Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Finals, Part One

photo: abc

photo: abc

Dancing With The Stars
Finals, Part One

Original Air Date May 20, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

Tonight is the first part of the finals for this season of Dancing With The Stars. This is first of the nights that we have all been waiting for. Each of the remaining couples: Karina & Jacoby, Val & Zendaya, Kellie & Derek and Aly & Mark will have the chance to dance THREE dances this evening. After they dance, the viewers will have one more last chance to vote for their favorite couple. Will your favorite couple bring their “A Game” and win the coveted mirror ball trophy tomorrow night? We are about to see them all dance their hearts out one last time….

At the top of the show, we find out that Val had been injured an hour previous to show time during the last rehearsal. He has nasty gashes, on his face, but he is all patched up and ready to go. How do you think this will affect his and Zendaya’s performance tonight? Or will they be able to get past it?

What I love about the finals is that the judges get more involved in showing our couples what they are doing wrong. Len is giving advice to Karina & Jacoby. He gives them some good advice on how to improve. Will his advice be heeded?

Bruno is working with Aly & Mark. He is also full of good advice. Aly seems to be especially happy to make improvements with this dance. She was not overly happy with the last time that they did the Samba.

Len joined Kellie & Derek this week to assist them in improving on their QuickStep. He showed them how they could better connect with each other, which was what needed improvement from the last time that they did the QuickStep.

Carrie Ann was the judge who joined Val & Zendaya in making improvements on their Samba. Zendaya has been improving week to week and the advice that CarrieAnn gave about the little things that were happening during their practices could only make Val & Zendaya better. What do you think?

Do you think that the judges should also come in at other points during the season to give advice and assistance to all of the couples? Should it just remain a finals thing where they come in and assist only the best of the best?

First Dance – Judges’ Choice

Jacoby & Karina – Jive (9 9 9=27)
My take: All their practice paid off. It also seems that the advice that Len had given Jacoby about some of his Jive footwork paid off. Jacoby, from what I can tell, was able to do the footwork just as Len had shown him.

Judges take: Len – There was improvement. Footwork was better. There was great entertainment and great enthusiasm. Bruno – Jacoby did miss a beat a few times, but great work. Carrie Ann – Always exciting to watch. They were sharper and crisper.

Aly & Mark – Samba (9 9 10=28)
My take: Aly seemed to be having a great time out on the dance floor. I always see her as tight when she dances, but not tonight. She has loosened up!

Judges take: Bruno – First class ticket to Brazil! Carrie Ann – Saw improvement. Len – Also saw improvement. On the way up!

Kellie & Derek – QuickStep (10 10 10=30)
My take: From looking at footage from the last time they did the QuickStep, I feel that they did improve. But that is only my opinion; I am not an expert. They received a standing ovation, so that has to mean something, doesn’t it?

Judges take: Len – That was excitement. Bruno – Kellie is the Southern Belle of the ball. Fantastic! Carrie Ann – Was looking for improvement on body contact and they got it!

Zendaya & Val – Samba (10 10 10=30)
My take: Except for the visible scars on Val’s face from their practice just before show time, it hasn’t affected their dancing whatsoever. I loved Zendaya’s Spanish look!

Judges take: Carrie Ann – It was absolutely great! Len – Eye popping, show stopping and jaw dropping! Bruno – Incredible technique.

Second Dance – ChaCha Relay

For this dance, each couple will be given an order in which they will perform. When it is their turn, they will each be given forty seconds to do their routine. At the end of the relay, the couples will be ranked one to four and appropriate points added to the score of their first dance of the night.

Kellie & Derek will dance first. After them will be Jacoby & Karina. The third couple will be Aly & Mark with Zendaya being the last to perform their ChaCha.

Judges take: Len – Well done. Congratulations! Bruno – Gave all the contestants positive feedback and comments. Carrie Ann – Also gave individual positive feedback and comments.

My take: Wonderfully done for all the couples! It shows how much they’ve worked this season.

4th – Jacoby & Karina (2 points added)
3rd – Aly & Mark (3 points added)
2nd – Kellie & Derek (4 points added)
1st – Zendaya & Val (5 points added)

Third Dance – Freestyle

Freestyle dances are always my favorite. It allows for such creativity and to show how much each couple has improved over the course of the season. Do you feel the same way as I do?

Jacoby & Karina (9 9 9=27)
My take: I liked their routine. It looked like it was a lot of fun. However

Judges take: Len – Got the freestyle party started. Well done! Bruno – Timing was off a little bit. Carrie Ann – It was unique. The routine out-shined Jacoby & Karina.

When the show returned from this break, there was no dancing to bring them back. There was silence and Tom had a visually shaken look on his face, just as he did the day of the Boston Marathon bombings. Tom had asked the audience not to applaud when they returned. It was a moment of silence for those affected by the tornado that struck just outside of Oklahoma City earlier this evening. However, he did ask for applause for those that were risking their own lives to save others tonight.

Aly & Mark (10 10 10=30)
My take: Mark and Aly had a physically grueling dance. They were able to showcase a lot of different moves, especially some of the gymnastic moves that Aly is known for.

Judges take: Bruno – Incredible! You did it! Carri eAnn – That was one of the most amazing routines that I have ever seen on the finale! Len – Alexandra the Great!

Kellie & Derek (10 10 10=30)
My take: Beautifully done. What artistic moves!

Judges take: Carrie Ann – Kellie bared her soul on the dance floor and it was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. Len – Kellie drew everyone into the performance. Bruno – Kellie reached the nation tonight with her performance.

Zendaya & Val (10 10 10=30)
My take: It was wonderful for them to put a few different styles of dance into their freestyle. It shows how much Zendaya has learned and grown. The addition of the kids made it more wonderful.

Judges take: Len – So many parts to that number but it all came together. Bruno – Zendaya always shines through in everything she does. Carrie Ann – Loved seeing Zendaya out there. Fantastic!

Leaderboard: First – Zendaya & Val (65); Second – Kellie & Derek (64); Third – Aly & Mark (61); Fourth – Jacoby & Karina (54)

What did you think of tonight’s show? What were your favorite parts of the show? Were there any surprises?

At the end of the show it was announced that the abc.com voting was not working. You can try this route to see if it is working again, but your best bet is to either call your vote in, text your vote or go on to Facebook and vote through the Dancing With The Stars page. Facebook votes will be accepted until 11am tomorrow.

Also, you can take to Twitter and vote for the couple who you would like to see dance again in the encore dance. (ie. #EncoreZendaya)

Tune in tomorrow night to see who wins the coveted mirror trophy! Time for your TwoCents!

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