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KP ON TV First Look 2013

My mailbox and email inbox have become full of pilot episodes of the new shows that networks are releasing in the Fall for the 2013/2014 season.

While the majority of the pilots are “not for review”, it doesn’t mean I can’t offer up some early opinions on the overall concepts of these shows.

Is my opinion usually one to note? Well, that’s up to you, however, I did say that after the pilot, The Big Bang Theory was a show that would NEVER take off. So, yeah, maybe take what I have to say with a large grain of salt. Hopefully you’ll enjoy anyway.

Moving on, let’s check out Robin Williams in CBS’ The Crazy Ones.


What’s It Called? The Crazy Ones
When’s It On? CBS, Mondays at 9pm
Who’s In It? Robin Williams (Hollywood superstar), Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy),
Fighting for DVR Space With: Sean Saves the World, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Reign (CW)

What’s It About? From CBS: Academy Award winner Robin Williams returns to series television in THE CRAZY ONES, a single-camera workplace comedy about a larger-than-life advertising genius whose unorthodox methods and unpredictable behavior would get him fired… if he weren’t the boss.

Simon Roberts is the head of a powerful agency, with the biggest clients and brands in the world, but even more important to him is having his daughter Sydney by his side. As his partner, Sydney is Simon’s exact opposite – focused, organized and eager to make a name for herself, but also too busy parenting her father, which she’d resent if he wasn’t so brilliant at what he does. Joining them in the firm are the dashing and talented Zach; art director Andrew, who’s as hard-working as he is neurotic; and the beautiful and deceptively smart assistant Lauren. With his team and his daughter behind him, Simon continues to set the advertising world on fire, and it looks like they are definitely buying what these crazy ones are selling.

KP’s TwoCents: From the minute I heard Robin Williams was going to do a network comedy, I was excited. However, can Williams do “his thing” on Network TV and would a scripted show allow his comedy to shine through? It’s been a long time since Mork.

Is he funny – the answer – YEAH!! Check out the behind the scenes video below. He battles a life-size Rock’em Sock’em Robot, screams a lot and has some great riffing with the, funny in his own right, James Wolk (Political Animals).

Let’s add in Buffy the Vampire Slayer too. Williams and Gellar work really nice together as father/daughter and co-workers. Gellar is a great “straight man” for Williams, yet can let loose the funny too.

The pilot was jam packed with goodness, including a huge guest star, but I’m pretty sure Williams can carry it beyond the ‘pull out all the stops’ pilot action. It’s been a while since we had a comedy in an advertising agency – unless you count the really bad episodes of Mad Men. Williams is the boss that Michael Scott always wanted to be. Also – NO LAUGH TRACK! Halleluiah.

Did someone say bloopers during the credits? YES PLEASE! (hopefully they keep that in)

I’m looking forward to this show every week in the Fall. Only real competition is Glee and that takes so many hiatuses that it may never interfere! (Can’t lie, had to look up what the plural of hiatus was, I was thinking hiatii – it’s not),

Will it make it to my DVR? Without a doubt. The pilot is very funny, yet there’s a deeper goodness too. If it keeps it up, could be another huge comedy hit for CBS.

TV Cliche Meter: Big Hollywood Star, Advertising, Big Name Guest Stars

KP is a Member of the Broadcast Television Journalists Association and Found/Editor-In-Chief of TheTwoCents. You can follow him on Twitter. @KPonTV

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