Wilfred – Recap & Review – Comfort

photo: fx

photo: fx


Original Air Date: Jun 20, 2013

Kym Hoopes – Associate Staff Writer

“Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always.” Hippocrates

Bonus episode this week. Jenna and Drew are back from their honeymoon and she wants to know if Ryan is okay after the whole “Amanda thing”. Yes, the Amanda thing. Something that wasn’t touched on in the first episode. Ryan was a little focused on the mystery of Wilfred. But back to Jenna. Drew learned to cook on the cruise and she want’s him to come for dinner and meet some friends from the cruise.

Is Ryan still focusing on Amanda? Or does he really just want everyone to stop asking him about her? Wilfred clearly thinks he’s still hung up on the “Amanda thing”, otherwise he would have been more “there for him” while Jenna and Drew were “dead”. For 17 days. Okay, so Wilfred thinks that “death” is going away for an extended period of time. Ryan explains that they’re actually very different. “Going away” is temporary, death is permanent. To think, after all this time, he hasn’t actually been killing the mailman every day! And wouldn’t you know it – the mailman is there again. He asks if he can come in and use the bathroom and, even worse, he and Ryan bond over his bathroom reading material. “Bill” even invites Ryan for drinks later. Wilfred stows away in the car, still obsessing over death, and shame on Ryan – he actually leaves him shut in the car while he goes in to meet with Bill, who’s brought along some undeliverable mail to read. I have to say that I don’t like Bill, or his effect on Ryan, after their reaction to the “Dear John” letter variation informing said soldier that his girl is HIV positive. Sorry – not a laughing matter. Back outside, someone broke into the car and liberated Wilfred, along with Ryan’s stereo. Ryan knows it was just a thief, but Wilfred thinks it was Jesus. And that he’s been saved.

Wilfred’s found religion. He’s giving up his rosary beads – that have been put to other uses. He’s chiding Bear for exposing “her” breasts. And he’s wearing Ryan’s underwear to cover his privates. Oh, yes, and he doesn’t approve of Ryan’s new friend because he has a tattoo of a pentagram – courteous of an ex-girlfriend. Jenna and Drew are better friends. They must be Christians, considering how often they call to “God” and “Jesus”. Ryan blows him off and heads out to meet Bill for lunch, so Wilfred decides to intervene by sending Jenna a text that she and Drew should join them, making sure to advise her to cover her “naughty pillows”. Like that was needed where they’re eating, considering you can get “knocker shots”. She asks Ryan if he’s still coming for dinner that night. The friends from the cruise aren’t coming so they can have a chance to “talk”. Ryan heads home, angry with Wilfred for his interference, only to find him in the process of marrying Bear. Oh, and he’s attempted to flush the weed. At least it’s just wet, since Wilfred doesn’t know how to flush, so Ryan goes to fish it out only to have Wilfred try to baptize him in the toilet. Ryan storms out to go to Bill’s instead of dinner at Jenna’s, leaving Wilfred standing in the bathroom singing “What a friend we have in Jesus” kind of creepily.

Meanwhile, Bill and his “work friends” have liberated some confiscated packages for the evenings festivities. We have some fireworks and some real absinthe – from the Czech Republic. I’d love to try the real thing. What you can legally buy in the United States is NOT the same. But before the fun can really begin, Wilfred shows up and, stereotypically, freaks out all the mailmen. He claims God visited him this time. Actually, it was a burglar that stole the flat screen TV, but Wilfred now thinks he needs to condemn the heathen mailmen by setting off all the fireworks in the house. Sadly though, they don’t go off, making Wilfred believe that God has forsaken him. The whole thing leads to a cathartic moment for the mailmen though, as they finally face the reality of their friend and coworker’s death. Barry was apparently killed by a pit bull. Did they really need to focus on a pit bull like that? Don’t they have a bad enough rep – undeservedly – already? But I digress. Wilfred decides that “God is a fake ass little bitch” just before the fireworks (that have been taken outside) go off and cause him to pee on the floor. So much for religion. Whew. That was scary.

So, in the end, Ryan goes to apologize to Jenna for missing dinner and she tries to explain why she’s been worrying so much about him by telling him about a boyfriend in high school that she felt like she abandoned rather than helping him with his addiction. To shoes. Who was probably gay. She may have been wrong about the guy in high school, but the point she makes is right. You can’t help who you love. And you can’t always help everyone you love. All you can do is try. Sometimes you can’t fix things, you can only provide comfort. I wonder if Ryan will ever confide in her about Wilfred? She seems to want to help, but talking to anyone about it could land him in the loony bin.

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