“The Hills” Are Alive With An Alternate Ending

(photo: mtv)

(photo: mtv)

It’s been almost 10 years since MTV introduced us to the kids of Laguna Beach. For years, we watched Lauren “LC” Conard and Kristin Cavallari battle over Stephen Colletti as they made their way through typical high school scenarios like school dances, friendships, going off to college and spring break trips to Mexico.

After LC – now a New York Times best-selling author and fashion designer who prefers to be called by her full name, Lauren Conrad – left Laguna Beach to move to Los Angeles, MTV followed her along with a spinoff show, The Hills. She moved in with a slightly familiar face from a few episodes of Laguna Beach, Heidi Montag. Their upstairs neighbor Audrina Patridge would often visit as would Lauren’s high school friend, Jen Bunney and Lauren’s boyfriend, Jason Wahler, an odd pairing that formed during the last season of Laguna Beach, when Lauren came back to figure her life out after leaving college in San Francisco. The last person added was Lauren’s co-intern at Teen Vogue, Whitney Port, who would go on and eventually have her own spin-off, The City.

Season after season, people came and went. Jason and Lauren would break up and get back together numerous times, Heidi went through a few guys (and a pregnancy scare) before eventually marrying the infamous Spencer Pratt (she also went through a few plastic surgeries), Lauren’s long-time friend Lo Bosworth came back into the picture, Spencer’s sister Stephanie joined the circle of friends, Lauren dated a few guys after Jason, most notably Brody Jenner, despite having high school love Stephen coming to visit once in a while and Audrina kept her social life busy by dating outsider Justin “Bobby.”

After Lauren had enough of the cameras, in dramatic fashion by walking in late, Kristin attended Spencer and Heidi’s wedding, ushering in the new era of The Hills as Lauren sneaks out early and turns over the lead star position to her frenemy. It was at this point that word began to spread the show was being scripted, storylines were made up and cast members were being bribed and paid to do and/or say things about their “friends.” In a recent interview, Kristin admitted to just how much they were pushed and enticed to do certain things. On a girls’ trip, Kristin was confronted by her friends about having a drinking/drug problem. It was all over the tabloids and Kristin decided she had enough finally and said she was going to move on. She told E! News the girls were promised very expensive purses (upwards of $10k!) to confront her.

At the end of the series, Kristin decided she was going to move to Europe and start over. Just like with Stephen, Kristin was yet again spending time with another Lauren ex, this time Brody. He walks her to the car, they say their sad goodbyes and the car pulls away. But wait! The car stops, the Hollywood sign disappears, Brody is there, the backdrop goes away and the fans discover it was done on a set.

Which brings us to the present. MTV recently announced it has an alternate ending it shot and is going to air it after a massive marathon of both Laguna Beach and The Hills. There have been rumors of the alternate ending since the finale so this is kind of exciting for reality TV junkies like me.

Here are a few of my ideas of what really happened:
– The cast of Laguna Beach invades The Hills to visit Kristin, Lo and Stephen (and any other LA-area original LBers) and drama ensues because naturally, Jessica would show up and be jealous when the spotlight isn’t on her.
– Heidi gets a job. (HA, yah right…)
– We find out who Enzo’s parents are. Because who would let Heidi and Spencer watch their kid for hours on end every day?
– Instead of running away to Europe, the producers let us believe Kristin goes to rehab.
– There wasn’t really an original ending and it’s actually Kristin’s recent wedding.

So what about your thoughts? Is there going to be any great surprises in the alternate ending? What would you like to see? Do you even care? Would you like to see a big reunion of everyone from both shows? Leave your opinion below and feel free to chat with me on Twitter at @FarrahWritesTV.

TV INFO: The Hills alternate ending on Friday, August 9, at 11:30 a.m. ET.
Reruns as part of “RertoMTVBrunch“: July 8 at 9 a.m. ET and will feature encore presentations of both Laguna Beach and The Hills. July 10, the marathons will air from 8 a.m. ET till noon ET.

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