Comic-Con 2013: Josh Holloway Shows His ‘Intelligence’

photo: thetwocents

photo: thetwocents

Comic-Con 2013
Josh Holloway Shows His ‘Intelligence’

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Josh Holloway is no longer Lost — you can find him on the new TV show Intelligence. Attendees at Comic-Con got a first look at the show’s pilot and hopefully, it will be the last time he is compared to his old character of Sawyer.

“His hair!” is what half of the female audience shouted on first sight of his new, shorter haircut. Yes, he’s no longer the cute bad guy Sawyer. He’s Gabriel, a cop in the future who has a computer chip planted in his head – sort of a cross between Chuck Bartowski and James Bond. Only much tougher. The hair really helps show an outward difference.

There are many recycled elements in the show, such as a tough boss who really believes in him, a lost love who defected to the bad guys and a new female partner (Riley) who initially chafes (but we know there will be romance down the road, depending on how long the series runs). But the CGI was incredible. Gabriel can walk though a crime scene in his mind with precise recall, see all intel on a character at any time and instantly download information such as ground plans and languages.

Right away the comparisons to The Six Million Dollar Man began. Even the producers admitted that they were influenced by the Lee Majors classic.

“We talked about it all the time,” said producer Michael Seitzman. “They ask many of the same questions. He’s as much human as he is technology. But today, we asked what is more important than super strength? Info is the new bionic strength.”

Holloway pointed out how ironic it felt to play someone so connected with technology, as he rarely touches a computer. “I told my brother that the only way I’d use a computer is if one was jammed into my head. But I grew up wanting to play a secret agent of sorts.”

Playing Lillian, the head of the Clockwork program, is Marg Helgenberger. Asked how this role was different from CSI, she quipped: “This time, I’m in charge.”

Meghan Ory left Once Upon A Time for this show. But that doesn’t mean that her character, Red/Ruby, has left Storybrooke for good. “Red and Ruby never died,” she teased. “I like to think that she’s roaming around in the woods. So I think we might see her again.”

Once Intelligence starts to grow past its recycled elements, the show has the potential to be really interesting. Holloway is perfectly cast as he does a great job of showing the character’s pain as well as kicking butt convincingly.

“We definitely looked for ways to humanize the character,” said Producer Tripp Vinson, adding that much of that angst comes from Gabriel’s feeling for his ex-fiance. “We’ll learn more about her later and see how Gabriel reacts.”

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