Arrested Development – Recap & Review – The B. Team

photo: netflix

photo: netflix

Arrested Development
The B. Team

Original Air Date: May 26, 2013

Jules – News Editor

In Michael’s second Arrested Development, we learn what he’s been up to post in-flight magazine article being published. This was a nice fast-paced episode with lots of call backs to previous episodes.

With the article being a bust, Michael tries changing careers, but ends up working for a certain high-tech company driving around their mapping car. If you want to know what the company is all you have to do it “something” it.

In middle of doing his new job, Barry Zuckerkorn calls him to say Ron Howard is interested in meeting with him. We immediately don’t get the why. We do; however, get to see the return of Barry with Bob Loblaw (Scott Baio) conducting a Bob Loblaw Law Bomb. Yes, he said that. Someone’s reply, “That’s a low blow, Loblaw.” So awesome.

Michael goes to Imagine Entertainment to meet Howard when he runs into Kitty Sanchez. She’s now a D girl. No, not that, she’s a Development girl. So how did Kitty end up at Imagine?

Flashback to a few years ago when Maeby was 17 and working as a movie executive there. She hires Kitty as her assistant to help make a movie about her family. Kitty eventually betrays Maeby when she was out of town by saying she doesn’t even have the releases yet. So Kitty moves on up.

Ron Howard saw Michael’s begging picture article and wants to do a movie about what happened to him. Howard even thinks his “girl” Rebel Alley would be perfect in it. Rebel being his daughter, but Michael thinks she’s his mistress. Ron also thinks it could be a whole family movie, (Michael’s response: Them?) so Michael would have to get releases for his whole family. Plus, Ron thinks the father-son dynamic would be great.

Perk about having a movie made about you? Michael’s now a producer, but does he want to do it? He has a chat with Barry and Michael’s ready to say no when he runs into a beautiful woman played by Isla Fisher. We learn she’s an actress and Michael thinks she’d be perfect for the part of his late wife in his movie. She tells him to come by her Scottish music band playing tomorrow night and Michael’s excited, until he realizes that he didn’t get her name. Ah shucks.

Only way to find her now is to be a real movie producer and getting his dad’s signature, when he sees George Sr in the balcony with Lucille 2. He doesn’t get the signature though, but that doesn’t deter him. Michael decides to move on as a producer. He even gets his own office. However, it’s not that special when you’re one floor below Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, who both wanted their floors higher, thus leaving Michael with a very low ceiling room.

And while still contemplating how to get the signatures, Michael calls in some reinforcements to get the movie going, including casting Carl Weathers, who knows the family well from the Scandal Makers day and Andy Richter, who spent time with the family at a Lindsay cooked raw chicken, hot ham water party. He also hires Warden Gentles as screenwriter, because who knows his father best?

Michael brings his dream team to see Ron, but they get stuck halfway up an elevator to Ron’s floor, who immediately asks about the signatures. They all meet Brian Grazer, who could care less about the project. Not deterred by getting the signatures, Michael says it’s hard since they’re all in Orange County, a difficult place to get to.

So now Michael has his own office called Orange County Imagine, not to be confused with Orange County Imaging. (“An embolism? I was just here to pitch a game show!”) Here Michael gets an unusual guest: his father! Both are surprised to see each other. George claims to have brought him a gift – Mexican porn (you’re impossible to buy for!). They talk and Michael mentions how making the movie is for a girl and so George signs the release.

Michael heads to the club to see that girl and runs into Ron Howard. That’s when he tells Michael the father/son relationship he was interested was him as father and his son. Michael then realizes he can’t get George Michael to be a part of it, but has little time to dwell on it when he runs into the girl. He sees her play some mean bagpipe, misses her name because of a goat, but they end up getting to know each other afterwards anyway. Has Michael finally found a new love interest? They make out in a photo booth and possibly more.

The night ends with the two laughing and looking at pictures from the photo booth. Michael again tries to get her name, but she says, “Someone who gets that much clothing off me better know my name.” They part and that’s when Michael sees the tattoo on her back, which reads “Rebel.” Now Michael thinks he’s dating Ron’s mistress, but we know better. But it’s kind of worse that Michael’s actually dating Howard’s daughter, no?

Epilogue includes Rocky Richter filling in as Andy and getting the biggest laugh of his career.

Other things to note:

  • When Maeby’s Bluth movie script was accidentally moved, did you see the how it was moved from “Active Development” to “Not Going Forward Development?”
  • The fake Apollo landing and Gent1e Ben tie in.
  • Imagine motto: Where dreams drop into make-believe as surely as a drop of water falls into a bigger thing of water in slow motion.
  • Bruckheimer production motto: Driving action toward love through a storm until lightning hits a tree.
  • Ron saying his movies are based on still photographs he finds inspiring.
  • Young Barry saying, If you don’t sign, you will be fined.
  • Michael’s team have hats that read “The Untitled Michael B. Project.”
  • Enjoyed seeing John Krasinski as a Brukeheimer executive.

I rather enjoyed this second Michael outing. Moved much faster and lots of visual humor and call backs to old episodes. What did you think? How will Michael move forward now that he thinks he’s dating his mistress? Share your TwoCents below!

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  1. Is that Conan in the picture? Have an excellent day!

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