Arrested Development – Recap & Review – It Gets Better

photo: netflix

photo: netflix

Arrested Development
It Gets Better

Original Air Date: May 26, 2013

Jules – Senior News Editor

As the title says, I’d like to think it’s a good reflection of season four – it gets better. At least I think it has. Anyway, this episode very much builds on the previous episode focused on Maeby, and continues to provide some interesting insight to tying together many of the storylines and what George Michael’s been up to.

The episode begins at a party where life is seemingly very good for George Michael, when Rebel comes to say she has to talk to him. But how did we get here? Skip back a few months when George Michael is making a demo tape for his Julliard application…playing the wood block!

Apparently George Michael has an amazing internal clock, or so he thinks, due to the cornballer?! Yes, the ill-fated device was reinvented by George Sr. and Lucille as BabyTock, to help boost baby’s brain power and internal clock. Also known as putting the loud, ticking cornballer in cribs. Too scary to imagine. So how did we get here and to George Michael 2.0?

Let’s go back five years to that fateful family meeting that was also George Michael’s graduation party! Yes, he was there! “You threw me this …meeting.” Party wouldn’t last long as Michael comes in and makes George Michael rip up the check George Sr. had just given him to buy a car. Then the group sings George Michael Happy Birthday. Oops?!

Michael does give his son the stair car, that eventually gets stuck going into the parking garage on campus. Enjoyed how George Michael maneuvered his way out of the car and ends up laughing it off with everyone else.

Summary of George Michael and UC Irvine: Freshman year he tried to grow out of his awkward phase and became a bit more social. Sophomore year he had two good friends in Ray and Rose, but after he and Rose break up and she dates Ray, seems he’s lost two friends. Junior year, to make some money, he volunteered in a human sexuality lab when we first learn he was a horrible kisser. Just before his senior year, George Michael studies abroad in Spain, where he grows a mustache (!), and is “opened up sexually” by a Spanish housewife.

With a new found outlook on life, George Michael returns home, mustache and all and a double dorm room all to himself (they thought he was two people with his name). Which brings us back to George Michael 2.0.

As we know, Michael moves in with his son and is assigned a roommate, Paul (aka P-Hound). After the band session wasn’t going well, George Michael and Paul decide to make a woodblock app to help his application. In AD world, three woodblock apps already exist, but no worries after Paul pays the 99 cents (times three) for the apps and they think they’ve made a better one. Now to get a trademark (costing $5,000) and thus begins the life of Fakeblock. Did you see this coming? Because of the costs, George Michael signs up to tutor high school students and so we learn meeting up with Maeby again was not a coincidence.

So back to Maeby. The two catch up. Maeby says he doesn’t take enough risks. At the same time George Michael tries to seduce her, but also teach her algebra (since her math skills are really that horrible) and eventually Michael shows up to the dorm and we’re looped back to the scene where George Michael lies about what Fakeblock really is to Maeby. This is after a crazy long real time pause because of George Michael’s unfailing internal clock.

Now George Michael goes back to Paul to see if this app is actually possible and he says no. There’s re-hash of the whole voting out Michael from the dorm – George Michael’s idea! Maeby quite enjoyed it and it’s then that George Michael invites himself to accompany Maeby to the Opie Awards, same night as Tony Wonder’s event and Herbert Love’s rally.

George Michael hopes to get closer to Maeby, even getting a hotel room, but finds out she’s seeing Perfecto. Re-play of Rebel interested in Fakeblock and George Michael becoming George Maharis. Then something interesting happens, Fakeblock gets lots of news attention. See, Marky Bark’s explosion gets linked to a George Maharis act of cyber sabotage to promote his new app. Paul, out the loop, thinks they can sell the trademark, but alas, they can’t and George Michael considers stopping the lie, but after Maeby says “I wouldn’t get into bed with you on this if I didn’t trust you,” he changes his mind.

George Michael then goes to the Ealing Club to meet with his dad, but runs into Rebel and they begin to flirt. And in a fun bit, after purposefully missing a page for “George Michael,” thus begins a crazy game of phone tag between father and son. It’s quite hilarious seeing and hearing each other’s elaborate lies. And they are only feet from each other! George Michael is trying to ensure his dad doesn’t come inside the club, but alas, Michael runs into who he thinks is Andy Richter (really Rocky), who lets him in.

On the next Arrested Development, George Michael is sued by Paul about the ownership of Fakeblock, a la Facebook. I liked the repeat of P-Hound providing the initial seed money.

Other things to note:

  • Notice the opening credit music included a wood block sound?
  • A short glimpse at Michael’s wife and George Michael’s mom, Tracey, in the BabyTok commercial.
  • When George Michael and Paul try to get a domain name, one choice is “blockblock” and George Michael says it’s too much like a chicken noise and to explain to him, George Michael starts to do his chicken dance!! He’s never done one before! I still want to see it as he was interrupted. It involves lifting up one leg…
  • The return of George Michael’s Star Wars video clip – something he’d like removed from the internet.
  • George Michael knowing Rebel is the actress in the sequel to Dangerous Cousins. He got Netflix just to see it!

So what did you think? Has the season been getting better as the episodes move forward? Have a favorite call back to previous seasons thus far? I think seeing the cornballer and the partial chicken dance were highlights for me. I’ve shared my TwoCents, share yours below!

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6 Responses to Arrested Development – Recap & Review – It Gets Better

  1. ryanoneil says:

    The clip of Tracy, George Michael’s mom, and baby George Michael made me go “Aww.” I found it surprisingly touching.

  2. Matthew says:

    Who was the guy he met at the start of the party? I missed that reference. I was guessing it was an actor that Cera did some other project with…

    • jules says:

      The guy with the glasses giving George Michael something at the party? That was Tom Saunders, he’s an ex-Bluth Company employee that appeared in a season two episode. He’s also in real life a producer on the show.

  3. JD says:

    Chicken dance DENIED! NOOOO! But I loved “It’s kinda hard to do in the matador pants”! “Overtly sexual” George Michael is hysterical.

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