Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – Mother and Child Divided

photo: abc family

photo: abc family

Switch At Birth
Mother and Child Divided

Original Air Date: Jun 10, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

First and foremost, thank you to all of our readers for helping Switched At Birth to WIN our 2013 TV Tournament. It was the little show that could, beating out ratings behemoths to best every show we cover. Your votes made it happen!

The summer portion picks up a mere six weeks from where we left off in March. If you recall, Lana took off with the baby, Noah had a thing for Daphne over Bay, Toby got engaged, John became a senator, and Regina went to rehab. All caught up? Good, let’s discuss the summer premiere!

Toby/Nikki: The engagement is still on, but we’re already able to foresee conflicts in their future. Kathryn is game to plan an elaborate, country club rehearsal dinner (including the couple’s name in lights), but we already know that Nikki is a more low key gal. But rather than talk to Kathryn one on one, she chooses a family dinner to protest and request a low key barbecue, with the earmarked funds going to charity. Granted, the party plans are clearly more geared to Kathryn’s taste, but Nikki’s insistence on her “values” over the life Toby knows and grew up with could clearly become a larger issue between the two. Kathryn does agree to the barbecue, out of fear of losing her son, but plans filet mignon for the menu.

Travis/Emmett: Travis is still living with the Bledsoe family, and wants to party when Melody leaves the two alone. At the car wash, Travis meets two (hearing) girls that he invites over under the guise of tutoring in ASL, but it’s a just his way of scoring a make-out session. He and Emmett are busted by Melody, and the two girls flee as they are under the assumption that Melody is the ex-girlfriend, not the mom. Melody is more amused than angry, but does make sure the boys have safety (condoms) on the brain as well as hormones. Travis is bummed by his missed opportunity and clues Emmett in to the fact that he’s a virgin. Emmett makes it their summer mission to change that, vowing to play the wingman role. It was odd not to have the guys in Bay/Daphne’s orbit, but I’m sure that will change.

Daphne/Bay: The two girls are bickering like sisters, with Bay still giving Daphne the cold shoulder over Noah (who’s gone for the summer). With Bay not having found gainful summer employment, John insists she work at his senatorial office. Daphne, who’s been there longer, is comfortable enough to give Bay direction, but it does come across as orders. Meanwhile, with Regina at rehab, Daphne has embraced the Kennish family surroundings/benefits, including days at the country club and tennis lessons.

Bay: When her car breaks down during a pastry run, Bay discovers a local amusement park called Maui, Kansas. She takes aim at a shooting game, and is losing, until a voice begins giving her directions. She wins (a gigantic monkey holding a banana) and is shocked to find her tutelage came from none other than her former love, Ty (played by Blair Redford). He’s back from Afghanistan, having finished his tour two months prior. She’s floored to see him, and to her credit doesn’t immediately jump into relationship mode. And that’s a good thing, because based on his violent outburst towards his prankster buddies, I’m pretty sure a PTSD storyline is in our future.

Regina: Regina takes ill-advised early leave from rehab and is surprised to find that things have changed in her absence. Her strong bond with Daphne seems ruptured by Daphne’s newly formed bond with Kathryn. She hits the roof when she finds that Daphne accepted a credit card, clearly feeling as if she’s lost footing as the main parent in the relationship. But Daphne is also, understandably, bitter over Regina’s duplicitous behavior, regarding drinking and even the switch-secret. After the aforementioned disastrous family dinner, Regina decides it is in her own best interest to stay at Angelo’s apartment (he’s out searching for the baby) and away from the feelings of inferiority of living under the Kennish roof. When Bay learns of Regina’s move (and Daphne still staying at the main house), she lashes out at Daphne, who lets her have it for blaming her for things beyond her control. Bay goes to see Regina, wondering why she always leaves without telling her and finally acknowledging that they have not formed the same bond that Daphne has with her post-switch family. Regina admits to feeling guilty for not coming for her sooner. Bay asks to stay the night and it seems we may finally explore their mother-daughter dynamic.

Overall, it was a quiet start to the season. The show has a tendency to take an episode or two to build up the main arcs. This hour built up quite a few, but we all know by now how things simmer before they explode. Ty is clearly having issues that will overwhelm Bay. Bay is back to feeling as if she doesn’t fit in with the family who raised her. Daphne is completely removed from the life she grew up with. And John, especially with his remarks to Regina about “will power”/alcoholism, is still just as stubborn as ever. And Kathryn is coming across as rather lost in the mayhem that surrounds her.

Episode Title Art: Mother and Child Divided by Damien Hirst

So now you have my TwoCents! Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


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One Response to Switched At Birth – Recap & Review – Mother and Child Divided

  1. flychick86 says:

    Wow. Nice feedback. It was a nice season premiere. There were some things I thought about, of course. Like Bay’s attitude, Daphne, Regina, etc.

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