Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living

photo: abc family

photo: abc family

Switched At Birth
The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living

Original Air Date: Jul 15, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Welcome to the recap of the episode with a title that’s almost as long as the entire first season! And what an hour it was! They always say for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction, and with the exception of candle fires, that was certainly the case this hour.

Last week we spent time in the world of “what if”, this week we delved right back into reality. And we see how events that occur to us and around us can definitely shift our reality. Because, while we’re not in last week’s alternate universe, it is now a whole new world for John Kennish.

John/Daphne/Kathryn: We quickly learned this week that John was felled by a minor heart attack. After the initial shock of seeing him in the hospital, we fast forward a week to his homecoming from the hospital. He’s got doctor’s orders to rest and relax, but he doesn’t seem to take them very seriously. Daphne, however, is on board to change his life style to tofu and relaxation. John is resistant, wanting to get right back to work, telling people he was just out with the stomach flu. Now, some viewers might have thought Daphne was being overprotective or naïve, but having been a teenager whose father had a heart attack (one he survived, another he sadly did not), I can relate exactly to Daphne’s behavior and fears. I can also relate to John’s obstinate attitude about the lifestyle changes he has to make.

John makes it clear to his family that he wants his condition kept a secret, but Daphne’s fears override her common sense. When she almost loses Jace to constantly rescheduling her dates to keep an eye on John, she opts to have him over to the house. Jace’s liberal political views immediately clash with John’s, so she sends John out of the room, and comes clean with Jace about John’s heart attack. John comes back into the kitchen, interrupting a steamy CPR tutorial. A flustered Daphne (who I must point out is in a shirt that makes her look like a candy striper) tells John that she did tell Jace about the heart attack, and assures him that Jace won’t blog about it. John flips his lid on the blog and he and Daphne have a heated argument about his health.

Jace doesn’t take well to Daphne putting family first, advising that his parents are aid workers in Malawi. He basically tells her that she can’t spend her life worrying about others at the expense of her own. I’m not sure I agree, but Daphne seems to come around to his way of thinking, offering to teach Jace to swim.

Later, Kathryn takes him to task for working too hard, working out too hard, and not changing his diet. Kathryn expertly deflects his stubborn streak, pointing out that Daphne is just afraid of losing yet another father figure in her life. She tells John that this is his new reality, and he acquiesces the next day, begrudgingly accepting a tofu scramble from Daphne.

Toby: Let’s just shoehorn this little story in before getting to Bay and Ty, shall we? Toby sees a former classmate at the carwash, one who has the college dream in his future. Toby begins to reassess his future, realizing Travis wanted the carwash management job, and even calling Wash U to get waitlisted. He tries to talk to John about his future, but John doesn’t see where the conversation is headed, and reinforces Toby’s future at the carwash. I wonder what this means for his marital future? (Writing on the wall in 3…2…1…)

Regina/Angelo: Oops, almost forgot about this one… Regina is doing well at the design firm. In order to boost her commissions, she sets gets Angelo to help her network at the country club, and he offers up his new restaurant as a client. But when her boss, Whitney, meets with Angelo, she’s smitten. Regina’s not sure how to explain her ex-husband/greencard husband, so she just tells Whitney that Angelo is married. She gets all flustered with Angelo about what their relationship means, letting him know that she needs to move out, because just-out-of-rehab means no involvement. He says he’ll wait. And then he gets a text letting him know that his baby has been found in St. Louis.

Bay/Ty: Bay and Ty were about to take that “next step” when the call came in about John’s heart attack. After the crisis passes, Ty invites Bay to a barbeque at his base, with an invitation to “hang out in his room later”. Bay is understandably nervous, and has one of the most realistic teen conversations with Daphne about her fears. We learn that Daphne lost her virginity at camp, in a boat house, with an archery CIT (counselor in training). She, in a very sisterly way, advises Bay on if it will hurt, what’s expected, and that she shouldn’t be body conscious. It’s probably my new favorite scene we’ve ever had between the girls.

Bay goes to the barbecue, but feels out of place when she meets Aida, a real life G.I.Jane, who not only pulled someone out of a burning vehicle, but also hooked up with Ty. She’s very upset, and Ty is somewhat confused since they weren’t even dating at the time, but gets it once Bay reveals that she is still a virgin. Bay talks to Regina about feeling inadequate for Ty’s life experiences. Regina advises her that comparing herself to who she thinks she should be for Ty is detrimental, she should just be herself, and ignore the noise surrounding them/

It’s enough for Bay who apologizes to Ty for overreacting. They go back to his room, where it’s all decked out with candles for an intimate evening. Ty assures her that nothing has to happen unless she wants it to, and Bay assures him she does. She nervously babbles as they awkwardly stumble onto the bed, and nearly starts a candle fire with an errant shirt. But as the hour closes, it’s pretty clear that Bay has given Ty her virginity, to the chagrin of Bay/Emmett fans around the country.

Episode Title Art:The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living by Damien Hirst

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2 Responses to Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living

  1. Elisabeth says:

    The acting of Lea Thompson when Kathryn tells John to not leave her alone is just superb acting. I loved the way she played that. It played on MY heartstrings and I am not even dating her :p

    Also, dammit, BEMMET….I love Ty, but…but…Bemmet… 😦

  2. Sammi says:

    I like Bay/Ty wayyyy better than Bay/Emmett, so I’m happy that Ty was Bay’s first, and that they’re likely going to be in a relationship for the next long while.

    Enjoyed the John and Kathryn conversation. Good stuff.

    I still don’t like Jace. There’s something fishy about him…

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