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Original Air Date: May 20, 2013

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

Colonel Mustard in the library with a candlestick! Tonight’s episode of Revolution involved a murder mystery (actually, two murders) and will end with a somewhat surprising reveal of a traitor in Miles’ crew.

We start off with Monroe “politely” trying to get Nora to divulge where Miles is. He has given her a fancy white dress and invited her to a fancy dinner. She refuses. She is tortured for 21 days. At first, there is some waterboarding, but it progresses to drugging her with some type of hallucinogen. Sanborn, one of Flynn’s scientists is the one to drug Nora. Nora eventually tells them that Miles is in Atlanta, Tom Neville has betrayed Monroe, and Rachel Matheson is heading toward Colorado to reach the Tower.

Monroe questions Flynn. He’s angry that Flynn kept the Tower a secret. Monroe says he doesn’t like or trust Flynn. He orders Flynn executed, but Flynn says Monroe needs Flynn. Flynn knows of experimental weapons much more powerful than drones. Monroe keeps Flynn alive. Monroe, Flynn, and several helicopters fly over to Colorado. While Monroe and Flynn are away, Sanborn gives Nora one more injection.

Rachel and Aaron walk in the rain and enter Colorado.

In Atlanta, the citizens are evacuating. Jason suggests to Charlie that she escape to Texas. They kiss. Jason sees someone in the crowd that he recognizes. He walks away from Charlie to talk to this person. Sanborn brings Nora to Atlanta. Miles rushes to the hospital to see her. Nora tells Miles that she told Monroe about the Tower.

Miles questions Sanborn. He wonders whether it’s a set-up and Sanborn is a spy for Monroe. Sanborn says he couldn’t kill Nora.

Miles tells Jim Hudson to sit out this battle, but Jim insists on joining. Tom Neville also joins as the Georgia Federation representative. Lastly, Nora insists on joining. Miles thinks she is too injured to join, but Nora feels guilty about telling Monroe about the Tower and wants to help the mission. Miles, Nora, Charlie, Sanborn, Tom, Jason, Jim, rebel commander Ramsay, and a pilot take off in a helicopter (w/ a pendant) and head to Colorado.

In Colorado Springs, Monroe and a platoon set up camp. Tower goes deep into the ground for a half a mile. The palmprint ID security system refuses Flynn’s palmprint. After seeing “Access Denied” on the screen, Monroe gets annoyed. A team inside the Tower is watching Flynn and Monroe on security cameras.

Short flashback to Atlanta: an old friend of Jason’s has a mission for him.

Miles’ helicopter needs fuel. They land in a nearby airfield, Fort Hanson. It is a deactivated Air Force Base in what is now the Plains Nation. After disembarking, Miles and crew siphon fuel from the other aircraft on the base. Charlie discovers the pilot has been killed, seemingly by someone from the Plains Nation. There is a warning symbol knifed into the pilot’s throat. When they return to the helicopter, they find that it has been sabotaged. (pictured above) Miles isn’t a great pilot, but he can fly well enough. Nora isn’t a great mechanic, but she can probably fix the damage to the helicopter. Meanwhile, Miles will go hunting for the killer.

Rachel gives Aaron the leather book which has override codes inside. She will kill Monroe as a distraction. Aaron can then get past all the soldiers as they rush to aid Monroe and then Aaron can get into the Tower.

As Miles hunts for the killer, Charlie tags along. She tells Miles she doesn’t understand how the killer (or killers) could survive at an abandoned air force base in the middle of nowhere. Then, Miles finds rebel commander Ramsay also killed, with his throat cut. Ramsay is able to answer Miles by shaking his head “no” to the questions of whether the killer was a local tribesman.

Everyone except Nora are gathered together. Miles demands that they all put their weapons in a duffel bag. Everyone complies. Miles confronts Sanborn, who Miles saw sneak a knife from the chopper after they landed at the base to refuel. Sanborn said it was only for his own protection. People start blaming each other, with Jim Hudson and Tom Neville as possible suspects. Miles tells them all to shut up and demands all the weapons. He then places the bag of weapons into the chopper and tells everyone to keep their eyes on the bag, and keep their eyes on each other. That was a pretty clever move. I also admire Miles’ leadership and command presence. If the team were on a more equal footing, the others would not have surrendered their weapons. Of course, Miles gets to keep his pistol, to the annoyance of Tom Neville.

Meanwhile, an armed Miles goes out to find Nora. He finds Nora still alive, but with a bloody hand and a knife. The hallucinogens still have lingering effects on her perception. Tom thinks that Nora is the killer. Jim agrees. Miles defends Nora strongly. Sanborn says that the drugs he gave her can cause paranoia. She could be the killer. Nora thinks that they are right.

When Nora was in custody, she strangled a Monroe soldier to death and didn’t remember doing it. Nora says that Monroe “broke” her, but Miles still believes in her. He wants to find the real killer. Miles eventually finds a bloody knife on Jason. He insists that someone planted it on him.

Charlie brings up the mysterious guy in Atlanta. Jason says it was just some “Georgian guy” but Tom doesn’t believe him. Jason admits that it was a Monroe soldier. The soldier told Jason that the war is basically over and Monroe will give Jason anything in return for killing Miles. Jason wanted to guarantee Charlie’s safety, but says he wasn’t the killer. Jason runs and Miles gives chase.

Sanborn finds Miles and tells him that the bloody knife has the letters “AMD” stamped on it. The killer isn’t Jason, it’s Jim since Jim has recently been to Annapolis, Maryland. Sanborn is quite the detective. It’s too bad he is killed by Jim.

Monroe has kidnapped Jim’s wife Sophie. Jim is tasked to kill Miles, Ramsay, Neville, and Sanborn. Jim appears to be the superior fighter in hand-to-hand combat in a fight with Miles. Jason shoots Jim before he can kill Miles, though Miles is left badly beaten.

Nora fixes the helicopter. Charlie apologizes to Jason. The remaining crew: Miles, Nora, Tom, Jason, and Charlie, take off in the helicopter.

In Colorado, Rachel has killed a Monroe soldier and stolen a uniform. Dressed in that uniform, she infiltrates the Monroe camp with a grenade. Shouldn’t any of the soldiers recognize someone who isn’t in their platoon? I understand the uniform gives some disguise, but still. Anyway, Rachel makes it into Monroe’s command tent. A guard pulls a pistol on her. Monroe tries to talk her down, but the last thing we see is a black screen and the sound of a pin dropping to the floor.

Did Rachel pull the grenade pin? Will Rachel and Monroe survive? Is Tom now more impressed with his son Jason now that Jason is a bit of a hero for saving Miles? Who is the team inside the Tower? Only two more episodes left this season!


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