HGTV Star – Recap & Review – Industrial Loft

photo: hgtv

photo: hgtv

Industrial Loft

Original Air Date: Jun 16, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Oh, the dreaded team challenges. This is where things on HGTV Star start to get nasty – and interesting.

The group must design an industrial loft space, dividing it into four distinct areas (den, living room, bedroom, dining room/kitchen/foyer) with four teams. The nine remaining designers have two days. Plus, they have to find a vintage item to re-purpose and make the focus of their first camera challenge.

The teams are self-selected. Cris and Tylor team up on the living room, Brooks and Jeribai take the den, Anne and Tiffany volunteer for the bedroom (Anne feels she needs to make up for last week’s bed disaster) and Abby, Boris and Jessie take the dining room/kitchen/foyer.

The overall design has to be cohesive, so they meet first to hash out a few issues with Brooks playing the leader. They decide their clients are a rock star and his fashion-conscience wife. They want cool tones to offset the warm brick (but how cool tones becomes jewel tones, I don’t know). Then they go their separate ways.

The big drama is Abby, who the team asks to paint instead of shopping the first day. And from that moment on, she becomes the team slave. She paints and when David remarks the colors (jewel teal and purple) are juvenile, she repaints. She also sews curtains for the kitchen and dining room – neither of which she is responsible for as she has taken the foyer.

It’s so bad, that she never gets to shop for her area. Boris has to shop for her. (After last week, when Boris never picked up Anne’s bed linens, would you trust him? Not me.) She cries. A lot. Is she a victim or has she added to the bad situation by not standing up to her team members?

In other drama, Tylor admits he didn’t want Cris as a teammate and he doesn’t listen to her suggestions (which, it turns out, she’s right about). Anne dominates Tiffany, making the latter question all her choices.

They have 45 seconds for their camera challenge. Brooks has painted a vintage record player but he’s so nervous, he’s terrible. Cris does well with by turning a camera on a vintage tripod into a funky lamp. Tiffany chose a big sign as a headboard and she has great onscreen presence. Jessie turns four safety deposit boxes into a spice rack and is OK on camera. Boris shows his junky VW bug hood as a graffiti art piece and never gets any real info in, just shtick.

Anne does the best camera challenge, showing how she turned two tables into nightstands with the right blend of fun and information. Boris has two store signs he makes into sconces, but his bit goes on too long. Jeribai is OK as he shows how to take an industrial stool and make it easier to sit on. Abby takes a metal tool box and makes it into storage, but her delivery is hard to follow.

Here’s my question: If they know they have this challenge coming, why aren’t they up all night practicing with a stop watch and mirror? Have they never seen the show?

Now for the rooms:

DEN: It’s now more of a music room with a drum set dominating the space. Brooks has crafted a clever chandelier using speaker tubing and bare light bulbs while Jeribai’s corrugated metal wall is extremely fun.

LIVING ROOM: It comes out nice, but a little on the bare side. Tylor’s car hood looks stupid and the judges agree. They do like Cris’ lamp and the Tylor’s cigarette machine coffee table.

BEDROOM: This is my pick for most successful room in the loft. Everything flows nicely. The judges didn’t like that they could see the rope light in Tiffany’s sign/headboard, although they liked the headboard itself.

KITCHEN/FOYER/DINING ROOM: No one did well in this. Abby’s furniture was a little small for the space and the judges didn’t like that she didn’t shop for herself. The judges also didn’t like the way Jessie styled the kitchen, which was already halfway there. She left areas without anything in them. She had the easiest job and didn’t finish. Boris’s room was bold but not a very successful design according to the judges. It felt scattershot to me – not pulled together.

Cris and Tylor are told right away they are safe, so they don’t come to the judging room. The top design was definitely the bedroom and they also had the top camera challenges. Anne ended up as the episode’s winner. Boris, Jeribai and Boris were also safe.

That left Jessie and Abby. I felt sorry for Abby and I like her crazy personality, so I was relieved when over confident Jessie was one that got the boot.

Do you think the right person went home? Did you like Tylor’s car hood? Have you ever seen anything more uncomfortable than Brooks’ camera challenge? Give us your TwoCents…

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