Who Is Your Favorite Modern TV Dad?

Over the last decade, we’ve welcomed many different families into our living rooms every week. From the Bluths to the Barones to the Taylors to the Bravermans.

Everyone has been thinking of Dad this past weekend, and we here at TheTwoCents have come up with 20 TV Dads who we think rank among our favorites.

Notice we used the word “favorite” – not necessarily “best”. While we all want our fathers to be perfect (Cliff Huxtable anyone?) sometimes they’re just too busy running the country, running their other “family” or trying to find a safe haven in the universe to call home.

We’re looking to our readers to vote and we’ll release the list of the Top 10 Favorite TV Dads from the past decade on Friday!

So, continue reading and get voting!

Voting Closes 11:59pm PT Thursday 6/20/2013

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6 Responses to Who Is Your Favorite Modern TV Dad?

  1. Katie says:

    Some of my favorite portrayals of dads are Joe Dubois (played by Jake Weber) on Medium and Joel Graham (played by Sam Jaeger) on Parenthood. They are both very “real” and perfect examples of what being a good dad should look like.

  2. KP says:

    We had all the folks on Parenthood as an option to choose from to make the list – Crosby got the vote. Great calls on Joe and Joel though!

  3. The list should include Benjamin Sisko from Star Trek : Deep Space Nine šŸ™‚

  4. Tawrens says:

    How about John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) Winchester. Hot sexy bad ass who with one had kills demons and with other changes diapers.

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