Falling Skies – Recap & Review – Badlands

photo syfy

photo syfy

Falling Skies

Original Air Date: Jun 16, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

Is there anything cuter than a young boy having a crush on an older woman? Well, on Falling Skies that’s like drawing a big X on the woman. After all, how many beloved characters have we watched blown to bits (or consumed by millions of bugs) on this show? The Falling Skies universe is not a safe place to be.

And this episode seemed to hammer that point more than any other. Jeanne, Weaver’s daughter, has designed a Liberty Tree made up of Mech parts as a memorial to those who didn’t survive. But the process has her down and wondering if they would all die shortly. Oh Jeanne — then the series would end. No, they all will perish episode by episode — keep the ratings up, don’t ya know?

The Berserkers are guarding the border when a sniper starts firing. Matt has just reached Pope with food when Grace (his crush) is shot at. The bullet misses her, but she falls on a rebar that goes straight through her brain. She’s still alive, but her chances are not good.

Tom hears about the scuffle and gets there in time to gun down — humans? That’s right, the 2nd Mass is being shot at by humans. They capture one, who they take back to the compound. It seems these humans are under the command of Benjamin Hathaway, the original US president when the invasion happened. They saw the 2nd Mass working with rebel Skitters and the Volm and assumed they were traitors. This is going to be tricky explaining it to the real president.

After last week’s revelation that Hal had been meeting Karen in the woods thanks to the “plant” (AKA winged bug) she put in him, Hal is getting steadier on his feet. But he’s convinced he’s the mole and wants to leave. Maggie is devastated and warns him not to turn himself because the people will blame him for everything.

Not sure I like how they’re handling the Anne and baby Alexis story. Once again, Alexis shows abilities a three-week-old baby shouldn’t have. Anne takes some blood and reveals to Lourdes that she thinks the baby isn’t even human. Of course, everyone assumes she has post partum depression and doesn’t want her left alone with the baby. Could she really be imagining it?

We knew Grace wouldn’t last long, just long enough for a great death scene. Pope goes a bit crazy and blames Tom for her death, saying that he treats the Berserkers like a human barrier. Tom admits Pope is right.

There’s a big ceremony to dedicate the Liberty Tree. On the way there, Tom names his assistant (sorry, haven’t caught her name yet – if you know it, leave it below. The Falling Skies website is STILL not updated to this season) the vice president. I still think she’s the mole. After all, Gloria Reuben is a guest star, not a regular.

As people place leaves on the tree with the names of their loved ones, now including Grace, there’s a huge explosion and a ship flies overhead. I’m guessing it’s the Volm ship they’ve been building, but it doesn’t seem very friendly to the humans. And seeing it, Alexis smiles. Cue the Twilight Zone music.

Who do you think is the mole? Have the Volm double-crossed the humans? Will the real president take over the 2nd Mass? Give us your TwoCents…

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