Revolution – Recap & Review – Children of Men

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Children of Men

Original Air Date: May 27, 2013

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

The world will be set on fire. Jeez. Talk about your unintended consequences. In this next to last episode for the season, we learn of the possible consequences for anyone reaching the mysterious level 12 of the Tower.

We start where we left off last episode, with Rachel holding a grenade in Monroe’s command tent. One of Monroe’s guards is able to wrestle the grenade out of Rachel’s hands and throw it away before it explodes. Both Rachel and Monroe survive. Miles’ helicopter lands roughly 4 miles from the Tower. It’ll be a challenge to face Monroe’s platoon of soldiers, but “what the hell, just another Monday” for Miles and company.

Monroe takes the captive Rachel to the Tower door. To her surprise, and Flynn’s surprise, access is granted. The giant doors open. They walk through an industrial looking section which is explained to be a supercollider. Flynn and Rachel chat. Flynn wonders how Rachel has access, since she doesn’t have security clearance. Flynn suspects that Grace messed with the security protocols.

Suddenly, the giant doors close, locking out most of Monroe’s men. The team of people originally inside the Tower arm themselves with automatic rifles and run to “greet” Monroe and his men.

Flynn shows Monroe the surveillance room. Satellites in orbit are still functioning. They can spy on anyone they want or even kill them, but the command center is in level 12.

Tom Neville finds Aaron in the woods outside of the Tower. Aaron tells Miles that Rachel is in the Tower with Monroe.

Monroe and his team are in the elevator hoping to get to level 12. They stop at Level 11. Randall thinks this isn’t a problem, since they can just take the stairs down one level. Sirens ring, The Tower team engages with automatic weapons fire.

In the chaos, Rahcel tries to lock herself in a vault, but Monroe is able to force himself in with her before she can close the door.

Tom and Jason Neville build a bomb as a distraction at the Monroe camp outside the Tower. Miles, Nora, Charlie, and Aaron take out the Monroe guards at the Tower and try to open the giant doors. Aaron figures out the password. The four of them enter and wait for Tom and Jason to join them. But with Monroe soldiers converging, Miles orders Aaron to shut the doors and the Nevilles left outside.

A framed picture of a somewhat young-looking George W. Bush is on the wall of the room that Rachel trapped herself and Monroe inside. It looks like an executive office of some sort. Monroe tries to get Rachel to help him. He knows that Rachel doesn’t want to die. Once in a while, people who try to commit suicide by jumping off of a bridge manage to survive. They all say that they regret the jump, that it was a mistake. Monroe thinks such an epiphany happened with Rachel once she survived her grenade attack. She may have wanted to die before, but she no longer does. I found Monroe’s tidbit to be interesting. But I wonder how true it is. It almost seems like one of those urban myths that people say just to make the world seem a little better. I also wonder how that theory fits in with repeat suicide attempts. Perhaps they attempt, regret it, but then later on change their minds again? Anyhow, Monroe thinks Rachel wants to live.

Flashback, prior to blackout: Ben and Rachel have an argument. Grace has created a containment program. Rachel wants to stop Randall, but Ben says they can’t. Rachel then says that she and Ben should spend some time apart (break up).

Tom and Jason have been captured by Monroe’s men. Tom is trying to play mind games with Monroe’s top officers, saying that Monroe is psychotic.

Miles and his crew reach level 11 and find dead bodies. They see the elevator is coming towards level 11 and run to barricade themselves in a room. There are cages there (for monkeys?). As the pursuers beat on the room’s door, Miles knocks down a giant vent and the group escapes.

Monroe asks Rachel where they are. Rachel explains that it is a “VP bunker” that Cheney once used. Monroe tells Rachel that he has a son and wonders what his son would think of him if they ever met.

Flashback to four months after blackout: Ben uses pendant and operates a computer. Rachel arrives and is sad. She went into town and there were dead bodies in the street. Ben tries to console her, but she thinks that they have blood on their hands. Rachel cries and wonders how she can live with that. Ben says that what they did before doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters now is Charlie and Danny. The kids need them. The kids will die without Ben and Rachel. On the computer screen, Grace has responded to Ben’s message.

Aaron tells Miles the location of an armory. Although Miles eludes the pursuers, he finds that the armory is empty. An armed pursuer chases after Aaron, Nora, and Charlie, Miles intervenes and wrestles the pursuer. Nora stabs the pursuer with a knife, and now Miles has a nifty new toy. An electromagnetic railgun.

Tom talks to Captain Riley and tries to get him to revolt against Monroe.

Rachel sees Charlie on one of the surveillance screens in the VP office. Monroe uses this development and promises Rachel that if she can unlock the office’s weapons cabinet and unlock the room, Monroe will save Charlie. (no promises about Miles, though). Charlie has been knocked down to the ground and trapped under debris. As an attacker is about to shoot her, Monroe kills the attacker and saves her. Interesting twist. Rachel also arrives with a gun. Charlie is surprised that Rachel is now with Monroe.

Rachel, Aaron, and Charlie run from the scene, but are soon captured in the hallway. Weird that the Tower team didn’t originally get the orders to capture Rachel instead of killing her, but now the orders changed. They knew it was Rachel when she had access granted at the giant entry doors. Hmm……

Monroe went off to confront Miles. They are about to have a shootout.

Rachel, Aaron, and Charlie are led to a hydroponics area with other civilians. (pictured above) Grace is with these people. The leader of the facility is a guy named Dan, who Rachel recognizes. Dan and his team have guarded the Tower all this time. He can’t remember the last time he saw the sun, or felt the rain. He and his children (and perhaps his children’s children) will continue to guard to Tower. He can’t let anyone reach level 12. It’s too powerful.

Captain Riley frees Tom Neville. He has 12 men with him, but the Major in charge is with Monroe.

Dan burns Dr. Warren’s book. Aaron protests, saying that technology is more than just weapons, It’s medicine. It’s clean water. It’s “reason.” And he implies that a more technological world is a more orderly and lawful world.

Grace reveals a potential side effect of turning the power back on for the world. Although Rachel thinks it’s an incredibly small possibility, turning the power back on might result in the world catching fire. That’s a doozy.

So, who will reach level 12? All this time, Miles had thought turning the power back on was a bad idea. Will he change his mind? Will Aaron figure it all out even without the help of Dr. Warren’s book? He is supposedly a tech whiz after all.


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