Arrested Development – Recap & Review – Smashed

photo: netflix

photo: netflix

Arrested Development

Original Air Date: May 26, 2013

Jules – News Editor

In Tobias’ second Arrested Development, we pick up where we last left him. Tobias was accidentally mistaken for a pedophile in “To Entrap A Local Predator,” and is now a registered sex offender.

So Tobias has a new kink in his life to deal with and he deals with it the best he can, in the only way he can. Plus, we learn his role in Cinco de Cuatro.

After initially turning down a job at Austerity by Lucille 2, Tobias takes the offer to work there after spending some time in prison,. Lucille 2’s brother, Argyle Austero, runs the rehab center and Tobias is the new “theralist.”

As a theralist, Tobias runs into a bunch of familiar faces, including Mark Cherry (Gob’s old friend) and Andy Richter’s brother, Emmett, whose face is always blurred. And eventually, who is also newly admitted? Debrie -Tobias’ former flame. Argyle doesn’t like Tobias treating a patient who’s a former flame, but Tobias find a way around that. He convinces Argyle to have the rehab put on a musical about the “Fantastic Four.” After all, Argyle used to be part of the Fantastiks. Tobias will direct, Argyle choreograph and Mark Cherry the music. Cast will be patients. This should be interesting.

In the meantime, Tobias, out of jail, needs a place to live. Luckily, Gob’s got a place in Sun Valley for him, since he’s supposed to be helping Michael sell the houses there. With no schools, libraries or playgrounds within 20 miles of the development, Sudden Valley’s the perfect location for Tobias and fits most of his parole requirements. Win, win!

So Tobias is on the way to directing his great musical that will be performed at Cinco de Cuatro. Of course! There’s one problem though. Debrie is not very good. She can’t sing or dance, and freaks out and Tobias thinks it’s choreography. The whole practice is a series of hilarious moments.

But at least the project starts coming to life, to the point Tobias inquires how much it takes to turn it into a real Broadway production. Argyle says they would need $700,000 and that he can get the money if Lucille calls in some debt and as long as Tobias can get the rights to Fantastic Four. So Argyle goes to dinner with Lucille at the Balboa Club on the same night Michael and Lindsay are on a double date with Rebel and Herbert Love. After both their dates leave, Michael runs into Argyle, who threatens him unless he pays up the $700,000 he owes Lucille. Hey, that’s the same amount of money!

Meanwhile, Tobias is a bit down as he can’t secure the rights, but after meeting up with Michael, figures he might have found a solution when he realizes Michael’s working with Ron Howard and dating Rebel. So they head to Imagine and Michael awkwardly asks Ron if he can have Rebel and that’s when Michael figures out the truth about Rebel being Ron’s daughter. Even Tobias knew! It’s then that Ron swears to make Rebel not date Michael. Tobias asks for the rights to Fantastic Four, but Ron turns him down and Tobias tries to choke him. Afterward, Michael gets Tobias’ film rights, but rips it up immediately.

Back at Austerity, Tobias returns and lies to the group saying he got the rights. Also, Tobias has a new patient to work with: Lucille. Unfortunately, she’s being extra critical of Debrie and it’s causing her more stress.

It’s Cinco de Cuatro time, but Tobias hits yet another snag. There are kids everywhere, thus making it impossible for him to be “The Thing.” Quite enjoyed Tobias yelling after each kid that runs by that he’s a sex offender. Fortunately, Tobias finds Buster and asks him to play “The Thing.”

Elsewhere, Debrie is still stressing about the performance and finds some of Dr. Norman’s drugs he’s dumped into the harbor, takes them and then passes out in front of a debris box of all places. Ha! Lucille 2 sees them and tells Tobias to fix it or threatens to send him back to prison. While Tobias and Lucille chat, Debrie gets a cease and desist letter after talking about their performance and is again threatened with jail time.

So Debrie is out, she can’t even sit up, and with no one to replace her, Tobias sees an opportunity to be back in the musical. So thus we arrive at Tobias bluing himself for the first time in awhile. Unfortunately, Tobias gets on the wrong boat out to the floating stage. It’s Marky Bark’s boat, who can’t tell the difference since he’s face blind. No worries, the musical goes on anyway and as expected, it’s not very good.

Other notables

  • Hearing Mr. F!
  • Ron Howard having haircut meetings and getting his hair cut with a hat on.
  • Lucille calling Tobias “anustart” after never having sen the license plate.
  • Tobias Full Name: Tobias Onyango Funke
  • Feinberg, Feinberg, Feinberg and Feinberg have the trademark with the 4 with a circle around it.
  • Best line of the episode: I just blued myself for the first time in 5 years.

What do you think of Tobias’ second outing episode? He’s has always been such a great source of hilarity on this show, and there’s lot of laugh about. Let me here what you think below!

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