Suits – Recap & Review – The Arrangement

photo: usa

photo: usa

The Arrangement

Original Air Date: Jul 16, 2013

Wyner C – Associate Staff Writer

What does loyalty mean to you? I expect it from my family, my friends, and my team at work. If you’re not loyal to me, you’re not worth a penny. It’s a cruel way to think but I am a fiercely loyal person and I expect nothing less in return. In this world of “me-me-me”, loyalty is a luxury – it’s a hot commodity that’s hard to obtain and needs to be treasured. If there’s betrayal and the bond is broken, what happens to the relationship? Will it devolve into indifference or hate? Can there be healing? There are many broken loyalties/bonds to repair after last season: Jessica/Harvey, Harvey/Mike, Mike/Rachel, and Louis/Nigel. Let’s get cracking on the healing process or the further disintegration of relationships.

The merger is complete and as a sign of goodwill, the firm is named Pearson Darby even though Pearson holds only 49% of power. The name means nothing because in the same breath of declaring Pearson Darby, Edward Darby demands Harvey be assigned the Ava Hessington case – a high profile and secretly personal case to The Darbster. Jessica is against it but 51% trumps 49% in any fuzzy math contest.

The reason for Jessica’s hesitance is Harvey’s perceived erratic behavior when negotiating Deron Williams’ contract with the Brooklyn Nets (an NBA team for all those non-sports fans). Jessica tells Harvey he’s taking unnecessary risks so she will fire him when he fails. Except Harvey doesn’t fail!! He’s too pretty to fail – with that face and swagger, he’s a winner in life. Harvey bluffs his way into tripling the price for Williams’ point guard services – a risk Jessica didn’t think was necessary. It wasn’t necessary because Williams has a five year contract signed in 2012 but let’s not let reality get in the way of a cocky Harvey Specter scene.

After Darby “requested” Harvey’s services, Jessica breaks the news to The Pretty that SHE was the one that demanded he be on the case – you know, to show his worth to The Darbster. She is a smooth operator, that one. Harvey reads the situation and knows Darby wanted him because it’s important to the British Munchkin. All these lies and deception!!! Harvey wants a deal with Edward: if he wins, he wants out. This means shredding the non-compete and Harvey is fired. You see, Harvey never wanted out but once Jessica questioned his loyalty and lied to him about the Hessington case, it was the final push for Harvey to leave the firm. Darby agrees to Harvey’s terms.

Harvey meets with Ava Hessington (hello Catelyn Stark!). She’s guilty as charged but her reasoning is: everyone is doing it so why is she being singled out? Um, not a great defense. Harvey meets with the prosecutor, a friend from his DA days. Prosecutor-man, who looks like he should be in a Brooks Brother catalogue (not in a good way), isn’t budging. The Pretty deduces Brooks Brother is running for office and is making an example out of Ava. Guess that loyalty/friendship is lost. Poor Harvey – he’s losing friends like my beagle shedding fur: in clumps (don’t worry, my beagle is healthy and isn’t furless).

From Mike’s unsolicited/unwanted but important information, Harvey finds out a major contributor to Brooks Brothers’ campaign is one of Ava’s competitors. Politics and big business are always in cahoots – always follow the money, it’s forever about the $$. Harvey confronts shady prosecutor who pleads Harvey to let this go – he needs this one. Well, when Harvey asked for the same courtesy, it wasn’t well received. Guess what was Harvey’s response? Yup: up yours preppy man.

Brooks Brothers has another ace up his sleeves. He appoints Cameron Davis, now sporting a full-on Geraldo porn-stache, as a special prosecutor. Cameron pays Harvey a visit to antagonize The Pretty. I don’t understand why anyone would want to do that – it just makes Harvey that much more invested!! Thanks to Cameron’s words, Harvey realizes he loves a good fight. He’s going to take Porn-stache down because it’s on like Lebron! Also, he’s going to fight for the firm. He amends his deal with Darby. He doesn’t want out – if he wins, he wants Darby’s support as he vies to be Managing Partner. Watch out Jessica!!! This relationship can only sour.

On the Mike/Harvey front, it’s not looking any better. Harvey is giving Mike the cold shoulder while Mike is trying his best to win back Harvey’s trust. The two have a confrontation: Harvey basically tells Mike that being disloyal was Harvey’s bottom line – no more. Mike should have come to Harvey once Jessica threatened him – Mike should tell him everything, not betray Harvey’s trust. Dude, word. At episode’s end, Mike gives his office back to Jessica in hopes this will show Harvey that he’s loyal and didn’t betray The Pretty for personal gain. Harvey has to forgive Puppy sooner or later, right? I need the bromance!!

As for Mike/Rachel, she’s on her high horse – nothing new. She wants him to resign but when Mike gets a look at his new office, thanks to Jessica, he rethinks his resignation plans. She gets all “you don’t deserve this, I deserve this because I work hard”. Whatever. I’m over her. Mike tells her his “story” and I guess they’re a couple now that she knows all the facts. Really? I’m going out on a limb and say she’s going to climb back on that high horse within one episode.

Now for Louis/Nigel. This one was a doozy. Nigel finagled his way into a position where he buys office supplies. He takes away Louis’ favorite Uniballs (pens) and bran bars. Louis, in retaliation, asks Darby to give him this power. Edward acquiesces. Nigel pays Louis a visit and pleads Louis not to do this. Louis, being Louis, gloats and says Hail-no!

Well, that was not smart because in Pearson Darby, a person cannot be in charge of the inanimate and animate. This means, Louis is no longer in charge of the associates – it’s now Nigel’s domain. Dude, I actually gasped when I heard this – gasped like a British debutante laying eyes on her first nude male. I gasped because I knew the associates are Louis’ life.

The Beaver asks The British Louis Litt not to do this but Nigel makes a good point: Nigel gave Louis an out but he didn’t take it. They were both bullied so Louis’ betrayal wasn’t a stab in the back, it was a wound of the heart.

As with all betrayals, the heart is what hurts the most. This season is going to be about the dissolution of relationships or the reviving of damaged ones. Let’s just hope Pretty and Puppy come out as friends and on top.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Deron Williams may be a great point guard but the 2013 season wasn’t his finest. Didn’t he just resign with the Nets in 2012 for five years? Why is Harvey negotiating a contract? Should I not care about this inconsistency with reality? Why didn’t they use another player? Did they just want Harvey to visit Brooklyn and eat another hot dog? Also, the Barclays Center has so many great local Brooklyn vendors, why eat a hot dog?!!! Whatever – but Barclays Center is actually nicer than MSG. Also, the MTA (an organization I think is incompetent and hate to its core – don’t get me started) prettied up Atlantic Ave/Pacific Street subway station so the trip to Barclays is not too shabby. It’s a nice tie-in with Harvey’s love of basketball.

2. How come no one was “announced” when they entered Darby’s office? Did he drop his British “Downton Abbey” decorum?

3. How gorgeous is Jessica? OMG, that woman has a body. Her fierceness knows no boundaries. I hope she and Harvey makes up soon. Pearson Darby Specter isn’t a bad name, ya know.

4. Darby cares so much about Ava Hessington because her father and Edward were lovers. It was a different time back then….

5. Mike getting the DA Mike-fraud letter Jessica typed up with her computer information linked to it was genius. If Jessica ever tried to extort Mike again (not blackmail as Jessica kindly corrects Puppy), he has information she knew long ago – thereby putting herself in jeopardy.

6. Rachel and Mike. Good idea or kill her off? That’s right, there’s no middle ground for Miss High Horse. (Psst, kill her off….)

7. Nigel had a plan and executed it perfectly. Louis was just “Litt up”!!

8. Oh yeah, by the way, Scottie was sent back to London as per Harvey’s request. Girlfriend wasn’t happy but a few words from The Pretty and she was putty in his hands again. Girl needs to grow a pair.

9. How great was Donna’s reaction to Mike? She’ll always have Harvey’s back. She even wanted Harvey to reconsider sending Scottie to London. I want Donna as my wingman.

I have gone WAY pass my word limit! This show does that to me!!! Love it!!! Where does YOUR loyalty lie: Jessica or Harvey? Will Harvey dethrone Jessica Red Wedding style? Will Mike help Harvey or will the Mike/Harvey relationship sour further? Will Louis get his associates back? Will Rachel expose Mike if they break up? Discuss away!!!!

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3 Responses to Suits – Recap & Review – The Arrangement

  1. My mom and I watched suits yesterday it was a terrific episode good season opener I can’t wait till it continues I am happy that Rachel and Mike are together I would love for Mike to get Harvey’s trust back I hope he can.

  2. Rob Stark says:

    This was a great write-up; glad I found it. Came across the blog by seeing what was online about how oddly fictional the Harvey/Deron Williams storyline was. But kept on reading. LOL on the nicknames. That’s funny stuff.

    Can’t wait to read more as season unfolds…

  3. Debra says:

    love me some suits for sure! i’m sad that harvey and mike are at odds right now, but i’m really hoping that as the season goes on, mike is able to get back into harvey’s good graces. i know things will never be the same, and i hate to say it, but harvey is the right one here, but i hope they can get back some semblance of what they had. they are just too good together.

    speaking of good together, i kinda like mike and rachel, maybe i would like them more if mike’s lie wasn’t a reality, but it is and i just don’t trust that rachel won’t spill the beans should she get all pissy again….sigh.

    jessica v. harvey! that’s what this season is going to be about and i’m so glad we have a front row seat for this hot mess…lol! it’s going to def be a fun ride watching these two go at it.

    poor louis! why can’t he and nigel work together like they started to? they would make a great team, but it is fun watching them one up each other too.

    all in all this season is going to be another good one. 🙂

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