MasterChef – Recap & Review – Top 13 Compete

(photo: fox)

(photo: fox)

Top 13 Compete

Original Air Date: Jun 26, 2013

FK – Senior Editor

Welcome to this season’s coverage of MasterChef. Sorry for being a bit behind, but you haven’t missed that much. The auditions were the usual combination of heart warming stories (“I’m doing this for my kids” or “This is my new start”) mixed with silliness (yes, the preview of the secret ingredient of breast milk did happen and it still grossed me out even though I knew it was coming).

The traditional first egg dish was replaced with lamb and langoustine. The contestants cooked for kids, firefighters and the cast and crew of Glee. Mystery Box items have included foreign (and unidentifiable) ingredients, Asian fusion and elimination challenges that have included making an entire cheesecake.

So now we’re at the top 13 and there are no front runners like there were in previous seasons. There are some good stories and some of the chefs have good days, but no one has been consistent across the board.

The Mystery Box for the top 13 was a pig’s head. After the initial shock of seeing the entire head, Graham, Gordon and Joe tell the home cooks the pig has been cut up for them and they could use whatever part of the pig head they wanted. Since I was partially traumatized by the pig head and seeing ears just chilling in a pot, I can tell you the top three dishes were by Jessie, Jonny and Lynn but cannot tell you what they made. Lynn took the win and the advantage going into the elimination round.

Before the elimination challenge, last season’s winner, Christine, showed up as a special guest judge (just in time to discuss her cookbook that is being released). The elimination challenge is to cook something with one of three of her ingredients: chicken, crab, or cat fish. In a special twist, Lynn will get to choose one chef to get one ingredient and the other chefs to get another. He gives Krissi the cat fish and the others get crab. At the beginning of the challenge, Christine has them all start the challenge with blindfolds but then quickly tells them it’s a joke and they continue on.

Krissi struggles with the cat fish and the judges do not like it. Not to be outdone, Beth’s crab was spit out by Joe (he said it was raw, disgusting and ruins his pallet) and Luca made a risotto with fish sauce making it so salty and soupy the judges could barely eat it (his excuse for using the fish sauce was it was a favorite of Christine’s but as she reminds him, she wouldn’t ever put it in a risotto).

Natasha and James win and will become the team captains in the next team challenge while Beth is sent home. Gordon tells her to believe in herself more and to keep on cooking.

Did you think the right home cook went home? Did you think the chefs should’ve done the challenge blind?  Why do you think people are ganging up on Krissi? Who do you enjoy the most? Leave your two cents below or chat with me on Twitter at @FarrahWritesTV!

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