True Blood — Recap & Review — At Last

photo: hbo

photo: hbo

True Blood
At Last

Original Air Date: Jul 7, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Don’t you love it when you’re right about whose the bad guy in disguise? Within the first few minutes of True Blood, we finally discover who Warlow is and he’s crazy scary.

I really expected this story to go on much longer, in the typical True Blood, meat goddess way. To bring it to a head, so to speak, this early makes me wonder — what’s coming next?

We start right after Jason fainted and Sookie mentions if they had vamp blood, they could save him. Calling an ambulance is the second choice and while she’s off doing that, Ben the fairy pops out vampire fangs, but doesn’t tell Sookie. OMG. Suddenly Jason is up and around, even doing hundreds of push ups on the door frame. Later, she finds Ben’s blood and it lights up like the blood found after a camp of fairies was destroyed by Warlow. A ha! She gets it. He’s Barlow (Ben + Warlow).

Niall isn’t happy when he comes back and Ben has protected Jason rather than Sookie, the special one. Then Niall hears Nora, who explains that Warlow is in the vamp bible, but when she sniffs him, he beans her with a ball of light – then the governor’s men shoot her and take her to camp.

My favorite scene was the gov’s troops taking Ginger and we finally get her famous scream. She’s heading for the camp too. After Eric and Pam find Tara, who has taken the gov’s daughter, Willa, they order her to cough up the girls she’s protecting. After that Pam is also shot and taken to the camp. It’s getting pretty crowded in there.

Probably the most rewatched scene this week will be Eric turning Willa, who flirts with him the entire time and tells him she’s a virgin “almost.” But she never gets her biggest wish (and she’s not alone in her wish), which is a little sexy time with the tall vamp. Eric sends her home (did the conversion only take a few hours? I thought they needed at least one full night underground) to confront her daddy and show him that vamps can be good people.

Well, that doesn’t go well. She arrives home (and, as the guard tells the gov, has to be invited in) just as daddy and Sarah Newlin are getting a bit sexy. Sarah says to shoot her, but the gov refuses and seems to be open to his daughter’s new identity, until she sniffs the wound on him hand. That’s when Sarah blasts Willa. Like several other characters on the show, we have to wait until next week to see if she’s still alive.

Andy’s brood are now tweens and reading their Uncle Terry’s mind about killing his friend. Not cool girls – we do NOT want to revisit that story. As soon as the lights go out (great line: Andy sends them to bed because “you haven’t slept since you were three.”), they start changing and suddenly they are teens with boobs, comparing cup sizes. They decide to take daddy’s sheriff car out for a little partying.

Of course, we knew from last week that Bill would be going for them. The guys go to a liquor store where they’re still not old enough to get beer. But Jessica, using that “we’re all just girls” ploy, gets the beer and invites them back to Bill’s place. It’s uncomfortable to see one flirt with Bill, but all he wants is a blood sample. He gives the blood to their captured scientist, Hido Takahashi, who can’t synthesize it because the fairy element almost instantly disappears. Bill is not happy — he wants vamps to walk in the light and fairy blood is the only option.

Jason and Niall realize that Ben is Barlow and go get him at his hotel. But Barlow is too quick. He glamours Jason and bites Niall (spitting out his blood – what’s that about?). Then he takes Niall to the bridge where there’s an entrance to the world that he had been imprisoned. He explains that when he was turned, he even killed his own parents, but not the same boy who was Niall — and he won’t now. So he tosses Niall into his prison.

Meanwhile, Andy realizes that the girls are gone and puts out an APB on four girls between the ages of 10 and 50, not sure what age they might be. When Andy and Jason interview the liquor store clerk, they realize he’s been glamoured and they head over to Bill’s. But they’ll get there too late. Jessica had been trying to keep the girls from leaving and it got too much for her – and she fed off all of them. They didn’t turn to ash, so they might be alive, but we won’t know until next week.

In all of this, the werewolf stuff seems like an intrusion. They realize that one of the intruders has gotten away and Sam took Emma. Nicole’s leg is bleeding and needs medical attention. Sam turns into a horse and takes Nicole and Emma to a hotel, where Emma is in a room by herself? Where she can be easily snatched? We see in a minute that Sam, isn’t thinking with his head as he starts romancing Nicole (didn’t Luna die like hours ago?).

Meanwhile, Sookie has a plan. She invites Barlow to dinner, dresses up sexy, buts on romantic music (“At Last”) and makes him dinner – doused with liquid silver. But the silver doesn’t seem to upset him. So they get making out on the couch and when he’s getting into it, she announces that she know who he is and has her ball of light ready to kill him.

Can Sookie kill Barlow? Are Andy’s girls dead? Will Nora, Pam and Willa survive? Give us your TwoCents…

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One Response to True Blood — Recap & Review — At Last

  1. debra says:

    loved the whole show, i really hope that andy’s girl’s are going to be ok, they are so cute and offer a little comedy relief, i really like that whole storyline.
    but the were story is confusing me too. i thought that (the pack leader, his name escapes me right now) liked sam, or at least respected him enough to keep his distance. why all the hate? i know they want emma back, and can’t say i blame them really, i mean, it’s where she belongs i feel and where she can be the most protected, but wanting to kill sam over it? maybe i missed something??
    all in all its a fun season so far that is keeping me glued to my seat. 🙂

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