HGTV Star – Recap & Review – Kitchen

photo: hgtv

photo: hgtv


Original Air Date: Jun 30, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

Ah, the dreaded kitchen challenge. And this year, they’re actually letting the designers go back to gutting and designing real kitchens. In the past, so many kitchens were ruined or not finished, so for the last two years they’ve done kitchens on the set. Perhaps the addition of two carpenters per team gave them the confidence that the contestants could pull it off this time.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. As I was on vacation, I missed episode three. That’s when the remaining eight designers were paired into teams of two and designed a loft space. Tylor and Cris, who had clashed working together on the second challenge, clashed again and were slashed in a double elimination.

So this week, the final three were divided into two teams of three and assigned a family’s dining room/kitchen area. They had three days to remodel it into the family’s dream space.

The Paz family got Brooks, Abby and Anne. Both Brooks and Anne had done kitchens, so they felt confident they could give the family the modern, warm kitchen with a big sink, indoor garden and island. The dining room, which was mostly Anne was warm and inviting — beautifully done, enhanced by Abby’s curtains (but not her plastic herb garden container) and Brooks’ white ceilings. If the show stopped there, everything would have been OK.

But the kitchen wasn’t as successful. Abby wanted to take ownership of the color scheme, which was beige, beige, beige. The judges called it a “flesh fest.” Brooks’ curved island also upset the judges. The team voted wisely to have the carpenter do the backsplash, always the kiss of death on the show. Brooks gave them a big apron sink that had my eyes lusting.

Brooks blew his camera challenge buy never getting to the point, but Anne did great. Abby came off as unprepared, although she showed a great personality.

The Lawrence family had Boris, Tiffany and Jeribai to create a modern, warm kitchen as well. Tiffany made a few bad choices, including the metal table and two metal pendent lights overhead (it needed a third for balance). Jeribai took over the backsplash, even though his teammates warned him. He did it – but little else.

Boris promised a floor to ceiling wine rack and put in a few triangle shelves instead, worse than what was there originally. No one took credit for the curtains, but I hated them — the black and white geometric pattern looked like it was from another kitchen all together). Overall, the team was successful. Boris overdid it on the camera challenge, Jeribai goofed and couldn’t recover and Tiffany did fine as she’s very comfortable on camera.

The top designers were Jeribai and Anne and Anne rightfully took top honors. For bottom designer, it came down to Abby and Tiffany and I suspect Abby’s poor camera challenge is what really did her in. Too bad — I liked her since she was on White Room Challenge. But she sure blew it this week.

Do you think the right kitchen designer went home? Were you scared for Jeribai and his backsplash? Did Anne deserve to win? Give us your TwoCents.

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One Response to HGTV Star – Recap & Review – Kitchen

  1. rayjeffc says:

    I was really hoping Abby could survive this week. I may be in the minority, but I liked her choice of counter and backsplash. I found it very peaceful and warm. As far as the herb planter vessel in the dining room, I wonder how many options she really had. They are under stringent time constraints and probably limited in shopping choices. Abby’s work on the drapery was gorgeous. She has a wonderfully bright personality. If her camera challenge lacks content, she more than compensates for in effervescent charm.

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