American Idol — Recap & Review — Finale Results

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol
Finale Results

Original Air Date: May 16, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

It’s been a long season full of ups (a female Top 5) and downs (Lazaro staying and staying…). But we’re finally down to the last moment. I couldn’t be happier with the Final 2. I had hoped for this showdown for several weeks now.

And the winner is …..

Candice Glover! As someone who watched her kill her final song Wednesday over and over, it never really felt in doubt. Kree is amazing and if she doesn’t have a great career, I’d be shocked. But Candice has turned out some of the most impressive performances this show has seen in several seasons.

Here’s a look at all the other stuff that led to the last two minutes where the only really important thing happened.

• The Top 10 sang a group number.
• The Band Perry and Janelle Arthur sang another song.
• The Top 10 guys sing with Frankie Valle. Hey, he still sounds pretty good.
• Mariah sings a medley of her greatest hits. It looks as if she’s lip syncing? But how can that be if Randy is playing along on his bass?
• Amber Holcomb duets with Emeli Sande on “Next to Me.”
• I hadn’t really seen much of Psy before, but I am impressed by his showmanship. He was probably the most entertaining number in the show.
• Candice sang “Inseparable” with the great Jennifer Hudson and I couldn’t decide which voice I liked better.
• Angie Miller plays at the piano as Idol runner-up Adam Lambert joins her on Titanium. Their voices blend so well, it’s one to download. Then Brit Jessie J, Angie’s idol, showed up to share the stage with Angie, inviting her back to England to do a show together.
• Kree sings with Keith Urban, Randy Jackson and Blink 182’s Travis Barker. Kree and Keith’s voices blend nicely on “Where the Black Top Ends.”
• Aretha Franklin sings with the Top 5 women, but she’s not on stage. She doesn’t fly, so she’s on a bicoastal live feed and it just isn’t the same.
• Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull sing a song that would have been more entertaining at the beginning of the hour, but ear fatigue is setting in.
• Kree and Candice end the show by singing a duet that reminds you how good they both are and how they both deserve to win.

The producers suddenly grew a sense of humor. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on the show was a clip where the Top 10 guys said they’d been sabotaged (as they were all sent home before the female contestants). Burnell Taylor said he’d lost weight only because Candice beat this lunch money out of him. Angie changed Lazaro’s music so he couldn’t make that key change in “Close to You.” And Amber made Curtis wear that ugly jacket.

So they storm the girls’ dressing room to find out who is the mastermind and it’s Jordan Sparks. She says she did it because she’s lonely being the last girl winner. She said it was easy because they didn’t play guitar. “The good news is that Idol leftovers have been doing good on The Voice,” she added.

I never knew that the producers could poke fun at themselves and even name their competition on the air! Now, if this is the direction they’re going for next year, maybe the ship can be saved.

Another funny bit was the contestants critiquing the judges — Keith’s hand sweeping gesture, Mariah’s “darling.” But best of all is their teasing of Nicki as they all wear crazy colored wigs. At the end Devin gets up in a blue wig and tight leopard pants stuffed to make a big butt.

There’s a short good bye to Randy. Odd since I heard all four judges where leaving. Still, Randy has been there since the beginning. (But I sure wish that Keith were staying. I think he does a great job articulating his thoughts and inspiring the contestants.)

A Few Last Observations:

• What was Lazaro thinking, chewing gum with his mouth wide, wide open?

• Ironic that Candice’s last performance is probably her worst of the season. But who can blame her?

• What a good sport Kree was. She actually looked relieved that it was all over and quite happy for Candice. I hope that she will have just as successful of a career.

• The first words out of Candice’s mouth when Ryan declared her the winner? “Three years.” This was her third try on the show (one year she made it to Hollywood Week, the next to Vegas).

Auditions for Season 13 are starting soon…

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