Elementary – Recap & Review – The Woman/Heroine

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Woman/Heroine

Original Air Date: May 16, 2013

Laura Kelley, Associate Staff Writer

This season of Elementary came to a close with a two-hour season finale that capped off an increasingly well-made season, and was there ever a twist! In last week’s episode Holmes was reunited with the presumed-dead Irene Adler in the episode’s final moments, and this week we got to see flashbacks of their past together while learning the real truth of why Irene has reappeared in Holmes’s life—and it’s a big reveal that I did not think the show would necessarily go for, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Hit the jump for more.

Sherlock Holmes met Irene 2 years ago and quickly discovered that she was one of a very small number of people capable of outwitting him; she replaced original paintings with clever forgeries and stole the real ones and this was the start of their relationship. The flaw in their dynamic would prove to be that in the depth of his feelings for Irene, Holmes would not prove able to think objectively when it came to her and he was tricked again and again because he was blinded by emotion. Irene knew this and it made me feel terrible for Holmes to see how it hurts him to be wrong, especially about something that became a major catalyst for change in his life. In the present day, an overwrought Holmes and a probably confused Watson take Irene to a hospital because she is confused; the one thing I know for sure at this point is that Irene’s robe is gorgeous and she’s rocking the look. Gregson arrives because the Holmes-detector in his head is totally going off, and Irene’s doctor thinks she was brainwashed by a man called Stapleton and now she has PTSD. I’m sure all of you at this point were calling BS on Irene, I know I was.

Naturally, Holmes blames himself for Irene’s supposed time in captivity; he was messed up on heroin in his grief over her “death” and never realized she never died at all. He doesn’t want to help out on cases because he wants to care for Irene, so he and Watson take her back to the apartment. Even though she’s not his sober companion, Watson is concerned that the Irene situation won’t help Holmes’s sobriety. I totally understand, because if someone doesn’t tell me where the costume designers got Irene’s outfits for this episode I might lose it too. (Come on, people, help a girl out! That jacket.) Since Holmes is on Irene-watch, it’s up to Gregson and Watson to check out the house where Irene was found. The house’s owner isn’t even in the country, so they decide to try to track the culprit down using an obscure paint color they find in the house. I don’t recall the color’s name but it sounded a lot like ‘garbage’ so I’ll just call it Fancy Garbage.

While Holmes consoles a traumatized Irene, our new dynamic duo find the man who bought Fancy Garbage (makes me laugh every time, I’m a loser) and Irene doesn’t know him. He also says he hasn’t heard of Moriarty, and bought the paint for his brother who disappears after a policeman is shot at the house. The brother is asked for a favor for Moriarty, and we all probably know at this point that it’ll be a much worse favor than picking up some bread at Wal Mart on the way home. Holmes asks Irene if she’ll show him her latest artwork and she says it’s not ready…come on Sherlock, she’s hiding something, you just can’t see it through her seriously great hair! Holmes tells her about his addiction after her death and was sent to NY for rehab by his dad, and that what happened to her was his fault. Soon after she starts screaming because she finds a surprise from “Mr. Stapleton” in her room, we get another flashback showing the moment Holmes found Irene’s blood and a letter from Moriarty two years ago, beginning his downfall.

Holmes tries to get Irene to go into hiding but before he can, he notices a missing mole on her back and she tells him he’s being paranoid and says he should stay away from her. Before Holmes can contact Watson the brother from earlier shoots him, and Irene appears and shoots the brother, telling Holmes he probably wishes he’d run away with her now. Irene is Moriarty. She tells him that he was a work of art to her and she cannot kill him because she wants to “study” him, and that he should stop trying to unravel her plans. After she leaves Watson comes back and the dead brother’s cell phone leads them to a ship named the Narwhal; Holmes says narwhals are basically the unicorns of the sea and I loved him even more for that.

Holmes claims he’s all right because he “has a nemesis now,” which is totally what I say when an ex turns out to be a criminal mastermind. If I had a dollar for every time that happened. After staking out the ship yard they find the man who owns the ship and discover that he’s smuggling adorable lemurs. The man says he does not know Moriarty. Watson leaves after a call from her brother to discover that Moriarty was behind it, and she ends up at a glare-filled lunch with Irene/Moriarty. It’s all incredibly awkward but you know Watson also wants that outfit. Irene tells Watson she will leave New York soon and that she isn’t afraid of Holmes, she is afraid of what he might make her do.

Meanwhile, Irene has had the smuggler’s daughter kidnapped and she blackmails him into shooting someone whose death will cause Moriarty’s net worth to skyrocket. Holmes uncovers this and the smuggler lies about what happened and hits Holmes who flips out. He pulls his stitches from the gunshot and Watson tells him that he should just let the Moriarty thing go or he’ll lose it. He almost took pills in the apartment but didn’t because of her. While Bell is watching him, Holmes OD’s.

After Holmes is taken to the hospital, Irene visits him and he tells her he’d rather she had killed him earlier. She didn’t think he would become an addict after her death, and she asks him to come with her when she leaves because they’re “the same.” He says they both screwed up by falling in love and that Watson figured out her problem. Irene realizes the overdose was fake and Watson and the police show up. Back at the apartment afterward, Holmes names a new species of bee after Watson for everything she’s done, and she wonders if now that Moriarty has been caught if he’ll be looking for a new nemesis.

I loved the finale. I will say the first half was a little better, but I really liked that Irene was Moriarty. Watson got a lot to do and was a big part of solving the mystery, and the end scene with the bees was really sweet. At the start of the season I was kind of mixed on Elementary because it felt like a by-the-numbers CBS version of Sherlock, which I love, but it has come into its own and it’s really a fantastic show now. I’m already looking forward to next season! What did you think? Leave your TwoCents in the comments and I’ll see you next season!

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One Response to Elementary – Recap & Review – The Woman/Heroine

  1. jules says:

    Thought it was a nice ending to the first season and wondering how they can top such a big reveal and twist (which I enjoyed) in the first season, but I’m willing to stick around and see.

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