Arrested Development Is Back! And The TwoCents Has It Covered.

photo: netflix

photo: netflix

It’s finally here! May 26th, 2013, the day that thousands will rejoice at the return of Arrested Development, the day all AD fans have been waiting for since… well, since the day the show was so heartlessly taken away from us, seven years ago. Here at The TwoCents, we were so thrilled that more than one of us wanted to snap up the recaps and reviews of the brand new AD episodes, so we decided to split them up and share in the love. For the next month, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, your very own JD, Jules, Lauren A. and Ryan O. are going to be sharing their Two Cents on each of the 15 new episodes.

We’re sure you’ve been reading all about it everywhere else. The hype has been impossible to miss. Even people who were never fans have surely heard countless of their friends squealing in excitement. So rather than tell you things you likely already know about the upcoming series, we decided to kick off the run by looking back. Here are some of our favorite things from the past series, and some of our hopes for the new episodes.

Favorite Character: It’s tough to choose, with such an amazing ensemble, but I would have to say Gob has a special place in my heart. He’s as delusional, self-obsessed, and selfish as his mother, with none of the fake niceties, not even a tiny hint of shame. Easily Will Arnett’s best role to date. Buster comes in a close second for me.

Favorite Episode: “Beef Consommé” (season 1, episode 13). The search for “hermano” is one of the best word play jokes in the show, and the fight between Michael and Gob (with Buster begging to be included) on the courthouse lawn is one of the most epic scenes ever!

Favorite line(s): “It’s his glasses. They make him look like a lizard. Plus he’s self-conscious.” “Gee, I wonder why.” (Lucille and Michael talking about Buster, right in front of Buster!)

Favorite Running Joke(s): Tobias’ blue paint stains everywhere, chicken dances, Kitty’s frequent flashings, and “STEVE HOLT!”

Most looking forward to: Um… ALL OF IT.

Arrested Development was the show you weren’t sure you were going to love, then you watched it and you’re like, how can I NOT love this show? I love ensemble pieces and this show is truly an ensemble that left before its time. You know it’s a good show when you and your friends quote the show every time you see each other. It’s never ending.

Favorite character: I enjoyed all the characters, but I fell for Michael – he was the glue that tried to keep everything together, but alas, he wasn’t perfect as well.

Favorite episode: I loved this show since the beginning, my first love really being the “Top Banana” (season 1, episode 2) episode and the beginning of the running gag and always favorite line “There’s always money in the banana stand.”

Most Looking forward to: Looking forward to all things Bluth for the next couple days and Ron Howard’s voice-overs.

Lauren A:
Favorite Character: Michael, if only for my total love of all things Jason Bateman. I also adore Buster.

Favorite Episode: “Afternoon Delight” (season 2, episode 6). It’s all of AD at its best… Just delightful.

Favorite Line: “Like anyone would want to R her!” (Buster, “The One Where Michael Leaves”, season 2, episode 1)

Favorite Running Joke: Tobias’s naive double entendres.

Most looking forward to: Ron Howard’s voice-overs and new throwbacks to old favorite jokes. I’m also hoping the return sparks an AD-themed nail polish collection… I mean, with “I Just Blue Myself” and “Banana Stand Yellow”, what more do you need??

Ryan O.:
Favorite Character: Lindsay. She’s so delightfully clueless about some things, like parenting.

Favorite episode: “Good Grief” (season 2, episode 4). From the use of the Peanuts music during sad moments to finding George Sr. in the spider hole to the wake, it’s packed full of funny.

Favorite line: Buster, “Army had half a day.” It’s so simple but so sublimely ridiculous.

Favorite running joke: Chicken dances. A cockle-doodle doo! A cockle-doodle doo!

Most looking forward to: Seeing where Maeby’s career as a film producer has taken her.

So what are some of your favorite characters/episodes/running gags/etc. from the first three seasons, and what are you most looking forward to? Give us your TwoCents! And come back here on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for our coverage of the new season!

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