Falling Skies – Recap & Review – On Thin Ice & Collateral Damage

photo: syfy

photo: syfy

Falling Skies
On Thin Ice & Collateral Damage

Original Air Date: Jun 9, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

The creators of Falling Skies must feel as if their season is WAY too short. The two-hour season premiere was so full of new characters, new aliens and new storylines, it’s hard to sift through them all.

It’s been seven months since we last saw the 2nd Mass and much has happened. Anne is due to give birth to Tom’s fourth kid any minute, Hal is in a wheel chair, the newest aliens and perhaps allies (the Volm) have given them great new weapons and a device to remove the harness safely, and the bad aliens have created MegaMechs, bigger and more powerful robotic killing machines.


Much of this we learn in the first scene. Weaver and his daughter are trying to rescue her boyfriend Diego, who has been harnessed and works at a mine. Things have definitely changed because Weaver is using Matt, Tom’s youngest son, to set up bombs. It looks as if they win easily, but it’s a trap with plenty of Skitters and MegaMechs. Tom and Hal come to the rescue. But it’s obvious — there’s a mole in the 2nd Mass.

There’s also a lot of division in the ranks, as many of the soldiers don’t trust the rebel Skitters and the Volm. Are the Volm helping just so they can take over when the bad guys are gone?

Tom assigns Arthur (Terry O’Quinn) the task of finding the mole. But someone comes into Arthur’s office (we don’t see the face) and shoots him dead. (As O’Quinn is a huge star, it was pretty obvious that he wouldn’t be carrying on with the series anyway).

Anne has her baby, a daughter they name Alexis. But right away, it’s obvious that something’s amiss. Alexis can walk and talk when she’s only a few days old. Instead of being cool, it’s downright Chucky creepy.

Hal and Maggie are sharing living quarters (wonder what daddy Tom thinks?) and it turns out he had been almost completely paralyzed. She’s supported him as he recovered, but every night he has nightmares of meeting Karen, his former girlfriend who was harnessed and is now the Overlord! She explains he’s only disabled because he’s fighting the bug she put in his head to connect them. They do plenty of kissing and perhaps more, but he thinks it’s a dream. Then Karen finds mud on his shoes and follows him in the woods where he’s standing and about to meet Karen. Oh my! That’s almost as creepy as the Chucky wannabe. My family thinks Hal is the mole, but it’s just too obvious for me. I think he’s a red herring.

In the second hour, the 2nd Mass decides to destroy a nuclear power plant that will fuel new MegaMechs. Now, this is really cool — the guy they turn to is the agoraphobic Dr. Kadill, played by the wonderful Robert Sean Leonard (House). I hope he’ll be around for at least a few more episodes.

Tom sends Weaver to the plant’s back door, but it’s all a ruse get a small team in the front door. Kadill shows them how to blow it up without releasing deadly radiation and it works. And Weaver is OK that Tom didn’t tell him the whole truth of the mission. Lars, a character with a very short character arc (two episodes) of flirting with Maggie, doesn’t make it.

There are so many other side stories. Pope and his berserkers are talking mutiny. Matt and his friends blow up a house and he screams at Anne for not being his mother. Ben has a new friend, who name I didn’t catch. I think she’s a kid who had been harnessed too.

There are so many new mysteries to unravel. I just wish the producers would take a little more time to tell these stories. We’d stick around, honestly. (Oh, and BTW, it would be great if they updated the Falling Skies website sometime soon!)

Did you enjoy catching up with the 2nd Mass? Who do you think is the mole? What do you think is the Volm’s motive for helping the humans? Give us your TwoCents…

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