True Blood – Recap & Review – You’re No Good

photo: hbo

photo: hbo

True Blood
You’re No Good

Original Air Date: Jun 30, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

LAST WEEK: The fairy world is hopping. We learn that the man who picked Jason up is Niall, his fairy grandfather (played by a wild-looking Rutger Hauer, very different than the dapper Niall of the books) whose whole family had been killed by super vamp Warlow. Plus, Sookie met a half-fairy named Ben (who I swear is really Warlow – more on that later).

Bilith had a long discussion with Lilith and started to see the future, which included all our favorite vamps been toasted in the governor’s new “vamp camp.” Lilith said only Bilith can save them all. It looks bleak because the governor has devised weapons with UV light and contact lenses that keep humans from being glamored.

Sam is hiding little Emma while LaFayette puppysits. But Alcide and company dog-knap her back, while an extremist group captures the whole thing on tape.

THIS WEEK: It’s a yummy Eric week. Eric retaliates by visiting the governor’s daughter Willa and threatening to kill her. Willa counters that she knows things that would help Eric more than just one more dead human. So he kidnaps her and takes her to Ginger’s home with Tara and Pam. Ah, Ginger – it’s so nice to see her back and the comic relief she brings to the show. She thinks that Eric has finally come for a “sleepover,” but he promises her another time. Instead, he puts Willa in the coffin with him where she tries to seduce him (well, who wouldn’t), but he refuses. Eric – refuse sex twice in one night—is he possessed? But didn’t you just love him sucking his blood off her finger… oh my!

The Gov calls on Eric’s cell (how did he get the number – Vamps R Us?), which Eric claims is untraceable. Silly Eric. So when they figure the Gov is coming for them, they hightail out, but it seems Tara has already taken Willa. So they all bolt, after Eric glamors Ginger so she can’t give them up.

On the flip side Bilith thinks he can go in the sun since in his dream with Lilith, they were in the sun. Now it’s his turn to be silly. When he stays on the porch as the sun rises, he bursts into flames. Jessica puts out the flame and Bilith is confused — until he remembers the one way he can go out in the sun — Sookie! He heads to her home and finds he can enter without her inviting him in. OOOh… He also stops a plate

Sookie throws at him. He wants her blood that allows vamps to go in the light, but she said he’s had enough (right!), so he says that she’s dead to him. I think that means they really have broken up for good. Then he discovers that Andy has fairy babies (who are tweens today). Not good news for them…

For a little more comic relief, we discover that Steve Newlin has been taken to vamp camp… where he discovers his ex Sara is now one of the people in charge and she can’t wait to kill the fang impaired. Their banter is one of the highlights of the show as he is amazed to discover the former ditz is now a politician and best-selling author.

I always loved Andy with his little ones, who are growing about five years a day. He takes Holly to the shooting range because vamps are clawing at her window at night (she still doesn’t take him back) and admits he calls the girls by numbers. They’re better shots than Holly with their “laser hands,” as Andy calls them. He’s just so confused but loving with them that it’s sweet.

The wolves keep the cops from getting Emma, but the four kids who want to expose shifters come around and get murdered just as Sam is rescuing Emma. He stops to help one of the kids who is still half alive. Now that doesn’t stop wise although it’s totally in Sam’s character.

Meanwhile, the fairy situation is plain crazy. Niall keeps running when he thinks Warlow is near, Jason keeps falling down and Sookie is just plain scared (or trying to look like she isn’t). Niall visits the fairy nightclub, when everyone has been killed by Warlow, except for Claude who is barely hanging on. Niall agrees to “send him home,” which I think means to euthanize him.

But then Ben comes along, saying he couldn’t find the club the day before when Sookie told him where it was. Yeah, right. But he swears allegiance to Niall, the king of the fairies, and makes it back to Sookie’s, who is not that happy to see him. They finally find a way to get along, but Sookie can’t understand why she can feel him in her head when she never felt a fairy do that before. Oh Sookie, get him out of the house ASAP and get Jason to a doctor. Things aren’t looking good for anyone in Bon Temps right now… Which is when the viewing should get good.

OK, we’re three episodes in – are you enjoying it more? Are you worried about Jason? Do you think Ben is telling the truth about being unable to find the fairy nightclub? Give us your TwoCents…

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