True Blood – Recap & Review – F**k the Pain Away

photo: hbo

photo: hbo

True Blood
F**k the Pain Away

Original Air Date: Jul 13, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

This episode felt more like the True Blood we fell in love with. There was plenty of action, hard core sex and bloody fangs. While nothing really came together to give the season had a cohesive feel, I enjoyed that almost everyone got screen time.

Let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start): Remember how Sookie had seduced Barlow (Ben + Warlow) and held her ball of killing light to his head? We start right there, but when Sookie skims his skin with the light, he heals immediately. While she’s fascinated by his (very nice) chest, he tells her that she is his soul mate and he loves her. Sookie throws back if he loved her, he wouldn’t have killed her parents. Ah, he says he did it to rescue her because they were going to kill her.

But this moment of revelation, in dashes Bilith — Sookie thinks he’s there to save her (cue her eye roll), but he’s there as Barlow’s maker (OK, this is a long story, but essentially because he drank Lilith’s special blood, he is also her and she was Barlow’s maker — got it?). He imprisons Barlow and tells him he will save vampirekind. Barlow doesn’t look happy with the idea. At all.

While Bilith is gone, Andy finds his four fairy daughters on the floor, only one barely alive. He gives her vamp blood out of the evidence locker and saves her. Incredible acting by Chis Bauer, BTW. She tells him that Jessica had killed her sisters. I think Jessica needs to watch her back, especially now that he has the gov’s new vamp killer guns.

Jessica, who dashed out when Andy entered her home, go to be consoled by Jason. But as Jason tells her there “were times” he loved her, out of his bedroom struts Sarah Newlin. The night before, Sarah had said God wanted Jason to f**k her, and you know Jason — of course he said yes (and it was nice to get that homoerotic dream of Barlow – who had used his blood to save Jason — out of his head). And it was a sex scene worthy of season one with Jason’s well-muscles bod in full view. Whew!

Sarah had offered the same to the gov (if he put a ring on it), but he declined to be with his recently turned daughter Willa, whom he sent to vamp camp, but was on his way to see her. When Sarah saw Jessica, she immediately sent the teen vamp to the camps.

Speaking of our favorite vamps, Tara tells Eric that Pam had been put in vamp camp, so he and Tara surrender to discover all the strange experiments going on. The worse is that a therapist makes Pam talk to be rewarded with a blood donor. But once she gets talking, she can’t seem to stop. Too bad, because she gives some info that should have remained unsaid.

Two storylines interfered with the good stuff. Terry is still so guilt-ridden he asks a Marine buddy to shot him. His buddy says yes. This story has been going on too long and I’m ready for it to end, even if it means a character’s death. Then there’s Sam and the werewolves. Alcide is trying to hunt down Sam to get Emma back, but is has lost the scent and gets so frustrated, he throws his dad out of his life. Sam stops Nicole from phoning her folks because they might be targeted too – but they’re seen arguing. This is another story I wish would die.

Speaking of dying, the rumor mill has a main character dying this season is a self-sacrificing way. I am so hoping it isn’t Pam because the info she lets slip is that she doesn’t care about her maker anymore — yet it’s obvious by her face that she does. Steve Newlin knows exactly who her maker is and so in the final scene, we see Eric and Pam alone in a windowed chamber, each given a stake and Sarah yelling at them to act like the movie Gladiator. As we see Eric in the preview, will Pam die?

We don’t have to worry about Sookie dying, because she is the star of the show. But her life is in peril. Seems she does have feelings for Barlow and wants to know if her parents were planning to kill her, so she calls on Lafayette to help her. From the minute they start the séance, its obvious things aren’t good. Sookie reads Lafayette’s mind and sees that Barlow had demanded Sookie as a girl so he could turn her into a vamp-fairy. Her father was so appalled, he decided she’d be better off dead, even though her mother protested.

This is where things get tricky. Her daddy, Corbett, enters Lafayette’s body and tries to finish the job by driving her to the swamp to down her. Can anyone save her (or rather, who will save her)?

BTW, we have gotten to the point that half of the characters and all the action in this episodes aren’t in the books. So having read the books doesn’t help predict who will be taking a curtain call this season.

Who do you think will die? Were you glad to see Jason naked again? Do you think Andy will get revenge for his three daughters? Give us your TwoCents…

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