Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Perfect Storm

photo: abc

photo: abc

Grey’s Anatomy
Perfect Storm

Original Air Date: May 16, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Remember the first few seasons of Grey’s Anatomy? When season finales were all about emotional cliffhangers, like Addison’s arrival, Finn versus Derek, and Cristina’s non-wedding? Well since then, we’ve had George versus the bus, gunmen, and plane crashes. And tonight we have weather and no less than three doctors in peril. And I’m exhausted!

We ended the penultimate episode with Meredith in labor, Arizona in an on-call room, a tree in the living room, and a colossal storm hitting Seattle. And with the exception of the tree, we begin pretty much where we left off… so let’s cover all our bases.

Alex and Jo: Despite the fact that the roads are pretty much impassable to everyone else, the twosome make it to the hospital with only an offhand mention to the tree in their home and a now ruined couch. Alex confesses to Arizona that he loves Jo, but feels like the common denominator in his crazy, cancer stricken line of girlfriends is him. But when the power goes out and the NICU ventilators begin to lose battery power, Jo steps up in helping to teach the worried tiny human makers how to manually ventilate their tiny humans. Arizona points out that Alex has to also take credit for being a great teacher. At the end of the day, Alex confesses his love and the two kiss. Maybe next season I’ll be invested in their relationship?

Arizona and Callie: Arizona feels guilty about cheating and even confesses to Alex, who pretty much shrugs it off. She ignores Lauren as best possible, and the NICU provides a welcome distraction. She tells Lauren it was a mistake, but Lauren says she likes her. I personally think Lauren is a Google-stalking psycho, but maybe that’s just me. But Callie is no stranger to cheating spouses, quickly notices that Lauren is wearing Arizona’s scrub top, thanks to a pinned wedding ring. She rants at her wife for cheating, after all they’ve been through and Arizona loses it. She yells that no matter who Callie lost due to the plane crash, she wasn’t there to hear the cries of pain and anguish, and she most certainly didn’t lose her leg. Yes, it all comes down to the leg, which Arizona blames Callie for removing all those months ago. Callie despondently replies that she didn’t lose her leg, but she did lose her wife.

April/Jackson: While tending to E/R patients, including a stranded Matthew, the staff is horrified to witness a church bus flip on its side and burst into flames. They all spring into action, with Owen and Jackson taking the lead as the bus leaks fuel. As they think they’ve evacuated the last patient, Jackson notices a little girl under the bus. He’s trying to get her to move when the bus explodes. April wails in anguish, thinking Jackson is dead, but he emerges from the flames, hero-style, with the little girl. April yells at him for scaring her like that, as a confused Matthew looks on. She ends up going to Jackson and telling him she wants him, and confirms she’s only going to get married if he can’t give her a reason not to.

Cristina/Owen: Cristina tries to get Owen to admit that he wants children, but he doesn’t even want to engage in the conversation. When the power goes out, Cristina is forced to do heart surgery in the dark. She can’t find the heart leak, but Richard reminds her how they helped teach the Syrian doctors to operate under worse conditions. He has everyone turn off their flashlights, reminding her that she knows the heart and can hear what’s wrong. She fixes the patient and is exhilarated by the experience. She sits Owen down and tells her that the joy of surgery is enough for her, but knows that she’s not enough for him. He hesitates, and that’s enough for her to end the relationship, despite his protestations.

Meredith/Derek (and Bailey): Meredith’s ready to push when Dr. Ryan (played by The Practice’s Lisa Gay Hamilton) advises her that the baby has face presentation and that she’ll have to have a C-section. Meredith is understandably upset about having surgery in the dark, but the delivery goes well enough, but McBaby has shallow breathing and low SATs, so Meredith insists Derek accompany him to the NICU. When her doctor gets called away for another emergent case, Shane Ross is left behind to suture Meredith’s incision. But since she’s Meredith, nothing can ever be simple. Remember last week’s fall? It seems that she ruptured her spleen and is now beginning to bleed out. She gives Ross instructions on how to proceed until she passes out, instructing him that if she arrests not to try and revive her for longer than nine minutes.

Brooks grabs Bailey to assist, and after she lets out her frustrations on a locked med cabinet with an IV stand, Bailey finally steps back into the O/R. Derek and Cristina make a slow run towards the O/R, and actually wait outside on a gurney rather than burst into the O/R. Cristina tells Derek that after a bomb, drowning, gunman, and a plane crash, Meredith is not dying today… in fact, she has to be fine, because she is “their” person. Bailey comes out of surgery and breaks down, implying the worst, but Meredith is actually OK and Bailey apologizes for crying. In return, Derek hugs her and Meredith suggests they name their son Bailey. All together… awww!

Richard: Richard Webber may not be the chief, but he still has the mojo to get things done. His surgery in the dark method reinvigorated Cristina. He also keeps on top of Frank, the hospital’s maintenance man, trying to find out why the generators aren’t working. He reminds him that in 2006, when the generators failed (and George operated on a heart in an elevator) that it was air in the fuel system and sends him off to work on it. He later finds Frank collapsed from a heart attack and saves him and in return, Frank tells him he just has to flip a switch to restore power. The power comes back on, but Richard is nowhere to be found… until we see him lying on the ground, unconscious, and based on his smoking appearance, electrocuted.

And that’s it for season nine! Will Richard live? Is Bailey’s confidence fully restored? Can Ben come to Seattle full time? Will Jackson take April back? Are Cristina and Owen over for good? Should they be? Is Alex finally settled with a true love? Can Callie and Arizona recover from a loss of a leg and the loss of trust? And will Bailey Shepherd have a full thick head of hair before he can walk?

You’ve got my TwoCents! Now share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below?


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3 Responses to Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Perfect Storm

  1. Beany53 says:

    Great episode. I hope Richard survives.

  2. lilly says:

    i hope richard survives cause he is chief no matter who the real chief is but he is mentor and ability to bring out the best in other doctors as a father figure and a great teacher plus he is been here from start i will miss him badly if he dies
    arizona dont deserve to be forgiven as callie did what is right to save her life arizona is takingit in a negative way plus right or wrong cheating is cheating no excuse for that and plus u have child too
    april and jackson suits but the real question is april says i want u jackson so she is in love with him or not she wants marriage or she lowers her standards to be with jackson
    i like mer der part it was breath holding moment when she tell ross her las t wish apparently i need to take deep breaths while watching that scences and it was good that derek and christina both feels the same for mer she is our person as she says
    owen deserves some body who feels the same about kids but what can i say christina nad owen looks great together i hope christina change her mind cause christina is a great surgeon with grace and greatness in her but one cant live life without a little bit of love and i mean love of human not of surgery
    i hope for once alex found the right gal as her love of life and she dont go crazy canceery or phycho
    and bailey oh yes i miss bailey the nazi i hope she get back as she used to be and got her chance to tell richard how she felt

  3. Julia says:

    I was really impressed with Sarah Drew’s acting this episode.
    As for Meredith… can she ever do anything without almost dying?

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