Graceland – Recap & Review – Hair of the Dog

photo: usa

photo: usa

Hair of the Dog

Original Air Date: Jul 18, 2013

Jules – Senior News Editor

This show keeps getting better and better on the drama side and this week is no different. After last week’s cliffhanger, I was worried, and for good reason. But this episode dealt with the aftermath of Charlie’s shooting up and we also go after that drug smuggling via submarine.

And let’s not forget a pretty big shocker of a reveal in the final minutes. A game changer even. Let’s not waste any time and get to the recap.

We pick up with Charlie tossing and turning and dreaming of the previous night. Briggs is there, too and has Charlie set up in one of his CI’s apartment to get over the drugs in quiet, away from Graceland and to help save her career.

Remember the news of Mike discovering that “Big Foot” was going to happen soon, that is, heroin being brought in via submarine? Yeah, Paige and Johnny are on it, catch the sub, but there are no drugs.

We later learn when Mike and an upset Bello talk that the drug cartel Bello’s working with put the drugs in a torpedo. Of course! DEA snatched the sub, will release the torpedo, but the cartel assures Bello they can retrieve it. Bello’s upset because he’s getting a 15% cut in business. Mike suggests that maybe they can find the torpedo themselves (so money all to themselves). Bello’s thinking Mike is a bit too cocky (stealing from the biggest drug cartel, really?) and skeptical about the whole thing, but is interested to hear more about his dive expert that could get the job done.

Briggs and Johnny listened to Mike’s meet and Briggs gives Mike a hard time of making it work, but Mike says the FBI must have experts on this. That expert might even be Johnny. He was almost a Navy Seal. Almost because he got hit by a boat on his last day. Ouch. Mike’s going to go with it and have to vouch for Johnny in front of Bello.

Charlie’s still at safe house when she gets a call from Johnny. She lies saying she’s on a case. He’s calling to see how she is post Whistler’s death and because he and Charlie have to show up at a FBI hearing the next morning to explain their side of the story. There’s no getting out of this, right? Briggs doesn’t want Charlie to show up and neither does Charlie, but she’s got to or she loses her job. So Briggs suggests having Charlie go in their just high enough to make her pass as normal. Really? Wow, that’s crazy. She does it though.

Mike introduces Bello to Johnny, who plays hardball with Bello, but eventually, Bello tells Johnny what he’s looking for and possibly where it might be. So Johnny’s on the job.

At the FBI hearing, about halfway through her questioning, Johnny gets suspicious (Charlie’s fidgeting) and ends up covering for Charlie saying that they didn’t take down Quinn because his tag team was too far and can’t risk things going south. Later Charlie admits to Johnny that she shot up one of Quinn’s needles. Johnny understands and just wants her to come home. Awww..

Briggs and Johnny do some late night research and find the torpedo – with some help from the Coast Guard. They notice that the torpedo is wired with explosives. Briggs wants to abort the mission, but Johnny says he’s trained for it and will defuse it. No use to be the hero, but this is Johnny.

The next day, Johnny heads to sea with Mike, Bello, and his crew to locate the torpedo. Bello has plans on not having Johnny going back to shore with them, so naturally Mike freaks out. Briggs radios Johnny to tell Bello/Mike that the torpedo needs to be defused to buy some time. In that time, Bello even offers Mike Johnny’s share. Mike eventually gets Bello’s guy to lower is gun and have himself shoot Johnny instead. Right as Johnny is about to defuse the bomb, there is a big explosion underwater. OMG!!

Bello loses it – he’s lost a bunch of money. Mike is crazied and I’m in shock.

Mike is freaking out at the FBI office about Johnny and then we hear Johnny’s voice!! He’s alive! They hug. Apparently no one told Mike about the bomb before hand and Johnny had it covered all along. I guess Briggs really wanted that authentic reaction. Mike’s pissed and when Briggs shows up, he punches him. I was waiting for this to happen.

Getting the drugs, Johnny notices that whoever packed the torpedo didn’t pack too well and could have packed more. Mike’s suspicious. We also learn Briggs took custody of the drugs after Johnny got out of the water. Johnny wanted to blow up the drugs too, just like Mike. All too suspicious…

Later that night, Mike tales Briggs out of the office, with a big bag…on his way to San Diego. So where is Briggs headed? An abandoned looking building and then there’s Briggs…at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. What?! He’s a heroin addict? Did not see that coming. Mike sticks his head in and Briggs sees him.

I’m super surprised that Mike showed his face at the meeting and had Briggs make him. Doesn’t look good to know that you followed him, but maybe Mike can talk himself out of it some how. Also, where’s Dale been? I’ve kind of missed him the past two weeks. Oh and Paige bringing her case – a dealer – on a double date with Mike and Abby was funny. So did you see the addict part coming? How will this change the course of the show and what we know? There’s my TwoCents, share yours below!

Next week: Goodbye High

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One Response to Graceland – Recap & Review – Hair of the Dog

  1. Debra says:

    i agree i was just as surprised that mike actually showed his face at the NA meeting. i can’t wait to see him explain himself, but even more, i’m intrigued to learn more about briggs’ past. and from what the previews for next week show, it looks like there is def more to briggs then the audience knows, and i’m really looking forward to learning more. love me some complex characters. 🙂

    charlie did so well, i’m so proud of her with all that she’s had to deal with and go through, she’s such a trooper. i really want her to come out of this ok, and the scene with her and johnny was super sweet, so glad to see that she trusted him enough to let him in on what was really going on. it was great the briggs has been there for her too, but having johnny know i think will only help in the long run, even though briggs may be unhappy about it.

    bello is really working my last nerve now. i can’t wait until he gets his. when he planned on shooting johnny i was shocked!

    all in all this show is getting better with each epi. bring on goodbye high!

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