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photo: usa

photo: usa


Original Air Date: Jul 11, 2013

Jules – Senior News Editor

This week is all about being undercover. It’s a lot of work to maintain a cover, and sometimes you have to take risks and make choices that are sure to have consequences – good and bad.

Mike’s still working for Bello and has deepened his involvement with plans to get deeper, while Briggs and Charlie resume old identities to try and nab a heroin supplier.

Still coping post Eddie’s suicide, Mike gets some much needed downtime by playing beach football with Johnny and Paige. Mike then sees Charlie shoot something up her arm and gets worried, but it was a fakeout. She’s prepping to go undercover with Briggs (as Katie and Eric), who says she doesn’t use enough of the “o-mouth” to make the shoot up believable. Now I get the title of the episode.

Mike’s continued uneasiness shows in his next meeting with case agent Juan. Mike wants some hard answers on why the FBI is investigating Briggs considering all he’s been through up to now. For now, he gets nothing.

Brigg and Charlie go undercover to get intel about a mysterious drug supplier named Odin from dealer Quinn. Johnny is their backup, with Paige tagging along. While meeting with Quinn, Whistler walks in. If he makes them, they’re screwed. So Briggs and Charlie go back to being “all over each other” and promptly skedaddle. Yeah, Briggs and Charlie were once together! Paige is surprised, too.

Paige thinks the two could hook up again and makes a bet with Johnny. If the two hook up in the next seven days, Paige wins. If no sex, Johnny wins. Loser pays the bar tab for a week.

Mike and Johnny are at the Drop and meet up with Abby and her friend Marcia. Abby gets annoyed, not at Mike not calling, but by not telling her he’s a pilot. Yes, Mike’s job never came up before and now Johnny’s created an interesting cover.

Charlie finds Whistler to feel out if he noticed them at Quinn’s the other day. He swears he’s clean and lies about who he’s been hanging out with. Whistler thinks Charlie’s questioning him because she wants to use him on cases again, but can’t officially. She denies it, saying she just cares about him, which I like to believe is true. By now, Quinn’s called Briggs back for a meet up the next evening.

Mike and Juan meet up again and Juan actually gives him some answers! Juan shows Mike some narcotics recovery reports showing that every time after a drug bust involving Briggs, there’s always less than suggested. And it’s always heroin. Can’t be a coincidence, right? This might explain why Briggs didn’t like having Mike on Bello’s case, since most his money comes from heroin. Mike figures he can get into Bello’s distribution side and make Briggs recover an insane amount of drugs – or steal it.

Mike’s still teaching Bello’s guys how to shoot, saying it might take another 2-3 months, but Bello wants to end their training sooner rather than later. Mike later talks to Briggs about how he can get deeper into Bello and Briggs suggests becoming his bodyguard, but Mike lacks a level of intimacy with Bello. However, Mike finds a way in – in the form of a movie quote Bello mentioned earlier.

Mike and Bello talk and then they go get Bello’s favorite movie – the Gunfighter, the reason Bello came to America. Bello liked the cowboy as he fights for himself. At the store, Bello tries to pick a fight with an employee and Mike takes the opportunity to punch the guy and show Bello that he would be a good bodyguard. Where is the security in this place? They later watch the movie and Mike tells Bello that he can protect him.

Briggs and Charlie get ready to meet Quinn at a hotel, but when he arrives, he’s scared off because the valet guy is Johnny and not his usual guy. So Quinn leaves and there’s no meet up. Briggs and Charlie wait for Quinn to possibly show up again and with Johnny listening, the two almost have sex, but they convince each other they are over it. They do; however, make Johnny think they had sex (Pay Per View movie on instead) and owe Paige a week of free drinks!

Bello agrees to Mike’s offer of protecting him, especially after Mike mentions he’s no longer on active duty. When Bello goes outside to answer a phone call, Mike takes the opportunity to go into Bello’s office and sees his calendar with a date marked “Big Foot.” Later, Briggs gives us the meaning behind it. It’s the name of the operation for ducking under the cover of border agents by bringing in drugs by submarine!

Back to Quinn and getting to Odin. The only way to salvage this deal for the FBI? Whistler. They need him to vouch for Charlie and Briggs and to set up a new meet. Whistler’s mad because Charlie lied to him, but he lied to her, too. So do the deal Whistler. But will he? Whistler calls Charlie later saying he set up another meet and as soon as Briggs and Charlie get to Quinn’s, he’ll call Odin. But while on the phone, it’s clear Whistler’s high and he soon passes out. Uh oh.

Charlie and Briggs show up at Odin’s and first thing Charlie does is find Whistler, but it’s too late. He’s dead. Super sad. Charlie thinks she killed him.

They meet with Quinn, who questions their identities, since he’s heard about Whistler bragging about getting money from the feds and then Quinn wants them to use his needle to shoot up. Briggs refuses, but Charlie, dead set on having Whistler not dying for nothing, does the unspeakable. Since talking their way out of it isn’t working, Charlie shoots up using Quinn’s needle. She does a great O-mouth and we’re left with another cliffhanger!

This show has got to stop making me wish I knew what happened next. Clearly, you can’t off a main character in the fourth episode, but seriously, what is going to happen to Charlie now? Didn’t see that coming really and I know she was trying to do right by Whistler, but he was already on drugs and there was no stopping that I think. And how will Mike do as Bello’s bodyguard? Share your TwoCents below.

Next Week: Hair of the Dog

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2 Responses to Graceland – Recap & Review – O-Mouth

  1. Debra says:

    this was one crazy good epi! i feel bad for whistler, i knew the heroin was going to be his undoing, but this soon? i’m sad too that he’s gone, i liked he and charlie’s relationship for what it was and i guess i was secretly hoping that he would kick it and get his life back together.
    i hope mike can pull off working for bello, i’m really nervous for him. i didn’t trust that phone call that bello got. they really need to not underestimate him, i think there’s more to bello than meets the eye and it won’t be so cut and dry for mike to “get his man” so to speak.
    i’m concerned about the missing heroin / briggs secret investigation. a part of me doesn’t want to think that he could be a bad guy, but on the other hand, this show throws ya curves so who knows. but something did happen to briggs some time ago that contributes to his zen like stance today, so maybe it’s all connected somehow?
    lastly, wowzer! that make out scene between briggs and charlie…H.O.T!!! i can totally believe that they got it on once upon a time ago and are over it now, for some reason that makes me happy to know they once had mind blowing sex, but have moved on, it is completely believable. but hey, i was sort of rooting for paige to win on this one, seeing those two together again for real would be amazing…lol!
    although their relationship now is so much better, i like that they seem to have taken on the “mom and dad” vibe in the house.
    my two cents…:)

    • jules says:

      Thanks for your TwoCents Debra!

      Still sad about Whistler. I’m convinced that the Briggs investigation will explain his change in mood and the secret he’s hiding. Also hoping Mike takes care of himself as I am super worried where and how getting deeper into Bello’s group is taking him.

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