Graceland – Recap & Review – Pizza Box

photo: usa

photo: usa

Pizza Box

Original Air Date: Jun 27, 2013

Jules – Senior News Editor

So this episode has nothing to do with pizza. This episode does involve food (not pizza) as a C-plot line and it made me quite hungry afterwards.

The focus this week is seeing Mike delving deeper and working with Bello’s gang, with Briggs now in the background, while Johnny and Dale get to go undercover themselves helping Paige with a pot bust.

Pot Busting

We open with Paige on a pot bust and it’s all great until she thinks there’s a connection to a bigger pot farm, but she can’t have a farm raid without absolute proof.

So she brings Dale, who has a connection to the pot farmer and Dale brings in Johnny because he’s going to pose as a Mexican dealer, with fake henna tattoos all over his upper body.

Dale and Johnny meet with pot farmer Ashika (Mia Kirshner), who apparently is quite smitten with Dale. Johnny tries to act the part, maybe a bit too much. Ashika ends up inviting the two to her farm in San Luis Obispo. They agree and there they go. Dale really just wants to get the deal over with now, but Johnny wants to get closer to Ashika.

Johnny ends up spending the night with her and when he awakes, unbeknownst to him, his fake tattoos have smeared all over her white bed spread. Johnny goes to the shed to take pictures of all the pot. Meanwhile, Dale and Paige head back to the farm to get Johnny and bust Ashika, but he’s not answering and then we see Johnny being approached by Ashika (the smeared ink a big clue) and two guys and some huge guns. Uh oh.

Dale arrives and is met by a gun to head by Ashika and led to the shed with Johnny, who’s a little for sorry now that they are both here, guns pointed at their heads. But it’s Paige to the rescue when she takes down one guy outside the shed and then rams her truck into the shed to get the second guy. Ashika is all that’s left and she takes Dale as a hostage and gets Paige to give up her gun, but it’s Johnny who is able to knock her out with a paint can. Bad lady down!

Bello’s Gang

In the main storyline, Briggs and Mike get a one on one meeting with Bello. When they meet with Bello, it’s Mike he wants to talk to and so Briggs leaves, even though he’s the one who’s been working this case from the beginning.

Anyway, Bello wants Mike to teach his gang how to shoot. This is where the pizza box reference comes in – it’s the lowest shooting medal you can get and that’s the nickname. It does catch Mike off guard for a bit, but he easily rebounds.

So Mike agrees to this, but before he gets to teach them, he gets word from FBI that he needs to pretend to do it, but Briggs tells him that he’ll try to get it changed, since how can you “pretend” to teach someone to shoot?

Meet up time. And Briggs does pull through with getting a change. The big sell now? That Mike isn’t going to teach them to shoot first, they will get to know their weapon and learn to clean and disassemble it. Mike again shows his amazing shooting skills and it pays off, and Bello totally buys it. Eddie; however, is not convinced.

On a walk home, after setting up a date, Mike is jumped by Eddie, who threatens his life by forcing a gun down his throat. Briggs and Mike are worried about Eddie ruining their undercover work and so they bring him in for interrogation to get him off Mike’s trail. They offer him a deal to walk away, while Bello’s getting word that maybe Eddie sold him out. So does Eddie take the bait? Nope.

At Mike’s next meeting with Bello’s gang, Eddie shows up saying that Mike is the bad guy and Bello even asks is Mike is working for the feds – he says no very calmly. And that’s when Bello tells Eddie that this situation can end one of two ways. We don’t know exactly what they are, but what happens is Eddie pulls a gun, points it first at Mike, but then ends up putting it on himself. Yes, Eddie is now dead on the floor of a self inflicted gun shot wound.

Mike’s left in shock for the remainder of the episode. And we’re left wondering what’s next in the world of Bello and the biggest heroin dealer in Southern California.

Special Sauce

And no I didn’t forget about the food plotline. Many many years ago, Charlie’s ancestors passed down Francesca’s special spaghetti sauce that takes three days to cook before eating. The whole group is excited for it, but eating night is also when Mike and Briggs get called back to Bello’s gang (the night Eddie kills himself). So Mike and Briggs miss out, but it’s also Mike’s night to clean the dishes. So the night ends with him there, cleaning dishes and offering the leftover Charlie left him (there’s usually none) to Briggs, who doesn’t take it.

So what did you think? I thought a good balance of drama and some lighter moments, which was much needed. The end was not was I was expecting. I did enjoy the nice light moment when the group laughs at Mike saying marijuana and Johnny then listing all the pot nicknames, alphabetically backwards, and his favorite being “baby.” There’s my TwoCents, share yours below.

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2 Responses to Graceland – Recap & Review – Pizza Box

  1. Debra says:

    good job on the recap!

    i am really enjoying this show so far. i try not to get too hooked on the summer usa or tnt series because they have a habit of never coming back, but this one seems like a keeper so far. the cast is a great mix, usual hollywood pretty but tough. my fav at this point is vanessa ferlito, i was a fan of hers before so i’m probably a little biased.
    the suicide scene was pretty sad and disturbing, poor eddie had a target on him from the word go. but mike was a little wet behind the ears still, unfortunately something like this needed to happen in order for him to toughen up.

    for me the high point of the epi was learning all those marijuana nicknames…bonus! 🙂

    • jules says:

      Thanks Debra. I try not to get hooked on summer shows either, but this one is definitely growing on me. And I enjoyed learning all the names, too! I need to re-watch to post them all.

      And I didnt expect things to end well for Eddie. Will be interesting how this affects Mike going forward. He did need some toughening up.

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