Dexter – Recap & Review – What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?

photo: showtime

photo: showtime

What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?

Original Air Date: Jul 14, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

It’s interesting to wonder where exactly this final season of Dexter is headed. Because this episode was all about gently nudging characters into overlapping orbits. And the last ten minutes were pretty good. But the rest of the hour, fairly meh, don’t you think?

Are we, as viewers, supposed to recall the love story of Deb and Quinn as epic and unfinished? Because I’m going to go out on a limb, and say it was largely forgotten until the show decided to shove it down our throats these last few weeks. I’ve made no secret of my boredom with the Quinn character overall, and his sudden passion for Deb’s well-being isn’t really lighting any fireworks.

Deb’s downward spiral continued this week. First she gets popped for a DUI, after running into a parking meter and passing out in her car. Quinn gets her out of trouble, but raises the red flag for Dexter, who’s splitting his time between Vogel and Deb, clearly distracted from a bigger picture.

The bigger picture is, of course, the Brain Surgeon. With the discovery of Lionel Sussman’s body, the Miami Metro considers the case closed, but Dexter knows better. What he doesn’t really seem to realize is how Vogel is constantly analyzing and interviewing him. Every time Dexter expressed a sentiment about Deb, be it love or worry, Vogel was there to second guess it. She clearly has a vision of who she believes he is, and is not open to anything he might express to the contrary.

We’ve been around Dexter for years, and we have seen his ability to have compassion for others. Vogel seems dead set on turning him back into season one Dexter, when he clearly believed he was only going through motions of having feelings. What her true motivation is remains yet to be clear, but surely she’s up to something, right? Even her receiving the his/her’s boxes of brain pieces doesn’t convince me that she isn’t somehow involved in the Brain Surgeon crimes.

Dexter is still on the track of researching former patients of Vogel, with the assumption that one is the Brain Surgeon. Tonight leads him to Ron Galuzzo, who killed his friend, lied about it the motive, and Vogel had him committed. Dexter tracks him to a fitness store in the mall, and I totally thought Galuzzo was hitting on Dexter. But I was off track, as when Dexter searches his house, he finds that’s he’s not the Brain Surgeon. Because apparently Galuzzo likes to marinate his brains in a garlic sauce. Yup. And yuck.

Dexter tries to get through to Deb, showing her the man she saved in the viral video shootout from a few seasons back. But all his professing about what a good person she is, just sends her deeper into the bottle, in the ‘of course’ brown paper bag. And where is she drinking? Right outside Miami Metro.

Quinn’s not having a great time of it, because while Batista is trying to prove to a doubting Matthews that Quinn is sergeant material, Jamie is also busting him for lying about getting Deb from the police station at 4 a.m. And just when he thinks it’s all calming down, a drunken Deb comes stumbling into the police station, babbling about wanting to confess. She whispers that she killed LaGuerta, so Quinn ushers her into an interview room, unplugging the microphone. He assures her that she’s not responsible, because Dexter showed them at the crime scene how Estrada and LaGuerta killed each other. Deb’s inconsolable, so Quinn calls Dexter into the station.

Dexter comes in, bringing Vogel, who’s just finished telling him he’s practically perfect in every way. Deb is irate, screaming about confessing, so Dexter gives her a handy dandy injection, telling Quinn she’s passed out. Vogel allays Quinn’s worries, chalking up Deb’s actions to survivor’s guilt. Dexter asks Vogel to help with Deb, acknowledging he’s just making things worse. They get Deb home, with Dexter handcuffing Deb to the couch, for her own well-being, as much as Vogel’s safety. Vogel has told Dexter that Deb has sacrificed everything for Dexter, because she’s capable of a love that he is not. Dexter, feeling he’s only good at one thing, gets Galuzzo on his table and makes his first real kill of the season (Briggs doesn’t count).

So there you have my TwoCents. What do you think is coming down the pike? Are you as suspicious of Vogel as I am? Do you care as little about Quinn as I do? Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


About Karen Belgrad

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4 Responses to Dexter – Recap & Review – What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?

  1. I was pretty bored until the final 15 minutes. Vogel has not followed Dexter as we have I guess, since we have had seasons of Dexter growing, understanding, and realizing that his “dark passenger”, is still a choice. Psychopaths don’t have it in them to realize that. I almost wonder what “experiments” she actually did on Dexter which we will hear about. I don’t trust her, and all the other distractions are there for a reason. Now Vogel has the confession too.

    To keep Quinn and Jaime around, is annoying, but I can see one of them dying, and that playing a part in the end game. Enter Bastisa if Jaime dies.

    Matthews knows exactly what is going on, so I am waiting for that shoe to drop as well.

    We didn’t need a Brain Surgeon season, but again, hope it ties in somewhere better than DOOMSDAY.

  2. holditnow says:

    I don’t trust Vogel.
    I’m glad this is Dexter’s last season. I’ve watched it from the beginning and seen the good, bad and the ugly. I cringe every time the over-explaining voice-over restates the obvious. I also think a blood expert would have no trouble differentiating between red Popsicle drips and the real stuff, that and Masuka’s shirts aren’t as fantastic as they were last season.
    That’s my two cents.

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