HGTV Star — Recap & Review — Fraternity/Sorority

photo: hgtv

photo: hgtv


Original Air Date: Jul 7, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

It’s the women vs. the men in this episode, but the females are working from a disadvantage. With only five designers remaining, two women and three men. Will the women be unable to complete the challenge or will they triumph?

The challenge is the great room of either a sorority or a fraternity. They have three days and the help of a carpenter.

TIFFANY and ANNE work as a team on the sorority’s great room and Anne decides on a cherry red and white color scheme (the room had had a rust-red color before). Anne takes the sorority logo and turns it into a piece of art. Tiffany reconfigured the fireplace, tearing out a large hood, so that a TV can be placed above it. She also uses carpet tiles instead of a large rug so that sections can be replaced when they get dirty. Anne spray paints a buffet black, which is a nice color but the flat finish doesn’t work.

The result is quite pleasing and sophisticated. It definitely read feminine and inviting. I would have brought specks of one more color, especially on the frame around the sorority emblem. But overall, it looked great, especially because there were only two of them.

The camera challenge this week is showing a tip to another person. Anne’s camera challenge, where she showed how to paint a crisp stripe, was natural and entertaining. She is clearly the best in this category. Tiffany was also fun to watch, but her tip — calking a hole — wasn’t anything special.

The only negative comments the judges had were about the spray painted buffet and the lack of dressing on the mantle.

BORIS, BROOKS and JERIBAI tackle the frat’s “play room,” and do a fair job of it. I didn’t like the wall paint choices of gray and a darker gray with long plain black curtains. Brooks added a boxed molding on the lower walls that added some interest. He and Jeribai also had the frat’s emblem put on the playing surface of their pool table — brilliant. Jeribai also resurfaced the frat’s large table and added lighting. Boris shopped most of the room and came up with great leather chairs and a matching couch, but the couch was covered in white linen — a disaster

The room felt flat to me and lacked a real sense of fun, which I would expect in a room like this. I wish they had added a few more games – maybe something clever to save space.

For the camera challenge, Jeribai taught someone how to install wood flooring and was much more natural than before. Boris tried to not be creepy on camera and did better but his content lacked. Brooks — well, even the judges admitted he’ll never get better.

The judges liked the pool table, the large table and the molding. They didn’t like the large black curtains and the white couch by Boris. The winners were the women!

But all the guys were on the chopping block. They felt Jeribai should have gotten more lighting. I thought Brooks would be booted off as they didn’t like his camera challenge. But in the end, Boris’s show was canceled. I’d like to say I felt sad, but he was pompous from the start and didn’t have a lot to back up that enormous ego.

Next week looks like a crazy challenge — the final have to create a living space in a bus. Yikes!

Did you think the right person went home? Did you like the cherry red and white room? Is Brooks the next to go? Give us your TwoCents…

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