Graceland – Recap & Review – Heat Run

photo: usa

photo: usa

Heat Run

Original Air Date: Jun 20, 2013

Jules – Senior News Editor

If you haven’t been watching this series, I think you’ve been missing out. We’re on the third episode of this new USA series, so let’s do a quick catch up. Mike Warren’s new, right out of Quantico and is assigned to Graceland, a beach house in Southern California where agents from FBI, DEA and ICE live undercover. Mike’s also on a secret mission to investigate one of his housemates, Briggs (FBI).

This episode picks up where we left off in the previous episode. Both undercover, Agent Briggs brings Mike to meet crime boss Bello. But before anything happens, Briggs puts his gun to Mike’s head, confronting him about who he’s been talking to.

Mike is completely thrown, tries reaching for his own gun, but Briggs takes it, holding both to Mike’s head. But soon enough, the lights turn on and there’s lots of guys with guns, including Bello. Briggs talks his way out of the pulling the gun on his friend. Excuse being that since his crew was jacked by Bobby Moy, Bello probably thinks that someone ratted on him. Mike says it wasn’t him, even after Briggs calls him out on it. But even though Eddie did those heat runs, (a series of turns and speed changes to avoid a tale) how would anyone know? So Bello thinks it was Eddie. Hot lead in the eye for Eddie it is. Yikes! Briggs and Mike get out alive though. Love Mike’s scream in the car.

DEA Agent Lauren is still around, even though she was supposed to shut down her Russian mafia group. But she has a week and is convinced there’s something going on with moving expensive cars. Briggs is willing to listen to her plan and they get Johnny (FBI) and Mike on board with trying to get leader Kuzmanoff, too.

Mike checks in with his case officer Juan (for investigating Briggs) and talks about last night and questions why he’s investigating Briggs. FBI thinks Briggs is skimming cash from raids. Juan also tells Mike to get more details into his reports, since Mike’s never heard of Starbucks and writing there and not in the house.

Charlie (FBI) gets a call from her meth addict CI (confidential informant), Whistler. She goes to him saying that he has a score, but Charlie’s not sure he can trust him. He wants more than his 20% share and she just needs him to stay out of trouble.

Back to Lauren’s plan of getting a moving truck with expensive cars in it. When the truck nears, Briggs and Mike agree that it’s driving too fast and the suspension not compressed to be carrying a pair of vehicles. But Lauren’s not deterred and takes it into her own hands, running out into the road, badge in hand to stop the truck. But alas, the guys were right. Nothing’s in the car. Lauren’s totally screwed now if the driver goes to tell Kuzmanoff.

Despite all this, Lauren goes back to see Kuzmanoff and learns that cars are still in Woodland Hills and lucky for her, it seems the driver doesn’t see her.

The gang drown their sorrows at the bar and Mikes tries to pick up a girl by pretending to be a golfer, but her dad is one, so he’s screwed. We learn that one of Briggs’ cover is that he’s an astronaut. And when his credit card is out on the table, Mike copies it my pressing his hand too it and takes a photo of it with his phone. Nice!

Charlie’s drug deal with her CI almost doesn’t happen when Whistler at the last minute tries to jack up the price, but Charlie is able to get the deal done at the last second and down goes bad guy. Charlie’s pissed though.

Lauren returns the next morning with a black eye and tells Briggs that she saw the low jack cars in Woodland Hills and that Kuzmanoff caught her and then beat her up.

So now to bust the warehouse in Woodland Hills. Lauren says there are 3-4 guys there, but when the team heads inside there’s a lot more than that. Mike is running the ops from inside. Johnny gets his arm almost sliced open, but they do get Kuzmanoff. They take him to see Briggs, who’s clearly seeking some revenge type for beating up Lauren, but he notices Kuzmanoff’s nice hands and knuckles and stops short.

This time at the bar. Mike does get a girl, with some help from DEA Agent Paige. And Briggs beats up a guy at the bar.

Briggs and Paige get to thinking about why Lauren would be kept alive by Kuzmanoff, and Paige figures that they might be tracking her to see how much Lauren knows about the operation. Thus sets off an interesting way to see if there’s a tracker on Lauren’s car. Paige corners Mike the next morning after a late night with the girl to play frisbee. And Paige indeed finds a tracker under Lauren’s car, but it wasn’t transmitting anything.

Lauren comes back to the house pissed because she’s being kicked out of Graceland for what Paige found. Briggs calls her out on her lies to him and how she used him. She says she did it for Donny, her former partner who got relocated in the pilot for messing up a drug bust.

Elsewhere, after Charlie’s bad bust, she goes to see Whistler to say she can’t use him as a CI anymore because he’s too risky. He’ll still get his latest payout for the bust, which is $100K. Charlie clearly feels for him and even secures a home for him after his sister kicks him out. It’s fixer upper, but she believes in him. But alas, Whistler doesn’t follow through with buying the house.

Mike looks up Briggs credit card number and finds an unusual charge from Terry’s Auto Supply. What was it? A GPS tracker. Mike tells Briggs that he knows and Briggs brushes it off as Lauren being reckless and that he did it to protect Graceland.

I thought it brave that Mike questioned Briggs about what he did to Lauren. I can’t say I’m sad to see Lauren go, but I wonder if Briggs has done this before and if anyone else knows. What do you think of Graceland thus far? Share your TwoCents below!

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2 Responses to Graceland – Recap & Review – Heat Run

  1. Not_Briggs says:

    At the end of this episode, Mike found the Auto shop by going through Briggs’ credit card statements. Then, Mike went to the Auto shop. the guy behind the counter recognized Briggs’ photo, and remembered that Briggs’ bought a GPS tracker …. in cash. If Briggs’ paid for the GPS tracker in cash, how did it show up on his credit card statement in the first place? 😉

    The writers need to be a bit more careful with making the twisty plots add up.

    • jules says:

      Yeah, I noticed that, too. I took that as possibly the guy at the auto shop didn’t want anything to be traced to him and said cash, not knowing that Mike knew it was credit.

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