Comic-Con 2013: Conference Survival Guide

survivor's guide to comic con

survivor’s guide to comic con

Comic-Con 2013
Conference Survival Guide

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

It’s Comic-Con time! What we wait all year for. I like to call it Disneyland for grown-ups. But like any theme park, this event takes a bit of planning. Here’s my survival guide, honed from years of attending this pop culture mecca.

1. If you have to pick up your badge, get there really, really early. You’re going to have to wait in a line. The longer you’re in that line, the less time you can spend in a line for a panel. Dress in comfy shoes and forget the fur costume at home — lines often snake outdoors, where it’s very hot!

2. Before each day, comb the program guide deciding what’s most important to you. Then pick a second choice for each time slot, because there’s always a chance you don’t get into your first choice.

3. If you want to get into a room, get in there for the program that proceeds it — or even two programs before that. And if what you want is in Hall H, stay there. You may even need to stay there for the entire day!

4. For that reason, bring lunch and snacks so you don’t have to leave the room for the high priced munchies outside. Don’t worry about bottled water – there’s plenty inside the rooms.

5. Travel as light as you can because you’re going to be picking up stuff as you go. And the chairs are fairly close together, so you don’t want to intrude on someone else’s space.

6. Don’t forget to make time for the exhibit hall. There are lots of fun booths and if you’re lucky, plenty of good swag as well.

7. Comic-Con is all about the lines now, there’s no denying it. That means that you have to factor in a one to two hour wait (maybe even three for the hottest panels) for everything you want to see (well, not everything — I walked right into a Quantum Leap panel). So don’t plan to do more than two to four programs a day. Choose what is really important to you and really make the commitment.

8. Pace yourself. It’s a long four days. Don’t try to do too much everyday or you’ll never make it to Sunday.

9. Get used to the crowds. They’re not going anywhere. But it’s still worth the time. That’s why Comic-Con is the event my family waits for all year long.

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One Response to Comic-Con 2013: Conference Survival Guide

  1. Jenny says:

    I have heard that this is a really great conference! It’s always nice to have a survival guide so you know exactly what to expect. Thanks for sharing.

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