MasterChef – Recap & Review – Top 12 Compete

(photo: fox)

(photo: fox)

Top 12 Compete

Original Air Date: Jun 26, 2013

FK – Senior Editor

After a Mystery Box/Elimination challenge, it was time for a team challenge and it wouldn’t just impact the players … the home cooks were tasked with catering a wedding. While catering three courses might be too much, Graham took on the appetizer and Gordon took on the dessert so the home cooks had to not only make a great dinner dish, but they had to have it match the first and third courses.

Natasha and James, the winners of the Elimination Challenge who were named team captains, picked their teams. Natasha (red) chose Eddie, Jordan, Beth, Savannah and Krissi. James (blue) chose Lynn, Jessie, Jonny, Bri and Luca. An immediate twist has Bri (the sole vegetarian) and Krissi sitting out and judging as well as being safe from elimination.

The bride had a list of demands a mile long that included no olives, no green or bell peppers, no cilantro, no peanuts. She was also having 15 vegetarians had the wedding and both her and her fiance were self-proclaimed foodies, as are the guests. The red team goes who a halibut and the blue team goes with a lamb.

During the challenge, Lynn, usually calm, cool and collected, began to sweat into the food. He then used a towel to wipe his sweat and forgetting what he was doing, used the same towel to wipe the plate. Gordon was livid – and rightfully so – as this violated so many health codes. At one point, the blue team gets seven tables behind the red and it takes Graham stepping in to help catch them up. The red team wins and an elimination challenge is set up for the blue team. But this challenge has a twist: each judge gives immunity to a player on the team. Joe chooses Jessie, Graham chooses Luca and Gordon chooses James. That leaves Lynn and Jonny to go head-to-head in battle of the macaroons.

Lynn puts fresh fruit in his, which is a no-no but manages to get good reviews despite the non-traditional move. Jonny does a play on peanut butter and jelly but doesn’t pass the fit-all-the-cookies-in-the-box test and three of his cookies weren’t edible. In the end, Lynn is safe and Gordon gives Jonny a pep talk as he puts is apron on the stove and leaves.

So now that we’re down to 11, do you think anyone stands out? How much longer will Luca or Krissi hold out? Will there be a fallout from James sitting out Bri or Natasha sitting out Krissi? Leave your two cents below!

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