Falling Skies – Recap & Review – Be Silent and Come Out

photo: tnt

photo: tnt

Falling Skies
Be Silent and Come Out

Original Air Date: Jul 7, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

This episode could have been titled The Hostage. But most importantly, it’s the one where everyone finally finds out about Bad Hal. And he is very, very bad.

The episode picks up right after the last one, when Tom arrives home with his leg injured, only to find out that Anne and the baby are missing. Not exactly a great welcome home. Right away, everyone is arguing about Tom going out to find his female family members. It’s a tussle that sounds like only a family argument can – even with Weaver and Marina in the mix.

But wait — something strange is happening with Hal. He’s looking shifty-eyed and
doesn’t seem to be listening to anyone else, even Maggie. Then bam! – he makes his move. He grabs Tom and hauls him off to a vehicle. Maggie tries to stop him, saying he has to fight. “I can’t, it won’t let me,” he tells her.

Maggie immediately gets on the big gun and blasts the tires, so the two Masons barely get more than a few feet. This Bad Hal isn’t much of a thinker, is he?

Bad Hal drags daddy dearest to an abandoned building and holes up in a second floor office. When Tom tries to talk him out of whatever he’s doing, Bad Hal crushes Tom’s leg once again. Ouch! That’s when Tom, who isn’t acting that smart either, figures out that he’s being held captive by an alien, not his son. Bad Hal wants the info on what the Volm are building in exchange for where Anne and the baby are. Tom refuses to cave – good for him, picking humanity over his family. Not sure I would or could.

Outside, everyone takes cover behind the dead car and Maggie spills the beans that Hal has been acting weird. She now thinks Hal’s story about having a bug might not have been a hallucination. OK, let’s not put her on the smart list either. Pope is severely pissed at her and the entire Mason clan, so Weaver sends him home.

Weaver drops his guns and asks Hal to talk, even though Marina pleads him not to. Hal shoots at him, but never aims to hit. Back at Berserker headquarters, Pope is taking bets on whether Tom and Hal will survive. And if they do, will Hal be prosecuted? Weaver walks in, slams down two drinks and practically strong arms Pope, making him promise that no one will take the odds into their own hands.

Matt tells Maggie and Ben that he knows a back way in the building and, against orders, they go. Meanwhile Tom is trying to reach Hal and encourage him to take back his body and it works – a little. Just as Hal looks weak, Maggie, Ben and Matt rush him and pin him down.

Now Tom has a horrible decision to make – the rebel Skitters tell him of another bug that will kill the bug in Hal. But if Hal doesn’t actually have a bug, it will kill him. Bad Hal tries to play everyone, saying he felt the bad bug go away. But no one buys it (good, they’ve finally acquired some brains). Hal looks terrible as the bug goes to work in his body, like he’s going to end up on The Walking Dead or something.

Tom hands in his resignation as president, making marina the new power. He had been mad when she had gotten into his locked files to get the photos of what the Volm are building, but now that she’s in charge, he gives her the whole file. She warns him she’ll do thing differently, and he’s OK with that.

Next we see him, Matt, Ben and — yay — Hal getting on horses to go search for Anne and Alexis. Maggie is crying, but I don’t think for an instant that she would stay put and not go with them. And they ride off into, not a sunset, but bluish fog.

Here’s my theory: Marina is the mole and she’s been waiting to get this info on the Volm. The rest of them will become her prisoners, and the Mason family will have to ride back to save them all. If Falling Skies is indeed basically a Western, that’s how it would go down. We’re now more than halfway through the season so we won’t have long to wait to see how it turns out.

But I have to say, this was the lamest episode this season. It felt like it was just all about putting the Bad Hal story to bed. I wasn’t impressed by Drew Roy’s one-noted performance of Bad Hal.

Would you have taken Pope’s bet? Do you think Marina is good or worse than Bad Hal? Will the Mason find Anne and end her maternity leave (she really did just have a baby)? Give us your TwoCents…

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2 Responses to Falling Skies – Recap & Review – Be Silent and Come Out

  1. Debra says:

    i have to say I agree with you on this…as soon as the Mason family all rode away I was thinking that trouble is coming either to them, or those that they just left behind. Either way, it will be up to that small but mighty family to save the day, some how, some way.
    I thought the epi was a little weak too, almost like a bridge epi to take us into the next one where things will start to get dicey (I hope!).
    I hope Ann is OK, not so sure about the little one, I kinda have a feeling that the baby may be lost to them, especially since it’s half alien, I can’t see the aliens giving that baby up without a huge fight.
    Either way…looking forward to next week!

  2. Tati says:

    I agree with your theory, but this was one of the best episodes of the season! Each episode progressively gets better, and this one did too. I like Hal’s performance. I was actually surprised how well he played being evil, I was scared for the 2nd Mass. Well that’s my two cents.

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