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Office Conference Room - LogoThe episode has come and gone. The Office finale has taken the folks of Dunder Mifflin from us.

In the past, we have held The Office Conference Room where the people who run some of the favorite fan sites from around the web have shared their TwoCents on certain episodes.

Today, we gather for one last time and share what we all thought about the finale and what the show has meant to us.

Everyone in the conference room – NOW!

OCRRachelName: Rachel
Twitter: @RachParkBishTTC

Thoughts on Finale: To be completely honest, I’m still processing. Any thoughts I have on the finale right now are going to be dripping with emotion, but maybe that’s not so bad (ask me in a week). I think Michael (Michael!?!) summed it up best when he talked about it being like his kids growing up and marrying each other… minus the incest, I feel the same way. I feel like these were friends of mine who really deserved a happy ending and finally got it. And they lived happily ever after…

Thoughts on the 9 years of The Office: The Office really changed the face of television, with the way it was shot to the writing to the marketing to the fans. And not only did it bring great TV into my home every Thursday night, it also brought me some wonderful friendships and opportunities. The Office really started TheTwoCents, and I will be forever grateful for that. Plus, every time something weird happens in my life, I look into the camera. I know it’s not there, but still. That’s what she said.

JIM HALPERTName: Kevin Greene
Site: Life In The (also the graphic designer for TheTwoCents!)

Thoughts on Finale:
“I can’t believe you came!”
“That’s what she said!”
Lol! Having Michael come back, gray hair and all, was great. It was so good to see him again. Overall, I really enjoyed the finale. I love how Jim and Pam have their course set (I always suspected that this show would end with them leaving DM) and Dwight, finally having all he ever wanted, becoming an actual good guy. The Talking Heads, intercut with footage from early eps, was great. And having Pam be the last Talking Head was perfect because she was the heart and soul that the entire show revolved around, the human gauge that the show followed. The finale wasn’t super funny but there were laughs in there along with the warm feelings. It’s sad to think that there will be no more new episodes with these characters and after all this time it’s over.

The retrospective before the episode was AMAZING. I’ve never seen that audition footage before and the Krasinski-Fischer magic happened right at that moment and never let up. They played off of each other so well, it was incredible to see. A great retrospective.

Thoughts on the 9 years of The Office: There have only been a few shows that have become more important to me then being just a show. The Office was the epitome of the NBC phrase “Must See TV”. It became a part of my life and I found great new friends who I have never personally met through it. And though I loved this show I actually wanted it to end when Steve Carrell left. I thought it had said pretty much everything it needed to n seven seasons and I think Michael finding love and leaving was the culmination of that. Despite flashes of what made it great, the last two seasons were very much like Muhammad Ali in his last fight against Trevor Berbick: Hanging in, displaying some grit but ultimately showing his age and succumbing. But seasons one through four were brilliant, non stop greatness that made this, easily, one of my all-time favorite television shows. I will miss it because I am honestly not sure we will see anything quite like it again.

mttofficeconfereceName: Jenny
Site: MoreThanThat

Thoughts on the finale: This was the finale I needed, the finale that will put a smile on my face whenever I look back on this show. It was just so perfect and sweet, and it’s nice to see the amazing response it’s received on our site’s forum as well as everywhere else on the web. There were some great moments among these amazing people that just seemed so natural. It was like we really had watched a documentary about a paper company and these are people who are going to continue to live their lives somewhere even if we won’t see their documentary anymore. We just hope that they will be happy because we’re rooting for them now as much as we have been for the past nine years.

Thought on nine seasons: I feel bad for doubting them the last few seasons, but my heart just wasn’t in it the last few years. I just didn’t feel as invested as I had in those first few seasons. But these last few episodes have reminded me — and many of us — just why we started watching in the first place. The acting, the stories, the people! I so wanted to see this kind of finale for them. And while yes, I cried at the end, I’m not sad about it being over. I’m so glad we got those last 15 minutes because those talking heads, those clips, those characters — every time I’ll think about how they wrapped those nine seasons up in the last minutes of my show, I’m going to smile.

macworld-avatarName: Kevin Crossman
Twitter: @twsspodcast

Thoughts on Finale: The producers of The Office are smart people and they understood how The Office affected it’s fans. The retrospective followed by an original episode that itself was similar in theme might have been “too much” for the cynics, but for the fans the tone was honestly perfect. Sure, there was some stunt casting with Erin’s parents, or the “we never saw it coming” Ryan/Kelly plotline. But there were a number of new threads that I really liked and which honestly surprised me. A final “comment on culture” with Andy’s viral fame, finally some personnel changes at Dunder Mifflin, and resolution for JAM. And a short but oh so sweet appearance by Steve Carell as Michael Scott for one more time (that’s what she said).

As TV series finales go, this one won’t be remember for the big reveals or the seminal scene or a bizarre plotline. Instead, the show gave us what the series has always given us, a sequence of funny and touching moments with characters we care about. And, yes, plenty of callbacks for loyal fans of the show. But mostly, a mix of hilarious, outrageous, sentimental, and emotionally satisfying moments. Classic Office.

Thoughts on the 9 years of The Office:
I’m going to really miss the show. It’s amazing how much the look of the show has evolved; it seems so polished now. The fact that every show on TV now looks like The Office is a testament to the pioneering place this show will have in TV history. And it’s such a springboard for a number of funny and talented entertainers.

imageName: Lauren
Twitter: @Ladama

Thoughts on finale: TV show finales are always tricky, do you give the audience closure at the risk of playing it too safe? Or do you go out with a surprise or a cliffhanger at the risk of leaving fans unsatisfied (twss)?

The Office went with the former choice, and I think it gave us the finale we needed. I felt it did a good job of showing how the characters have changed and developed over the seasons. We saw Dwight confess to having true, friendly feelings towards his co-workers, especially Jim. Meanwhile, Jim only played ‘good’ pranks on Dwight, and he also spoke highly of his boring job at Dunder Mifflin (it’s where he met the love of his life, after all). And who would have imagined Pam, never much of a risk-taker, putting the house up for sale and agreeing to move to a whole new state? Of course, as in life, some people never change and never learn (oh, Ryan and Kelly, you crazy kids)
I think Andy, in a moment of accidental wisdom, said it best when he lamented that we never know we’re in the good ol’ days until the good ol’ days are behind us. It’s what often makes leaving a job or saying goodbye to a coworker or moving to a new place so hard, that sudden realization that you’re going to actually miss that place or that person. And I’ll admit, as those final talking heads were playing, I teared up realizing that I’m really gonna miss that little mid-range North-Eastern Pennsylvania paper company.

Thoughts on 9 years of The Office: I think The Office’s legacy will be that it dared to be ordinary. It was about ordinary people at an ordinary workplace in an ordinary town. What made it funny and painfully awkward and touching was that it was so relatable. We’ve all had the boss that tries too hard to make everyone like them, the irritating coworker who you seem to constantly butt heads with, the crush you shyly smile at, hoping for something more. We’ve all attended the boring meetings and lame office parties. Of course, The Office was a comedy and situations were often exaggerated but the core of the show were its characters, and this show ending really does feel like I’m saying goodbye to coworkers I’ve gotten to know so well over the years. Thankfully, if I miss them too much, they’re just a DVD/streaming episode away.

photo1Name: Diane Sparkles
Twitter: @theofficetake2

Finale: I loved seeing Kelly, Ryan, and Mose again! And the Ending to the Kelly/Ryan story was classic. I was glad they brought Michael in for the wedding and I thought they worked him in we’ll without having it take over the show. For me, there was too much time spent on Andy story line. I would have liked to see a bit of Phyllis and Bob, Daryl (who looked really handsome this week!), Stanley, and Meredith. Meredith’s son showing up as the stripper was brilliant! I thought they treated the characters well and gave everyone nice endings…except Creed, although I feel like he’ll come out of it just fine. The scene with all of them sitting around in the office was one of my favorites. The ensemble cast is what I loved about the show. It was also cool that they gave the behind the scenes people screen time, like Allison Silverman (she went on and on about Jim at the panel) and Claire Scanlon (she was in a shot in the warehouse). I loved Pam’s last talking head and felt like she was speaking for everyone involved in the show. I think they did a great job of wrapping everything up!

Thoughts on 9 Years: What a special, special show! It brought these wonderful characters and the actors who play them into our lives. The way they interacted with the fans was unusual and very special. They led the way for the social media efforts shows have now. There are great episodes in every season, however for seasons overall 2 and 3 are my favorites. I’m glad Greg Daniels came back for this season so they could end strong. It had a similar feel to those early years. I think they could have handled the seasons after Michael left better. They had a room full of characters we loved and could have focused on them….like they did in the AARM episode. We could have had two years of shows like that! However it is always easier to look back and say they should have. Running a show is tough and they did an excellent job! They keeps most of the cast together for 9 years! That’s a long time!! I live with quotes from the show in my head. Dunder Mifflin is part of my life. I feel like the characters are my friends. They did an amazing job with the DVDs and the deleted scenes are like bonus episodes. They really cared about the fan experience, I mean what other show travels across the county twice to celebrate with fans? The Office was a unique and wonderful show and it will live on forever in our hearts. I think it will stand the test of time and make people laugh for years and years to come.

Personally, I’m keeping Office Thursdays going. I’m starting at the beginning on June 6th and am going to watch an episode and its deleted scenes. Anyone who wants to join me in The Office Take Two is welcome! I can’t think of a better way to honor this show I love so much.

4824_95894958441_5116290_nName: Nette
Twitter: @netteslayouts

Thoughts on Finale: The finale was amazing!!! It ended many storylines and we were able to see how all of our beloved characters went on with their lives. It truly was a wonderful finale that made me cry many many times!!!! And the best surprise was that Michael Scott came back for Dwight’s wedding Yay! They even brought back many side characters! Loved it!

Thoughts on the 9 years of The Office: Ahh where do I begin? The show was such a huge part of my life. Every Thursday was so fun! It was a wonderful experience to be apart of such an amazing fandom. I made some really great friends and great memories! Thanks to the Office cast and staff for 9 great years!!!

imagesName: Bob Nicoteri
Site: Life in the Office

Thoughts on Finale: I feel that “The Office” finale will stand as one of the best wrap-ups that any TV series has ever had. The show made viewers care about each and every one of the enormous ensemble cast, and they did justice to just about everyone in the finale; wrapping up loose ends (JIm and Pam! Kelly and Ryan! Dwight and Angela!), providing fitting (and funny) finishes (Creed! Stanley! Kevin!)), tossing in obscure tie-ins (Devon! Meredith’s son!), providing closure (Erin’s birth parents! Nellie’s desire to adopt!)… and my wife and I both agree that Michael Scott’s surprise “that’s-what-she-said” entrance is one of the all-time best feel-good moments on TV.

It was a NEAR-perfect finale; I would have liked to have seen a random passionate hug between Michael Scott and Toby, with no further explanation. (Just as Michael’s hatred of Toby was never explained.) And the Phyllis/Bob Vance relationship was underdone in the finale; that’s too bad. There was SO MUCH they could have done with that dynamic duo. There’s a good untold story there.

But minor quibbles aside, The Office Finale got almost everything right. So, how ’bout that? Something actually lived up to its enormous hype. That’s rare.

Thoughts on the nine years of The Office: I was born and raised in Scranton, Pa. When I heard that a major network TV sitcom was going to be “based” in Scranton… I absolutely CRINGED! Scranton, Pa has been the butt of Hollywood jokes for as long as I can remember. An early quote from one of The Office people admitted that they did their research, looking for an “armpit” town to place the Dunder-Mifflin branch. I recall tuning in to the first episode, fully expecting to DESPISE this show that was going to make merciless fun of my hometown. Imagine my surprise when they DIDN’T take cheap shots at Scranton. Instead, they introduced a highly sophisticated brand of humor, that didn’t rely on a laugh track. And the single camera set-up, with the documentary-style “talking head” segments, was ground-breaking to me! Other shows may have done these things before The Office, but it was the first time I had experienced them, and it was a game-changer for me. Laugh tracks on TV shows bother me now. It seems insulting. I’LL decide when I want to laugh. I don’t need prompting.

As a native of Scranton, Pa, I kept seeing and hearing shout-outs to my hometown on the show. Four years ago, I began to chronicle these shout-outs and product placements for Life In The Office, in a column I called “Scrantonicity.” (Yes, I “borrowed” that title from Kevin Malone’s bar band. As Michael Scott would say “So sue me… no wait, that’s exactly what I DON’T want happen.”) Anyway, watching every episode looking for evidence of “Scrantonicity” brought me an even DEEPER level of enjoyment to the show. The hard-workin’ Office prop department consistently put local references in the background, some of them appearing for only a split-second. I’m not aware of any other show that did that; yet ANOTHER reason to admire The Office for its ground-breaking efforts!

So, the book is finally closed on a really cool adventure. A GREAT story, actually a great COLLECTION of intertwining stories, is over. And MY hometown was one of the main characters! So yeah, I’M left satisfied and smiling!

Name: Bobblehead Gary
Site: Dunderhead Nation
Twitter: @bobbleheadgary

Thoughts on Finale: > The Finale Episode, as expected, brought to fruition many of the storyline’s loose ends. Although every character didn’t get exactly what fans expected, it was an incredibly touching episode. An entire box of tissues was necessary to get through it. Including the pre-show retrospective. I had hoped to have seen an extra long “End Credits Reel” with recognitions and honors to all of those who had worked so hard during those 9 seasons. I would’ve preferred that they had showed those credits together with a long version of our familiar theme song after the final scene with Pam’s touching monologue, rather than seeing the network go straight into a lead-in for “Hannibal”. The Cast, & Crew deserved a special End Credits Reel, and so do the fans who followed them for so long. Perhaps we’ll have that on DVD, or whatever means one watches video media in the next technology cycle.

I love the moments in the episode where the characters pay a salute to the past. Pam at the old Reception Desk one last time with one final: “Dunder Mifflin this is Pam.” And Jim revisiting his same job description: “Quantities, and Types of Paper” which he gave during his very first “Talking Head”. Except this time, Jim has a greater fondness and appreciation for that “boring” job that gave him everything in the world that he cares about. This was a touching episode. I laughed, and cried. It was very sentimental. I loved it very much!

Thoughts on the 9 years of The Office: > I’m so full of emotion now. It’s not easy to sum up what it means to have been a fan, and part of The Office community for 9 glorious seasons. Our fan community bonded and grew. We bonded quickly because we have so many similarities, and interests. Our most common trait? The intelligent sense of humor we all share.

The series itself was a very innovative break-through. A rare success at remaking a British comedy. Something that’s failed on American Television in the past. It’s innovations in filming techniques and shooting styles are often copied today by others. I really enjoyed how the camera itself became a vital character on the show, and the way the actors reacted to it.

Who can talk about 9 seasons of The Office without mentioning the amazing tight knit fan community that literally kept the show going? Our fan community is a close family of friends, and yet we are vast and extensive. We’re “The Dunderheads!” We started as fans on the cast’s Myspace pages, then branched out into many different specialty realms based on each fan’s talents and contributions. It was a volunteer labor-of-love for so many social network fan pages, bloggers, video makers, musicians, graphic artists, story tellers, news providers, game designers, chat moderators, layout theme designers, podcasters, cosplayers, event planners, and more! Our fan community loved scoping every ounce of every episode to share with each other. We helped to spread the word in mass! The show’s rating’s soon inched upwards when we all pulled together and lent our combined networking hand.

We had our own fan lingo, and communicated with the words we invented along with an Office language taken directly from the show itself. JAM, Dunderhead, Absofruitly, Dwangela, You Schruted it, and so on. From “JAMMERS”, to “Rid dit dit di doo”, to “TWSS”, we “Dunderheads” had spread our “Office Love” everywhere! Other TV shows tried to follow The Office fans social network lead because of our our close knit bonds between the fans and the stars. Our beloved Cast members personally reached out to us, and interacted with us fans one-on-one on a nearly daily basis. They are truly warm wonderful human beings! Our fan community included social network tribute pages, online groups, games, trivia contests, one-on-one fan chat interviews, podcasts, music, stories, blog interviews and much more!

The cast came to meet many of us in-person at large exciting emotional events! They showed great love and appreciation for us! They called us by name! When first starting out, our fan community was instantly recognized and appreciated by the staff at the show! They credited the fans for saving the show itself! Fan appreciation extended to the writers, prop designers, any number of production staff and beyond! Just about anyone involved with The Office recognized the imporatnce of direct fan involvement! This was so groundbreaking compared to television’s typical passive viewership. This was the very first (and greatest) digital interactive social fan based TV series.

The writers and prop masters would leave us rabid fans little hidden nuggets and inside jokes which they knew we would find! Little goodies such as; “Slough Avenue” on Dwight’s business card video close-up. Or the misspelled “Seyko Watch Certificate” on Michael’s wall! The writers and staff knew that little details like writing a tribute to the UK Office with their “Slough Avenue” address on a business card would be picked up by the avid fans who would pause their videos and share it with the fan community. Their continued nod to the fans was a way of showing love to the community. A casual viewer would never notice the things we’ve spotted and shared as fans.

There’s not enough time in the world to express my gratitude for the warm loving down-to-earth cast members who befriended us and stuck with us throughtout all of these years.
Mere thanks is not enough for all we’ve been through together. Nonetheless, Thank you so much. We love you! You are beautiful wonderful kind loving people! The cast are such true blue wonderful people who love what they do, and appreciate the fans very much. I will miss their interaction very much. It’s like Graduation Day in High School when we have to say goodbye to our best friends!

Thanks to NBC for taking a chance on remaking a British comedy series. That’s something you rarely ever see succeeding.

Thanks to all of the fans who’ve given so much of themselves to make our “Dunderhead” community more than just a network of fans. Because of this show, we built a community. Because of the community, we became friends. Now, after many years together, we are a family.

It’s been a remarkable run. So now “The Office” goes into the realm of TV legend, along with a short list of an amazing few like: “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, “M*A*S*H”, “Cheers” and others.

The friendships we’ve made as Dunderheads have affected us deeply and long. That’s What She said!

We’ll always be People Person’s Paper People.

~ Bobblehead Gary

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