Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Finale

photo: abc

photo: abc

Dancing With The Stars

Original Air Date May 21, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

Tonight is the night! This is the second part to the finals! For those of us who have been fans throughout the season, this is the night we have been waiting for. At the end of the two hour finale, there will be one couple standing and they will win the coveted mirror ball trophy.

I love the finale shows. They are one big party and they bring back all the cast members from this season, celebrity and professional. We are able to see if and how the couples that were voted off in the previous weeks may have improved since they left the show. What do you love most about the finale shows?

At the beginning of tonight’s show it was announced that the abc.com voting was not working at the end of the East Coast time slot. Therefore, in order to make things fair, the votes on abc.com would not be counted for tonight’s show. I think they did the right thing considering. It makes me wonder if there was a lot of traffic on the site or if there was something else that went wrong during the show that they could not have announced it earlier. What do you think about what was done? Do you think it was fair that they did not count those votes or should those votes that were cast before it went down been counted? Do you think that the site being down was a coincidence?

There is definitely energetic electricity in the air tonight. Everyone is so excited, yet nervous, for tonight and it started right from the first group dance with “Don’t Stop The Party”. Everybody did a fabulous job, and even Dorothy Hamill was there dancing! It was a shame when she had to pull out of the competition, but it was definitely great to see her back on the dance floor tonight with the rest of the cast. How do you feel about Dorothy Hamill being back? Is it too risky a move, considering her reason for having to pull out?

The only one missing from the opening dance number was Wynonna Judd. I assume the reason behind this was because she is slated to be a musical guest. This is where she feels the most comfortable, and she will admit it. I love Wynonna as an artist. She has talent. It was great to see her back on the show, but not dancing. It was pretty evident that she was not comfortable on the dance floor.

The encore dance, chosen by you, the viewers, goes to Kellie & Derek, they will be dancing to their freestyle from last night. It was beautiful and romantic, just as it was when they first did it last night. What did you think about their dance? Did the viewers make the right choice?

The fourth place couple is announced and it is…Aly & Mark. I don’t know about all of you, I was disappointed with this – they definitely did better than fourth place! The audience, the judges and the cast love her so much that they give her a standing ovation.

Tonight there will be instant dances. The three remaining couples were given their dances and music at the beginning of the show. They will then have exactly one hour to go backstage and put together the dance routine before they have to perform. I love the instant dances. They show such creativity and force everyone to focus and be on their toes if they want to do well. What do you think of the instant dances? Do you think that the judges should do this to the final couples or do you think that they should be able to perform under pressure? Is there any other part of the season you would like to maybe see something like this done?

I think my favorite part of the show so far has to be Lisa & Gleb and Dorothy’s dances. Lisa is still not that great a dancer, but she asked Len to join her on the dance floor for a moment to dance with her. I think that was a really sweet treat for all those that were watching, in the studio and at home. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Len dance like this before tonight. Dorothy was also able to take the dance floor to do the Viennese Waltz. However, Tristen was not her dance partner. She was beautiful. She danced with another couple on the floor, of which was Kristi Yamaguchi. Kristi was visibly thrilled to dance with her idol, even if it was weird that it was on the dance floor and not the ice.

The biggest loss this season, other than losing Dorothy, was that of Andy Dick. He is such a funny guy, and it was proven once again in the video before his performance with him sitting in the corner of the practice studio with an absolute large amount of tissues all disappointed that he wouldn’t be dancing anymore. It was so poignant. He was back to do my favorite routine of his: Jazz in Wonderland. He may not have been the best dancer, but he made up for it in being funny and he certainly did try!

Psy was our next musical performer for the night. There was definitely some English in his song, but it was mainly in Korean. He seems to still be a hit, even after “Gangnam Style” which he retired after performing it on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve with MC Hammer last New Year’s Eve. Wherever Psy is, there is a party, and tonight’s definitely a night for partying!

Another performer that was here in the ballroom tonight was Pitbull. I’ve heard of him, but am not familiar with his music. I certainly did not know he was Latin. He was a great choice to have on tonight’s show with his Latin music and vibe, which I absolutely loved.

We have reached the point of the night where we will be seeing the three remaining couples do their instant dances. These will also be scored by Len, Carrie Ann and Bruno and counted for HALF of their scores. So they will have to be really great to get those scores that could put them over the top, and a better chance at winning.

Jacoby & Karina – Salsa (10 10 10=30/total of 86 for both nights)
My take: Beautiful dance, but it always looks as if Jacoby does little, if anything. I especially didn’t like when he went to jump over Karina and he landed on her. I am not sure if it was intentional or not, but it’s a dangerous enough move. Don’t you think so?

Judges take: Len – Full of fun and vitality. Breath of fresh air. Bruno – I could watch you any time. Carrie Ann – You have proven why you are here.

Kellie & Derek – Jive (10 10 10=30/total of 94 for both nights)
My take: I have not really been a Kellie & Derek fan this season, but they have been very good and consistent all season. They did very well with their instance dance.

Judges take: Bruno – Reminds him of Julianne Hough, Derek’s sister. Carrie Ann – I love watching you. Congratulations. Len – You are awesome!

Zendaya & Val – (10 10 10=30/total of 95 for both nights)
My take: What energy! Looked flawless from my view of things!

Judges take: Carrie Ann – Magical quality about you. It has been a joy! Len – Zendaya’s personality comes out in every dance. Bruno – Pitch perfect performer.

Just before announcing who won and where the rest of the couples placed for this finale, Jessica Sanchez sang “I Just Want To Feel This Moment.” It is something that the music has become very familiar and never been done before on live television in song. It was a beautiful rendition.

4th Place – Aly & Mark
3rd Place – Jacoby & Karina
2nd Place – Zendaya & Val
1st Place (and the coveted mirror ball trophy!) – Kellie & Derek

I have to say that it was hard to see Zendaya fall just short of winning tonight. She is a HipHop dancer on “Shake It Up.” She was very good at what she did but that was all due to her perseverance and ability to focus on learning new dance steps. I just feel bad for her. She should have won. Derek wins all too often and other professionals need to have the ability to win as well. Do you think that Derek should be back next season? He was the one who has been saying that he wasn’t even going to come back this season. If Derek hadn’t come back, do you think that the outcome would have been the same or would it have been different?

What did you think of tonight’s show? What were your favorite parts of the show? Were there any surprises?

Remember that tomorrow morning all four of the final couples will be in Times Square at the ABC Studies on Good Morning America (probably in the eight o’clock hour). The finalists always put on a good show for the crowd there. I know that I cannot wait to see it. Time for your TwoCents!

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4 Responses to Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Finale

  1. sam stewart says:

    I think the votes SHOULD have been counted.The judges wanted golden boy to win so they probably had a big part in NOT counting the votes.Next season if hough dances he should get the older person or someone that can”t dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Colleen says:

      I agree with you. I am sure there are some angry viewers that used all their votes via the website. I know there is nothing we can do now, but next season they need to really be honest – or make sure that something like this will not happen again, especially on finale nights! Do you think Derek should come back next season? He did voice on the show that he originally wasn’t going to be a part of season sixteen.

  2. Annette says:

    I think the right couple won. Zendaya is good, but there was something about her dancing that always felt the same to me and I think doing Hip Hop in her freestyle was a cop out. She should have gone for something different like Kellie and Derek did.

    As for Jacoby – I think he should have gotten 4th place. He’s good, but nowhere near as good as the other ladies. And I didn’t think his instant dance deserved a 30. The jump over Karina to have her land between his legs was intentional – but the camaraman got in his way. This is a move that’s been done before on DWTS.

    My very favorite moment of the night was seeing Andy Dick dancing the “Gentlemen” with Psy! He did a good job too!

  3. oirish44 says:

    It’s all about the fans, folks! Personally, I was thrilled at the outcome, I was hoping for Kellie to win, from the start… and I’m so glad she did. I agree with a comment above on Zendaya’s dancing being much the same each time. I also felt that way about Ally… and I mentioned that to someone last night… much of her’s and Zendaya’s moves didn’t vary TOO much from dance to dance. In fact, and this is just my taste and opinion, Zendaya was the last one I wanted to win, with Ally next. I would have rather seen Jacoby win it, if it wouldn’t have been Kellie. BUT, Kellie winning it, turned out the way “I” was hoping for. Some really good dancers in this season’s competition. Not to worry about some of those votes not being counted, in my opinion. Everyone’s votes were not counted, so what does it matter. It wasn’t just Zendaya’s or Ally’s etc., it was votes for everyone, so if there was a problem with the venue, just not counting them all, period, seems logical to me. I don’t believe it hurt any one of them, overall.

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