Masterchef – Recap & Review – Top 10 Compete

(photo: fox)

(photo: fox)

Top 10 Compete

Original Air Date: July 10, 2013

FK – Senior Editor

“What do surfers eat? Aren’t they unemployed weirdos?” – Krissi

It’s been a whole five minutes since we last saw our home cooks mangling pies and impressing Eva Longoria. Now it’s time for the always fun team challenge, this time on the beach. I will never be able to get the image of Graham in a speedo out of my brain (even if it was a costume..still..).

Jessie (red team captain) chooses her team, which is made up of Jordan, Krissi, Luca, Savannah and Bri. Everyone else is on the other team and she appoints Savannah to the team captain.

The challenge: Make two fish tacos for 101 surfers. There are several kinds of fish to choose from and you can only use one fish.

Red Team: Making deep fried cod tacos.
Duties handed out: Jordan – sauce; Krissi – batter, changed to grilling tortillas after the batter isn’t to the team’s liking; Luca – prep the fish; Savannah & Bri – slaw.

Blue Team: Grilled mahi mahi tacos.
Duties handed out: James – sauce; Eddie – prep/grill the fish; Jessie & Natasha – slaw.

During the prep, Joe and Graham taste James’ sauce and it’s too hot. Krissi fries the cod and her team doesn’t like it because of the batter and they decide to grill it instead. With nothing left to do, she is sent to grill tortillas and is not happy (that’s new…).

The blue team falls behind before the surfers arrive while red is set to go. The team runs out of tacos almost immediately and their line is ridiculously long. Meanwhile, the red team runs out of fish but Bri keeps them calm. In the end, the blue team wins, 51-22 (the rest of the votes didn’t matter – plus with the preview of Krissi arguing with Bri in the wine room, it was sort of a given).

All the members on the winning team get baseball jerseys from their home teams. Why? Next week, they will all be going to the MLB All-Star game with Graham as guests in his suite. Luca is upset because he loves baseball (and the Yankees…knew I liked him.). Oh and if you didn’t know, the game is on FOX.

The red team names Krissi the weakest member of the team when asked by Gordon. Then they have to decide as a team who doesn’t participate in the pressure test. After a huge blowout with Krissi and Bri arguing (with a mini lecture from Luca to watch their language), they decide Jordan is safe.

The pressure test is to cook the perfect chicken breast. They each have to cook it three ways: stuffed (Joe’s choice), fried (Graham’s choice) and the basic saute (Gordon’s choice).

Bri has never cooked chicken. Ever. I get being a vegetarian, but if you’re going to be a cook, you need to cook EVERYTHING. Plus, if we created a drinking game for every time she hasn’t cooked something, we’d all need new livers.

When Gordon asks Luca who should go home, he says it’s time for Krissi to go. Everyone else agrees. Krissi says Bri is the epitome of every girl she used to beat up in high school. Well, she’s pleasant.

Savannah: Her sauteed chicken had a fatty exterior. Her fried chicken was raw and the exterior was not crunchy. The stuffed chicken was ok.
Krissi: Her sauteed chicken was slightly undercooked. Her fried chicken had a perfect exterior and was great. Her stuffed chicken was passable.
Luca: His sauteed chicken looked overcooked and tasted dry. His fried chicken had a good exterior with a slightly undercooked section. His stuffed chicken was completely raw.
Bri: Her sauteed chicken is undercooked but is otherwise good. Her fried chicken exterior is good but the inside isn’t even cooked at all. Her stuffed chicken is excellent (and cooked).

Krissi is saved first even though she has threatened every person (other than the judges), Luca is saved second (because he had the least undercooked chicken?) and Bri is sent upstairs, leaving Savannah to go home.

Next week: Bri makes sausage, Eddie is targeting Jordan.

My two cents:
– Krissi is mean.
– Krissi is a bully.
– Bri is a vegetarian? NO WAY!
– Luca is still around and I love it.
– There’s a person in the mix who is so just bleh I don’t know who it is. That’s sad.
– I was sad to see Savannah shine during the last episode only to go home. But it usually happens that way.

Did you think the judges made the right choice? Should Krissi be sent home for her threats and verbal abuse? Why ideas on why Eddie might get mad at Jordan? Leave your two cents below!

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2 Responses to Masterchef – Recap & Review – Top 10 Compete

  1. Mrs DB says:

    Krissi needs to go the hell home. She thinks her food is AMAZING when it seems to be just passable when she needs it to be. I would LOVE for her and Natasha to go home and Bri and the Italian Stallion to make it to the final four or two.

    • FK says:

      I completely agree! This competition is more about learning and growing and being humble. The key to losing is being a narcissist. I also agree with you on Bri and Luca. Luca has the knowledge and heart and has also been open to things outside of his comfort zone. And Bri, while I am sick of hearing she is a vegetarian, is doing great for someone who doesn’t deal with most of the food she cooks. So excited to see what happens next!

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