Comic-Con 2013: Preview Night

photo: thetwocents

photo: thetwocents

Comic-Con 2013
Preview Night

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

While the next four days are about panels, preview clips, comics, costumes, vendors and swag, Wednesday night at Comic-Con is previewing the TV shows that will air this year. If I learned anything after watching an evening of programming, it’s that sci-fi is reaching for the younger viewers.

THE TOMORROW PEOPLE (terrible title, right?) is about a group of kids with special powers and perhaps genetic mutations. Sort of X-Men meets Dawson’s Creek. Robbie Amell, who resembles a young Tom Cruise, plays Stephen Jameson, a kid discovering his new powers, his father’s part in creating the new species and of course, a pretty girl named Cara who wants him to fight with her. Even though it’s meant to skew young, there’s enough mythology that it might appeal to older viewers.

THE 100 is a Lord of the Flies variation. 97 years ago the earth was destroyed by a nuclear war and the only humans left were in space stations. The space stations joined to make an Ark, but the technology is breaking down and there’s talk of killing folks so that some may survive. So 100 young (and, of course, good looking) criminals are sent to earth to see if it’s still habitable. But soon, the bad kids take over and it looks as if humankind is doomed as both those on the ground and those in space are starting to die off. There were a few unintentional giggles due to very earnest dialogue, but I’d watch it again.

ALMOST HUMAN is the exception to the rule. Produced by J.J. Abrahams and whose who of TV sci-fi, this show stars a very interesting Karl Urban as a futuristic cop who led his team into a trap and all died. He blames the death of his partner on the synthetic cop. He also lost a leg. Two years later, he has a synthetic leg and is called back to active duty. A synthetic partner is now mandatory, but he is assigned an older model, the DNR, which has feelings. The series is a buddy cop story with heavy influences of Blade Runner. I’d definitely give it a second watch.

And with that, Comic-Con 2013 has officially begun!

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