Grimm – Recap & Review – Goodnight, Sweet Grimm

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Goodnight, Sweet Grimm

Original Air Date: May 21, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

“And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

Crazed Zombies are creating havoc in Portland, Grimm – destroying property, whacking people, acting like they’re on bath salts. If they were in NYC, they’d fit right in – next to the crazy man who, every weekend, loudly hurl insults at no one on the subway. We’re a bunch of nuts here in the City but we draw the line when it comes to the (Not)Dead – Portland, Grimm has a leg up on that craziness.

Case of the week: Zombified civilians terrorizing Portland, Grimm; doing the bidding of their voodoo master: a Cracher-Mortel aka Baron Samedi aka Top Hat. Baron is working for Eric, Renard’s royal brother who so happens to be in Portland, Grimm.

Renard gets intel from his spy – fake death certificates, passports without photos and a suspicious empty folder labeled “Thomas Schirach” in Eric’s desk. The Captain doesn’t know the significance but is wary with his brother in town. During a tension-filled dinner (in full daylight – people from Vienna sure eat dinner early), Eric voices his respect of Nick’s Grimm work – killing assassins, sending decapitated heads as messages, etc.

In hopes to secure his brother’s allegiance and the key, Eric, unconvincingly, pleads Renard to rejoin the family – it’s time to come home. Renard is going to sleep on it…and then probably tell him “no” because Eric is crazy and he doesn’t do crazy (except Adalind, he’ll do that crazy).

Prior to the early-bird dinner, Renard informed Nick of Eric’s presence in town – seems The Captain trusts Nick more than The Grimm trusts the Exiled Royal. Renard shows Nick the fake documents but their meeting is interrupted by Sgt Wu – there are violent people roaming the streets and destroying things/people. While detaining the zombified violent crazies, Wu gets bitten and Nick nabs a zombie for experimentation – with Hank’s help, of course.

At the Spice Shop, Monroe and Rosalee start concocting the antidote to be administered via a gigantic needle with three prongs (is that what you call the pointy part of the needle?). Nick and Hank leave to investigate but it leads to nowhere.

It’s late and Hank has to get his cast removed so Nick has dinner with the newly enlightened Juliette. The dinner – at a decent time since there was no sunlight – is interrupted by Monroe. The zombie cure worked and it’s time to make up a story for the ex-infected – Nick’s specialty. Juliette tags along to learn but I think it’s to annoy me further with her utter uselessness and whiny voice/mannerisms. She always has the same vacant look/gestures – she’s a one way monkey!!

At the Spice Shop, the ex-zombie describes his ordeal – pain, loud sounds/horn, green, dark place, and many other zombies. Nick deduces the zombies are in the shipping yard since Top Hat’s car was found across the road from one – the zombies are probably locked away in a shipping container. Monroe and Rosalee make more doses of the cure before they head out.

At the shipping yard, Top Hat unleashes the zombies on the foursome. Nick is separated from the group and is lured by Baron into a shipping container. Nick finds a coffin and opens it. He sees a death certificate and a passport (name: Thomas Schirach) – Eric’s fake documents – except this passport has a picture…Nick’s pretty wide-eyed face. The Grimm looks up and Top Hat spits in his face. (Not)Dead Nick is placed in the coffin to be shipped out of the country. Eric, the royal ass, tucks him in by uttering “Goodnight, sweet Grimm. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.” Kinda freaky, no?

The Grimm’s fate may be better off than Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee. They’re in their car, waiting for Nick, surrounded by demented zombies. The fate of Nick and the Scooby Gang plus Juliette is left unresolved until the fall. Y’all, that’s not a bad season finale, except Juliette is still breathing.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. The quote is from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and spoken by Horatio after Hamlet’s death. If you haven’t read the book, there are many Hamlet movies – rent/stream/download one and enjoy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you: don’t get attached to Fake Crazy, he dies.

2. Renard and Eric’s relationship is complex to the max. Renard’s mother is “the other woman” and Eric’s mother tried to have The Mistress and her son killed. I wonder why Renard was never invited to Christmas…awkward!! Talk about a Jerry Springer family.

3. Hank says he’s getting his cast removed. It’s in anticipation for next season. No more crutches, which is good because Hank was having trouble with them babies.

4. Juliette/Nick and Monroe/Rosalee had some sexy time before the craziness started. I’m glad to see Monroe/Rosalee’s relationship progressing. Juliette asked Nick to move back in but if I were Nick, I’d think twice – just to scare her; she was mean during her amnesia and needs a lesson. Guess that’s why I’m single, huh?

5. Adalind had her face/body stolen by The Pimp who posed as Adalind to meet Baby Buyer. Doppelganger Adalind is killed by Baby Buyer and her heart removed so Real Adalind can have her powers back. Please make this storyline stop. It slows down the storytelling and feels unnecessary.

6. “Oh, you are so hot”
~ Monroe to Rosalee after she Woges during a snogging session. So adorbs!! Is this how Wesen get it on or is this considered kinky?

7. “Can we do this?”
~ Hank, wondering if they can kidnap a zombie from a crime scene for experimentation at the Spice Shop. Ummm…sweetie, you just did…oops.

8. Nick had the sense to have Rosalee hide the key before facing off with Top Hat. Unlike Eric, sometimes I’m not too impressed with Nick but this is one decision I’m glad he made. He knows Cracher-Mortels are associated with revolutions and since Eric is in town, he made the right choice…and then he let Juliette tag along…

9. Okay, I know you’re waiting for this, so here it goes: Juliette needs to die. Her “I need to learn” spiel is annoying at best. Fine, tag along but don’t be an anchor. She blurts out “Wesen” like it’s normal. Shut up!! You’re here to observe so shut it and observe. Even Rosalee was giving her looks! Then, in the shipping yard, she’s hindering Monroe/Rosalee from escaping by looking for Nick. Dude has a gun; he’s probably the safest out of the four of y’all. My goodness, if I was there, I’d feed her to the zombies. It’s not about outrunning the zombies; it’s about outrunning the person next to you (ie Juliette). Can we PLEASE kill her off?!! Learning curve my butt, I’m Chinese and we always break the curve so it’s time to kill her off! [End of rant]

10. I knew Nick was walking into a trap. Top Hat could have spit in his face as Nick was climbing up the ladder but Top Hat ran. I just didn’t know the end game and was pleasantly surprised. I should have been able to piece it together sooner…my dislike for Juliette is clouding my mind!!

11. This is what’s going to happen (my theory) next season: Renard is going to notice a dead “Thomas Schirach” being shipped out of the country and put two and two together (missing Nick = dead Schirach). The Scooby Gang and Juliette will head out to find Nick. Also, you read it right, Juliette is NOT part of the Scooby Gang – she’s not even a candidate. I’m a tad bit bitter she’s still breathing.

12. I liked the whimsical final message:
“To be continued…
Oh come on,
You knew this was coming.”

~ Ha!! Love it.

Do you think the lovey-dovey Nick/Juliette scenes seemed forced? (Yes – they had no chemistry!!) Did you enjoy the (Not)Dead Nick twist at the end? (Yes!!) Did you see it coming? (No) Was it a good season finale? (Yes-ish; you know my thoughts on Juliette) Do you think I’m too harsh on Juliette? Where do you think they’re sending Nick? (Either Germany or Austria) Tell me your theories for next season! Discuss away!!!

See you next season and remember: Keep out of Portland, Grimm ‘cause The Grimm is in a coffin heading out of The Weird and into The Crazy so this makes Portland even more dangerous.

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