Arrested Development – Recap & Review – Señoritis

photo: netflix

photo: netflix

Arrested Development

Original Air Date: May 26, 2013

Jules – Senior News Editor

Finally, it’s Maeby’s first Arrested Development. I for one, was really excited for this episode to come up. Maeby was not in enough of the episodes leading up to this, so getting one just from her perspective was exciting. So let’s get to it.

The episode opens with Maeby making out with a guy named Perfecto on the school bus. They are on their way to a local college to get tutored in algebra. Her tutor? George Michael! But wait, why is she still in high school? Let’s go back to that fateful day on the Queen Mary.

After Lucille capsized the ship, Maeby pretended to be dead to get her parents attention. They failed to notice, so to teach them a lesson, she fails out of high school. Again, Lindsay and Tobias are oblivious.

So Maeby heads to India to supervise her latest sequel in her Gangie movies, “Gangie on the Ganges.” Remember that Maeby works at Imagine Entertainment with Ron Howard. India is also where her parents went to for a spiritual journey. And that’s when Maeby sees her mom and asks for makeup artists for something and if you haven’t figured it out already, it’s Maeby who is Lindsay’s shaman! And we remember what happens, Lindsay has to be reminded she has a daughter.

So Maeby heads home to repeat her senior year at a new high school and lives in her parent’s new mansion, but her parent’s continue to be ignorant about everything. Call back to early Thanksgiving when the family tries to cook a duck in the oven. At some point, Maeby’s doing well in school, but after hearing a series of voicemails from her parents, Maeby again stops bothering with school and skips her grandmother’s trial, too. She goes back to Imagine Entertainment and Kitty has to fire her because she doesn’t have a high school diploma. So Maeby has no parents, no job, and nowhere to live.

Maeby squats at her grandma’s place since her parents each think she’s with the other. Maeby eventually has to leave when Lindsay and Marky Bark move in with the crazy ostrich. So Maeby retreats to the model home, but because there’s no internet and other things, and Maeby becomes a high school senior again, and again until her parents somehow noticed.

Back to present when Maeby shows up at George Michael’s dorm, runs into Uncle Michael and overhears the whole Fakeblock idea and is intrigued.

Later, she has George Michael drive her to the Opie Awards where she’s getting the Lifetime Achievement Award, where it means that her entertainment career had died. It’s here she runs into an old Imagine friend…Rebel Alley! And at the awards is when Maeby decides that she wants to make Fakeblock into a business and tells Rebel about it. When Rebel learns of Fakeblock, George Michael changes his name to George Maharis. Maeby also runs into Perfecto and tells him she knows he’s a cop, but really he’s obsessed with child actors. Maeby almost gets her check for “Gangie 4: Facelift,” but instead it ends up with George Sr, then Herbert Love and then his assistant. Maeby does try to tell her mom the truth, but she doesn’t believe her.

Maeby accepts her award and gives a very filthy-laden acceptance speech, announces Fakeblock and gets chased out of the building, but gets away because of an explosion (Marky Bark anyone?)

Outside, Maeby calls her mom a whore and that’s how she not only gets her seed money for Fakeblock, but also becomes her mother’s pimp for Herbert Love. Maeby’s pretty good at it too, discretely getting money from Love and getting her mom to do stuff with him and be oblivious to it. Maeby also starts really pushing Fakeblock and from Love, now has enough money to get an apartment and set up an office space for Fakeblock. She even gets the model home sprayed for pests…by Steve Holt! Who Maeby also doesn’t recognize.

The Fakeblock office is huge and Maeby plans to make the big reveal at the Cinco de Cuatro event and it’s then that George Michael fires her. Maeby later goes to see Perfecto and ends up sleeping with him and signing off her rights for Michael’s family movie.

At Cinco, Lindsay tries to give Maeby the money Love just gave her after he breaks up with her. Here she spots Perfecto and tries to get him to bad cop Love. He later says he’s taken care of it, but Maeby later learns that he’s not a cop and is really 17 and the badge she saw was an anti-bullying badge.

Maeby’s “I’ve made a huge mis – nah, no I’m fine” was perfect.

On the next Arrested Development, Lucille 2 goes missing and Sally Sitwell says the red stains on the stair car are Lucille’s and now Sally’s taken over the campaign. Maeby’s arrested as a sex offender by algebra teacher Donny Richter, who’s actually the undercover cop Rocky Richter, and realizes that she may have to live in Sudden Valley.

Other things to note:

  • George Michael is not a good kisser. The visual was slightly unnerving and weird and funny.
  • Tobias had a chance to be on Big Bang Theory.
  • Maeby’s various names and mottos for her graduation photos. I liked “Life is a roofie circle.”
  • Maeby pronouncing heiress as “Hair-ess.”
  • “Why am I eating this, I have money? – Maeby’s response when she sees herself eating parmesan and mustard.
  • Fun sall back: When Maeby signs her rights off for Michael she questions the movie is still happening and says it would make a good TV series. In the 3rd season finale, Ron Howard says Maeby’s pitch about her family might not make a good series, but maybe a movie.

So what did you think? Did you know Maeby was the shaman? Liked all the call backs? Share your TwoCents below!

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4 Responses to Arrested Development – Recap & Review – Señoritis

  1. JD says:

    “Tobias had a chance to be on Big Bang

    I actually got upset for him for missing that call back! That was such an awesome “throw away” line!

  2. Rob Zappulla says:

    By far my favorite episode from this season. Loved the nod at Michael’s project making a better TV show than a film!

    Also, this episode finally put all the pieces together (for the most part), so it was funny to see how it all fit. Truly genius writer by Hurwitz, Howard, and the gang.

    • jules says:

      I agree Rob, this episode really started to piece together the so called puzzle of what was going on for some of the major storylines.

      And I loved the call back, too.

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