Masterchef – Recap & Review – Top 11 Compete

(photo: fox)

(photo: fox)

Top 11 Compete

Original Air Date: July 10, 2013

FK – Senior Editor

After a week off to celebrate the Fourth of July, our favorite home cooks return to a guest judge. The viewers are enticed to watch with the tease of “the worst dish in four years” (meaning the entire existence of the show) as well as the “most surprising elimination ever.”

Guest judge Eva Longoria comes out from underneath the largest Mystery Box ever and promotes her new restaurant in Las Vegas, which is apparently a feminine steakhouse. She has handpicked the items in the mystery box.

The box included: pork loin, shrimp, avocado, hot sauce, crema mexicana, mangos, mexican chocolate, corn and more to make the perfect Mexican dish. Luca says he’s worried because he’s never eaten Mexican food nor has he cooked it.

Bri (the vegetarian): Chosen for her use of the shrimp. Gordon says it’s her best dish yet. Eva says she used the right amount of jalapeno. Joe says she nailed the cookery of the shrimp and everything else “sings.”
Eddie (the former NFL star): Chosen for his use of the pork. Gordon says it’s perfect. Eva says it was by far the best use of pork, calling it fantastic and light.
Savannah (from San Diego, which she says gives her an advantage because she lives “like, five minutes from Mexico”): She is praised for presentation before the judges even taste her food. Joe praises everything on the dish and says they’ve been waiting for her to step up. Eva says it was spicy but not overwhelming (a good thing).

Winner: Bri

Bri doesn’t have to cook as her reward for winning and is the first member of the top 10. She also gets to choose what her fellow home cooks will make. In the pantry, two baskets are presented to her. Box one is a dessert box filled with anything needed to make a pie or a cake and strawberry jello. People cooking with this box will be given 60 minutes. Box two includes a steak, potatoes and other items to make a nice meal. People cooking with this box will be given only 30 minutes. The twist: One person gets one box and the other cooks will get the other. Bri gives box two to Natasha because she is known as being the baker and wants to push her out of her comfort zone (plus she’ll have to sit in the cooking area for 30 minutes before she can start, which can play with her head).

Luca: Banana cake with strawberry compote. He thinks his cake isn’t cooked but to his relief it is. Joe says it’s pretty good. Gordon says it has a nice crust and it tastes quite nice. Graham says it was pretty tasty and he shouldn’t be in the bottom three. (GO LUCA!)
Lynn (the one to beat, Mr. Finesse): Gordon calls Graham and Joe over to look at what’s on the plate to which Graham takes off his glasses and says “that’s incredible.” The dish looks like something you dissect in biology lab but Lynn says it’s a meringue with a strawberry and banana puree. This is the worst dish Gordon has seen on the show in four years. Joe just throws it out and gives him back the plate.
Savannah: Banana cream pie. It has an underdone crust and a broken meringue.
Jessie: Shortbread tart with caramalized banana. Gordon says it’s delicious and says she’s finally a contender.
James: Deep fried bananas with a strawberry puree and a banana custard. Joe says he doesnt like it.
Krissi: Strawberry muffins gone wrong (she thought the jello would cook in the muffins like her vanilla pudding does). Joe throws it out. Gordon calls it her worst dish yet.
Natasha: Rib Eye Steak with three sauces. Gordon loves the presentation and says the steak is cooked to perfection. Graham says it was a really good job.

Winner: Jessie. The win earns her the prize of being the only team captain during the next challenge.

James, Lynn, Krissi
Lynn goes home immediately, no beating around the bush on this one. Gordon says “we’re as shocked as everyone behind you.” Of course, there is a long speech about how great he is and his competitors are left speechless about how they thought he would win the whole thing (I knew he wouldn’t when he lost it during the wedding challenge). He has a good attitude as he leaves, which is good.

My two cents:
– Lynn had so much weight on his shoulders and he couldn’t handle it. He got in his own head too much. He still has a bright future.
– Krissi’s got a bad attitude. She must have sat alone at the lunch table as a kid. Why is she SO angry? Maybe Dr. Drew should be a guest judge and help her control her anger.
– She’s also not as great a cook as she is. Has she won anything at all?
– Enjoying watching Bri start to shine. But the whole vegetarian-hasn’t-cooked-meat-but-beats-everyone-else shtick is getting old.
– I’m team Luca. How can you not be?

Those are my thoughts what about you? Were you shocked to see Lynn go home? Who will be next? What would you have made with the items in the mystery box? Leave your ideas in the comments section below and follow along my live tweets on show days at @FarrahWritesTV.

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