresh): Making a wild mushroom truffle ravioli and a beat/mushroom cream sauce with fried mushrooms. Gordon: Thinks he overshot it. Joe: Says he hid the beauty of the mushroom and doesn’t like the pasta.
Jessie (Canned): Tests the clock by making a mushroom risotto with pancetta and leeks. Gordon: Says he the canned flavors are hidden and it tastes like an actual mushroom risotto.
Natasha (Canned): Another mushroom ravioli dish, this one with crispy pancetta. Joe: Thinks the tarragon overtakes the mushrooms (which is a good thing). Gordon: Likes the way the mushrooms were enhanced with the spices.
Krissi (Canned): Goes with her roots, making a cassoulet with eggplant and pancetta. Joe: Says it was an impressive effort.

WINNER: Bri (runner up: Natasha). Both will be captains in next team challenge.

BOTTOM THREE: Jordan, James, Bethy

Judges’s felt the dish was not what they expected at this stage of the competition. Gordon tells her she is talented. Joe tells her that her work ethic and consistency are impressive. As she leaves, Bethy picks Jessie to win the competition

My thoughts:
– I just learned who Bethy was, and now she’s gone.
– My mother, who has never seen the show, said “Krissi looks so unhappy. Why is she there?” I asked myself the same question.
– I was SO happy to have a challenge where Bri could finally show her true veggie chops.
– Eddie was one smart cookie in this challenge. He knew just who would fall.
– Luca is still hanging on! He might just pull this off!
– Anyone else getting a bit sick of Jordan’s purple hoodie?

Line of the night: “Eddie took the two front runners and brought them to their knees. It’s kind of amazing.” – Joe about Eddie giving fresh mushrooms to James and Jordan

Leave your thoughts below. And remember to come back every week to see what’s happening with our favorite home cooks!

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One Response to MasterChef – Recap & Review – Top 9 Compete

  1. Mrs DB says:

    Sorry but if I was Krissi’s kid, who she says she is competing for, I would be beyond embarrassed. She needs to go ASAP. I would love it if Luca or Bri or Eddie (honestly anyone but Nat and Kris).

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