Revolution – Recap & Review – The Dark Tower

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

The Dark Tower

Original Air Date: June 3, 2013

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

The season finale of Revolution included two great quotes. Both of them were said by arguably pretty evil men. The first was “From an acorn grows a mighty oak.” The second was “When you burn down the old, new things grow.” Did Monroe say one of these?

We start off with the standoff between Miles and Monroe. They almost get into a shootout but must first deal with a Tower assault team. Miles, Monroe, and Nora flee into a storm sewer and are washed away in the rushing water.

In the executive office, Randall breaks open a picture of former President George W. Bush and finds an access card hidden under the picture.

Grace explains that if Rachel gives the wrong command to the nanites, it might light the world on fire. Dan tells Rachel that he’ll kill her if she tries to reach level 12.

Tom Neville pretends to allow Major Franklin (still loyal to Monroe) free, but kills him instead. He randomly fires Franklin’s sidearm and then shoots Franklin in mock “self-defense.” Before being killed, Franklin mocks Neville. What can he possibly do with a squad of soldiers in the middle of the woods? Neville explains that mighty oaks grow from acorns.

Miles floats ashore somewhere. When he comes to, Monroe punches him and they engage in fisticuffs. A Monroe soldier shoots at them. When Monroe identifies himself, the soldier continues shooting.

Flashback to 10 years after the blackout. Miles and Monroe are at a bar/restaurant and reminiscing about their past birthdays. A bomb explodes. Miles and Monroe are down.

Aaron finds computer code that looks like code he wrote while at MIT. Grace explains that MIT have the code to the Department of Defense. Aaron wrote the Tower’s operating system.

Tom asks Jason for his help. Jason is the only one Tom can trust. Jason agrees as long as Tom promises not to kill Charlie. One of Tom’s men reports that they’ve found Monroe.

Grace is reluctant to let Rachel down to level 12. Rachel apologizes, then chloroforms Grace and takes her access card. She leaves with Aaron and Charlie in tow.

10 years after blackout: an injured Miles is greeted by Nora. Miles is resting in Independence Hall. Monroe explains that it was a rebel bombing. Miles sees five coffins outside, but there was only one bomber. The coffins include the bomber’s wife and kids. Monroe did it to avenge Miles.

Aaron finds a “virtual backdoor” in the Tower program. He thinks that the worldwide blackout was done on purpose. Nora stumbles into Rachel, Aaron and Charlie.

Miles is walking through the forest. Monroe attacks him, but Miles wins the fight. Miles decides to walk away. Monroe says Miles never explained why he tried to assassinate Monroe. Miles says there were many reasons including the killing of the rebel kids. Monroe says he did it for Miles. The very morning Miles almost killed Monroe, Monroe had been wondering whether Miles was okay. A helicopter arrives and shoots. Miles and Monroe run, but a squad of soldiers knocks Monroe unconscious.

Nora tells Rachel that she can tell Miles loves Rachel and Rachel loves Miles.

Tom Neville gloats to a captured Monroe about the “change in management.” He declines to kill Monroe. Tom says the difference between Monroe and him is that Monroe rules by fright whereas Tom “inspires.” That seems to be a little off the mark.

Tom’s men use dynamite to blast open the Tower doors.

Dan and his assault team are on level 11 looking to Rachel. They avoid a tripwire bomb. Nora throws a fire extinguisher and is able to trip the wire. Dan’s team is blown up, but not before Nora is hit. Her abdomen is bleeding.

Miles sneaks into the (former) Monroe militia camp and frees Monroe. Miles says he still considers Monroe his brother. That’s why he couldn’t go through with the assassination in the first place. He tells Monroe to run and then screams to the soldiers that Monroe’s escaping. I wasn’t quite sure whether he meant what he said to Monroe or just said it because he needed a diversion for the soldiers outside. I think Miles (or at least a part of him) still cares for Monroe. With Monroe’s escape as a diversion, Miles sneaks into the Tower.

Charlie wants to being injured Nora to the infirmary. Rachel disagrees, saying they need to get to level 12. Nora tells Aaron to follow Rachel to level 12. Charlie stays behind to tend to Nora. One of Neville’s men fins Nora and Charlie. He’s about to choke Charlie to death, but Miles arrives in time and stabs the soldier.

Miles doesn’t want to leave Nora, but Nora tells him to join Rachel. Miles tells Nora that he won’t leave her. He carries Nora to the infirmary, but on the way there, she passes. Miles cries after Nora dies.

Rachel and Aaron make it to level 12, as does Tom Neville and his men. Miles and Charlie also make it to level 12 and shoot Neville’s men.

Rachel uses Grace’s keycard to get herself, Charlie, Miles, and Aaron into the computer command center. Rachel asks about Nora and Charlie icily responds that she’s dead.

Aaron works the computer. (pictured above) For a second, he hesitates and wonders what if Grace is right. Rachel says things will be okay. Aaron presses the button to execute his command.

Across the world, the lights turn back on

Randall also made it to the command center in level 12. He activates “override phase.” Here is where he says “when you burn down the old, new things grow.” He launches ICBMs at Atlanta and Philadelphia. He originally wanted Monroe to wipe out Georgia and then he’d wipe out Monroe. He wanted to clear the Eastern seaboard. For a while, we wonder whether he’s in charge of California or some other force. Randall tells Rachel that he is a “patriot” before he shoots himself in the head.

Over in the United States Colony in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, an aide says “Randall Flynn did it, it’s time to go home, Mr. President.” In the bay, there are tall sailing ships.

As a current resident of Philly, it was sad to know that my adopted hometown will be destroyed next season.

Now that everyone has power again, why does the colony in Gitmo have the upper hand? Why not Texas or California? Will Monroe continue to be the leader of the remnants of the Monroe Republic? Will Miles? Maybe Neville might be a key player? We’ll have to wait til September to find out!


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2 Responses to Revolution – Recap & Review – The Dark Tower

  1. Tom Smith says:

    Nobody seems to be picking up on all the hints that Rachel caused the blackout. She did it to save Danny’s life – we already know that the proliferation of nanites was keeping him alive. In “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia” she alludes to Dr. Warren that she has done horrible things to keep Danny alive and killed “too many people”. In a flashback in “Children of Men” she has a suicidal breakdown about over it (although she does not tell Ben the whole truth). And in this episode she hushes up Aaron when he starts to explain how someone used his backdoor to purposely cause the blackout. It was Rachel – crazy-ass Rachel!!!

    • Vincent C. says:

      Hi Tom, thanks for your theory about Rachel. As for the first two pieces, I think maybe Rachel meant killing that other scientist who first told Monroe that Rachel had originally designed a bomb (who she then stabbed to death so that Monroe would still need her) and perhaps just giving Monroe the amplifier in general. The suicidal breakdown may have just been her feeling guilt about the nanite tech in general, or her part in the project that would have the nanites absorb electric power, as opposed to generate it.

      Your third piece to the theory is interesting. I’m curious to find out next season who used the “back door” in Aaron’s program to purposely cause the blackout. I’m not sure it’s Rachel, but I’m open to that possibility. Part of me wonders whether it might’ve been Ben. We haven’t seen much of him, but he seemed very at ease with transitioning into a tech-less world. There was even one part in a flashback where Rachel tells then-General Miles that Rachel had an interest in bringing electric power back, whereas Ben did not. (though, that might’ve been a bluff).

      Anyhow, we’ll find out this fall. Have a wonderful summer!!!

      -Vincent C.

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