Arrested Development – Recap & Review – Borderline Personalities

photo: netflix

photo: netflix

Arrested Development
Borderline Personalities

Original Air Date: May 26, 2013

Lauren A. – Sr. Reviewer

George Sr.’s Arrested Development opens in a sweat lodge on the border of California and Mexico, where the elder Bluth is running a scam to squeeze money out of CEOs. See, George Sr. stowed away with Michael after he duped his twin brother Oscar into taking his place at the big Bluth boat party so many years ago. He talked Michael into going back for the beginning of a “fourth season that would never come”. Facing Lucille’s trial expenses, George Sr. went to Stan Sitwell for money, where he learned about a project involving a wall along the Mexican border.

After an argument with Lucille, George Sr. runs into Oscar, who has taken up with a silent aura-reader named Heartfire, a loud woman named China Garden, and a Dr. Norman (John Slattery). Oscar convinces George Sr. to return with him to the Mexican border, and we start to see where the writers are going with this new season of an old favorite.

Oscar and his pals show George Sr. their sweat lodge, and fill him in on the powers of the maca root. Back home, George Sr. and Lucille devise a plan to buy Oscar’s sweat-lodge land, sell it to the government for the wall, and bid to build the wall for less than Stan Sitwell’s company, thereby turning a profit on the project.

We fast forward three months to the family gathering where Michael was denied the stimmy, and George Sr. and Lucille announce their divorce. Little does the family know, however, that the divorce is just a ploy to divert attention from their plan to build the wall along the border.

So, while George Sr. returns to the sweat lodge misses Lucille’s trial, Lucille is kept under house arrest at the condo, where she baby-bird exhales cigarette smoke into Buster’s mouth, who then exhales on the balcony (where Lucille’s ankle monitor won’t let her go). This little clip leaked online prior to the show’s return, but still had me laughing. Oh, Motherboy.

George Sr. isn’t going to let his time on the border go to waste. He constructs a seminar for CEOs, which is featured in an in-flight magazine profile, and the sweat and squeeze becomes a success. Little do the CEOs know, however, that Oscar is the one sweating it out in the hut while George Sr. bounds in afterwards with refreshing lemonade at a high price. The brothers hash it out over some maca root, and in a maca-induced vision, an ostrich-spirit appears to warn the Bluth brothers that they need to leave the land.

However, they’re still there a year later, when George Sr.’s sweat seminars are struggling and Oscar is defying his brother. George Sr. learns that his balloon payment on the border property is due, and he hasn’t sold the land yet. He needs a politician to push the wall, so George Sr. takes off to attend the rally of Herbert Love, a politician running against Lucille 2 in the California congressional race. George Sr. gets Oscar to visit Lucille so he can meet with Love, and that’s when Barry the lawyer unknowingly spills the beans to Oscar that George Sr. has his own intentions for the border land.

There were some great AD throwbacks in this episode, and I loved the bit with Heartfire’s internal dialogue being closed-captioned on the screen. For me, though, this one was more about set-up. So how long before Lucille finds out it’s Oscar who’s visiting her boudoir? Leave your Two Cents below!

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