Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – The Good Samaritan

photo: abc family

photo: abc family

Switched at Birth
The Good Samaritan

Original Air Date: Jun 24, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Since the beginning of the show, Toby has always been the odd-sibling out. He wasn’t switched at birth and nobody really talks to him about how it may have affected him. Instead, they focus on his errors in judgment, like gambling debts and stolen tests. And now, almost everyone is united in not telling him that getting married that young might not be his smartest decision.

Also trying to find their niche this hour are Angelo and the rarely seen Adriana. Angelo has more of place, but still hasn’t figured out what a family means. Adriana is floundering trying to find her purpose if she’s not living with her own daughter. And Daphne has a new love interest!

Toby/Bay: Despite everyone’s side glances, Bay is the first one to really pick up on how much Toby is sacrificing for Nikki’s vision. Since Nikki is determined to pay for the wedding herself, Toby is now selling some of his musical equipment and Bay worries he’s only doing things to acquiesce to Nikki’s wants. So she gets them a (free) gig at Maui, Kansas. But when it runs late, Nikki’s main concern is missing their (re-)scheduled counseling appointment with her minister. She accuses him of not respecting her faith, and he responds that this show is the most fun he’s had in months. So, yeah, they’re doomed, right? Toby still seems determined to make a go of the marriage plans, telling Bay to butt out.

Daphne: Daphne is stunned to learn that coffee cart guy (Jace, played by Matt Kane) really did make good on his vow to learn sign in a month. He introduces her to the world of geocaching, by telling her if he can learn sign, she can learn to internet search. But Daphne has a lot on her mind, with John pushing for a senate bill that stops funding sex education in favor of abstinence only teaching, and Regina still living away from her. She tries to get Regina hired back at her old job, hoping it will expedite her move home, but Whitney declines to rehire her. Daphne and Regina have a spat, when Regina admits its easier living with Bay, because she has never disappointed Bay like she has Daphne. I just wonder why nobody suggested family counseling for Regina and the girls, post-rehab. Anyways… Daphne tries geocaching and loves it, so she invites Jace out to try and search for a long-sought treasure. They can’t find it, and Daphne unloads emotionally on him and then plants a surprise kiss on him. He doesn’t seem to mind, but a flummoxed Daphne runs off.

Kathryn/Adriana: Kathryn is getting lectured from her mother on a regular basis, and despite John telling her not to listen, she’s blaming herself for Toby’s impending nuptials. Adriana returns from her nanny job, and clearly doesn’t know what to do with her free time. She wedges her way into Kathryn’s world, mostly her kitchen, inviting herself to grocery shop, insisting on coupons, and rambling on about some guy named George. Kathryn snaps at her to give her space, but when she sees how crushed and lost Adriana is, she makes an olive branch with an herb garden. Adriana responds with the sage advice that children’s lives will never look the way that she wants them to.

Regina/Angelo: Angelo is frustrated because, well, Bay and Regina are slobs. He takes his frustration out on a pan and a cockroach. Regina goes to see her former boss (after Daphne’s visit), and agrees to work for two weeks free to prove her sobriety and merit. She comes back to the condo excited, but Angelo is pissed because Bay won’t talk to him and stormed off. He vents to Regina that it isn’t how it was supposed to be, the three of them under one roof, as a real family. But Regina smartly points out that dirty dishes and a sullen teen are exactly what a real family is like.

Bay/Daphne: After lots of brooding, the two pseudo-sisters finally find their way back to each other. Bay admits she misses her relationship with Toby. Daphne apologizes for not sticking up for Bay at Carlton, and admits that she is jealous of Regina and Bay’s new relationship. Bay welcomes her to her world. And then they go back to being sisterly, with Daphne confessing her kiss with Jace. She’s humorously surprised to learn he is British!

Episode Title Art: Your guess is as good as mine, as there have been many “Good Samaritan” works of art over the years… Including painters Rembrandt, Jan Wijnants, Vincent van Gogh, Aimé Morot, Domenico Fetti, Johann Carl Loth, George Frederic Watts, and Giacomo Conti and sculptors such as Piet Esser and François-Léon Sicard.

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One Response to Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – The Good Samaritan

  1. g says:

    I’m extremely confused with the way Regina’s character is being written. On one hand she’s ashamed to spend quality time with Bay because she felt so guilty about withholding the secret about the switch for all these years. And then suddenly she tells Daphne that it’s easier dealing with Bay because she hasn’t let her down like she has let Daphne down? A lot of inconsistencies with Regina and i’m both annoyed and baffled with Regina’s statements to her two daughters. Seems like she’s just saying whatever she needs to say to extract remorse and sympathy than actually stating how she feels.

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