Arrested Development – Recap & Review – Colony Collapse

photo: netflix

photo: netflix

Arrested Development
Colony Collapse

Original Air Date: May 26, 2013

Jules – News Editor

Seven episodes in and we finally get a Gob-centric episode. And for me, it was a winner. In Gob’s first arrested development, we find out he has a new group of rich and famous friends (Entourage-like) after his relationship fails and his family abandons him.

But before we get to his new group of friends and all their names, let’s pick up from the season three finale. When we last saw Gob, he was with Ann when George Michael discovers that his uncle is dating his ex-girlfriend.

Ann asks Gob to be faithful and ask for George Michael’s approval. So after Lucille and the Queen Mary stuff, Gob sees George Michael again and to asks “Are we good?” George Michael says no repeatedly until Gob gets the words he was wanting to hear “Yes, we’re good,” and Gob takes it as a real yes.

When Gob realizes he’s now free to be with Ann, he gets all “Sound of Silence” introspective and instead plans to break up with her. He breaks into Ann’s room, but when she starts to unzip her nightgown, he decides to wait until after to tell her. The next morning, Ann asks Gob why he came in her window, but trying to respond he gets extremely flustered and stutters to no end and says “Marry me!” instead, the way Maeby did when people questioned her age in the film industry. Unfortunately, Ann takes it seriously (he was on his knees) and her family is thrilled. Gob’s “I made a huge mistake.”

Gob tells his family at the big family meeting and no one says anything. Fun seeing Ann now in the scene, hiding on the floor between the couches. Hey mouse!

Gob also announces on the show “And As It Is Such, So Also As Such Is It Unto You” that at his wedding, he will be doing one of his best illusions and have it televised on the show.

Two weeks later, Michael comes home to see a giant boulder there. Gob’s inside and asks Michael to be his best man, but Michael refuses.

Day of the wedding and not surprisingly, no Bluths are there. Ann is in a totally unflattering gown. Tobias shows his head, but that’s because he was cast as as Centurion #2 during the Gob’s Jesus’ crucifixion illusion. And speaking of the illusion, this is Gob, so nothing goes exactly as planned. Gob comes out as Jesus on a cross, but when it comes time for him unlock himself inside his cave, the secret compartment won’t open and thus he’s knocked unconscious into the boulder and eventually carted to a storage locker and found two weeks later (his excuse for not being at his mom’s trial) when the reality series Locker Hawkers: Something Smells Terrible Edition shows up.

Ann gave up on him, but does visit him in the hospital after he’s found to finally leave him. She also leaves Gob a religious pamphlet that Gob actually reads and tries to be a better man. First up, reuniting with son, Steve Holt!

Gob goes to meet him at the “And Jeremy Piven” and talks to a balding man for over an hour before he realizes it’s Steve. (He got old and it’s not pretty, but pretty funny). Steve’s now in pest control and hires his dad, making Gob happy. So happy, Gob decides to celebrate, which brings us to how he meets his new entourage.

To impress a lady, he performs a cherry illusion, which doesn’t impress her, but does catch the eye of John Beard Jr. (JBJ), who asks him to perform the trick for teen pop icon Mark Cherry. Gob impresses Mark’s entourage until the paparazzi arrive. But Gob to the rescue! He gets the group out of there and also gets the nickname “Getaway.”

Now that Gob’s accepted into the group, he obviously forgets about Steve, who the group passes and Steve realizes he isn’t coming back. Poor Steve Holt. So for the next months, Gob parties with the group, which also includes Trout and Oakwood. But for Gob, he’s usually relegated as the limo driver and he also gets into a bad roofie circle taking forget me nows to forget, which succeed in erasing the memory he was trying to erase, but he ends up in the hospital with syphilis. Eventually, Mark and his group grow tired of Gob and try to get rid of him by writing the song “Getaway,” but Gob doesn’t get the message.

Elsewhere, Gob learns his bee colony is sick and goes to retrieve them from the Bark’s and then puts the bees in the trunk to drive his friends to the club, where he picks up a group, including Debrie. This is when she opens the back compartment and the bees come out and sting them all since Mark had Gob put up the front partition and he doesn’t notice anything.

So the group eventually ends up back at Mark’s house, drunken, sick, and stung by bees. They were taken away by an ambulance at night and it’s later that night when Gob’s at the Opie awards that he finds out Mark checked into rehab. It’s also at the Opies that Gob tries to sabotage his nemesis Tony Wonder, but it was the wrong podium.

On the next Arrested Development, Gob goes to Mexico to help his father with the wall project at the sweat lodge where bees have swarmed the guests. Gob also notices in the cave (Ann sold it on Craigslist) that there’s a cross necklace wedged into the box. And since it’s Gob, he mistakes the “t” to stand for Tony Wonder and think he’s who sabotaged him.

Other things to note:

  • Loved all the tie ins to previous episodes, such as Gob in the limo and nearly hitting Michael after he’s met Rebel.
  • Ann asking “How was your egg?” Gob’s response, “I said you were fine!”
  • Lots of great sight gags, my favorite was the wedding being at Church of the Holy Eternal Rapture. Initials inside the Church spelling HER? The question mark being a shepherd stick.

Despite being a long episode (35 minutes), it was quite enjoyable overall. What did you think? Liked the return of Ann and all the egg/plant jokes? The references to Entourage? Share your TwoCents below!

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One Response to Arrested Development – Recap & Review – Colony Collapse

  1. JD says:

    The Gob episode have been my favorites of the season! I loved the call back at the beginning of the episode to George Michael in a previous season insisting Ann could not be knocked over. When Gob runs after her on the pier and she stops, HE’S the one that goes down when they collide, in spite if being over a foot taller than her! “Way to plant, Ann” indeed!

    Also, nice to see Ann grow a spine and dump him, when the episode started with him telling her to go fish his mice out of the ocean!

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