Falling Skies – Recap & Review – Search and Recover

photo: tnt

photo: tnt

Falling Skies
Search and Recover

Original Air Date: Jun 30, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

Let’s start with some great news: TNT has renewed Falling Skies for a fourth season! All you 2nd Mass-ers can now relax and celebrate.

As I was on vacation, let’s do some catch up. Last week we finally got to meet President Hathaway, who wasn’t happy that Tom had brought the Volm with him unannounced to their ultra secret rendezvous. The Prez seemed ready to talk to the Volm when — oh no! — the base came under attack. Was it the mole or the Volm that gave their super secret location away? Hathaway and the Volm went up in one plane, Tom and Pope in another. And of course, both were shot down.

Bad Hal takes over Hal’s body and gives Maggie some real good lovin’ (whew!). Ben and Denny decided not to get their spikes removed because of the super powers they have with the alien implants. Meanwhile, with Dr. Kadir’s help, Anne finally has proof that Alexis is part alien and escapes with her, only to be surrounded by Skitters and Bad Hal.

This week was like a rewind on The Defiant Ones. Bressler is dead, impaled on a piece of the plane (RIP), leaving Tom and Pope 300 miles from home in a deeply wooded area. Tom rescues Pope before the plane blows, but they come to different kind of blows. Seems like, despite swapping childhood stories (Pope has a son and daughter and went to jail after accidently killing a guy, Tom had an abusive dad), they can never really be friends. But when Tom hurts his leg (isn’t that always the way?), he asks Pope to go without him – typical sacrificing hero stuff. Pope finds a car and gets Tom back home, where he learns that Anne and Alexis are gone, gone, gone.

At the top of the episodes, Maggie, Weaver, Jeanie, Ben and Matt are ready to go looking for Anne — but Marina doesn’t want them to go (she’s acting prez now, ya know). But they do, and so does a reluctant Bad Hal, who probably already knows where she is. They find a dead body that, at first, they think is Anne. But it’s not. Yet everyone makes a big deal out of burying the body and projecting all their fears and memories on it. Matt can’t help thinking about his mom and he and Ben recall the day she died. Lots of sobbing, blah, blah, blah.

Oh, and to support my vote for Marina the Mole, she asks Kadir to look at photos to see what the Volm are building. He says whatever it is, it generates far too much power for anything but a weapon.

What will Marina do with this info? Where is Anne? When will people realize that Hal isn’t Hal? Give us your TwoCents…

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