2013 TwoCents TV Awards – Drama Categories


Many TV viewers feel that our favorites get overlooked during award season. The awards go to the ‘best’ or ‘most outstanding’, but what about our favorites? What about the performances and TV-related stuff that makes it fun for us to watch?

The TwoCentsTV Awards is here! Our debut year highlights some of our favorite performances, shows and other fun items from the past year in Television. The staff of TwoCents has come up with a great slate of nominees and a new set of categories will be announced the days of the week of July 8th. Voting will go through the week of July 22nd and the coveted “Golden Piggy Bank” awards will be presented the first week in August.


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2 Responses to 2013 TwoCents TV Awards – Drama Categories

  1. Tom R says:

    Write in votes
    Ryan Hurst for Sons on Anarchy (Sidekick)
    Sons of Anarchy (WSS)

  2. Svenska says:

    Too bad it’s over but I would have said Oded Fehr playing Eyal Lavin in covert Affairs. The show is 100x better when Eyal is a part of the story.

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