TheTwoCents Top 20 Reader’s Favorites of 2012/2013 Season

The 2012/2013 Television Season has come and gone. Looking back, we checked to see what shows TheTwoCents’ readers clamored to.

Without much further ado – here are the Top 20 Fan Favorite Shows of the 2012/2013 Season!


Knowing it could be the end of their series, SouthLAnd gave us a little bit of everything in their final season. There were stories of love, heartache, friendship, secrets and the usual chaos we’re used to. It went by quickly but it was one of the best.

The acting was the best it’s ever been and the stories were more real than ever – which is why I loved this season more than any other season. While some fans may have hated the two-part kidnapping episodes of Cooper and Lucero, it was pulled straight from the headlines. It was also fun to hate Sherman who balanced a life of being the good guy with one woman and a bad guy (and bad cop) with another. And when Sherman and Sammy finally came to blows? Golden television.

When the final episode came, and we knew there was going to be no resolution to the storylines, I didn’t get upset. I looked at it as a “Choose Your Own Adventure.” Like the final scene with Russ and Lydia on the beach as a little family … I like to imagine they got married and had more kids. I like to imagine Cooper was saved and his ex change her mind and they are happily living as best friends raising a happy baby.

I didn’t just love season five. I loved SouthLAnd. And I miss it.


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